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Cases for iPhone 6 Coming to D-Tech on Demand at Marketplace Co-Op in Downtown Disney Marketplace on September 20

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


This past July, I shared a fun video about D-Tech on Demand, one of my favorite boutiques at the newly opened Marketplace Co-Op in Downtown Disney Marketplace. This location combines rapid printing technology with great artwork to create personalized electronic accessories for guests. Today, I have great news for guests who want to add a splash of Disney to the latest technology. Beginning September 20, D-Tech on Demand will offer cases for the recently announced iPhone 6.


D-Tech on Demand now offers more than 170 different art styles for select phones. The image at the top of this story shows three iPhone 6 cases with some of my favorite new artwork.

In addition to the iPhone 6, guests can design and personalize cases for other phones including iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 5C, Samsung Galaxy SIII and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Coming in October, the D-Tech on Demand team will offer select iPhone 6 cases in additional Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort merchandise locations. These cases will not be offered on our Disney Parks online store at this time.

Guests should also look for iPhone 6+ cases coming to D-Tech on Demand in the Marketplace Co-Op later this fall.

I would love to see which case you select. Use #DisneySide if you share an image of your phone case on a social network like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


  • The iPhone 6 plus has been out for a while now. I had some wonderful
    covers for my 5S, and can’t wait to purchase similar ones for my 6 plus! Please bring these on board at your earliest convenience!
    I plan to throw $$ your way when this happens!!
    When will this happen, please?

  • Any case for iPhone 6 Plus?

  • Any word on when D-Tech on Demand will be coming to Disneyland? The article says, “Coming in October, the D-Tech on Demand team will offer select iPhone 6 cases in additional Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort merchandise locations,” which makes it sound like they should have been there 2-3 months ago.


  • Can you share the name of the artist of the Disney Villain charicatures that are available for these cases – Maleficent, Evil Queen and Ursula? the charicatures have also been molded into a 3-pack of Villains MagicBandits.

    Thanks so much in advance!

  • Any new word on the Galaxy S5 phone cases coming any time soon?

    • @Stephanie – The latest update I received this morning is they will be coming in January 2015.

  • Are iphone 6+ cases out yet? I will be in FL in 2 weeks and hoping to get a new case for my new phone!! Thank You.

    • @Laura and Christine – Yes, the iPhone 6+ cases were recently introduced.

  • Does D-Tech have iPhone 6+ cases in yet?

  • is there any chance of a Peter Pan case has been made available? i know everyone wants their favorite character but any info on if theres been one designed or possibly in the works?

  • Will we be seeing the iPhone 6 cases being rolled out on other platforms like Disney Store?

  • Any word when/if we can please get the dtech on demand choices available online and also be able to choose the type of case we’d like to purchase, say iphone vs galaxy? I’d really like to order cases from the disney store website but currently every time I go into the customizer it only allows for me to choose an iphone. It would be great to see such a large selection available to those of us at home that can’t get to WDW to design one there.

  • Any idea when we can expect iPhone 6 cases at Disneyland?

    • @Lori – That’s a great question. I’ll have to ask the team.

  • Cases for iPhone6+ that means that there is no reason to not have cases for Samsung Note 4. Will we see those anytime soon? It is an incredibly popular phone and I would love to see that case made available.

    • @Michele – I’m not aware of any development for the Samsung Note 4. Sorry.

  • I was just in the store at Downtown Disney and did not see any iPhone 6 Star Wars cases. I ask them in the store if and when they would get them in and they didn’t know. I love the one I got a year or so ago for my iPhone 5. It’s rubbery and I have dropped it several times with no damage to my phone. I really want another one ASAP.

    • @Peggy – I’m not really sure at this point. I know that we typically release Star Wars themed cases for events like Star Wars Weekends. I’m unsure if there are any plans to add that art to the D-Tech on Demand machine. I can say that we started with about 125 different art designs in June. Now, we have more than 170 designs. So there is always a future possibility that you will see new art added.

  • Will they have the old WD logo available like they did for the older IPhones?

    • @Louis – I know there are more than 170 different designs in the system yet I can’t recall if that is one of them. I’d have to ask the team.

  • I can’t wait to check these out for my new phone during our November trip! Are some of the options available the “durable” or “protective” version?

  • What about support for any of the Nokia Lumia models? Would love to get one for my Lumia 1020.

  • You’ve convinced me Steven. We’ll definitely stop in during our November trip. Thanks!

  • Will the iPhone 6 cases be available at the parks, too? I love my 4S Olaf case and was hopeful to get an Olaf for my 6 at Hollywood Studios. I don’t always make it to Downtown, but will factor that in if necessary. Thanks!

    • @Sandra – They will be introducing pre-packaged iPhone 6 cases at additional locations in the coming weeks. Honestly, D-Tech on Demand is a great place to visit especially if you want a great selection. There are 170 different designs available in the machine right now. The pre-packaged cases will only feature select designs (won’t be everything). I hope you can stop by.

  • Any chance of cases for the LG G3?

    • @Elizabeth – I’m sorry. I don’t know of any plans for that phone at this time.

  • Any word on them carrying galaxy s5 cases? I’m surprised they aren’t out yet if they’re already going to be selling iphone 6 cases considering it came out in April. Then again it’s not an iphone but still!

    • @Shannon – The D-Tech team said they will have cases later this fall for the Samsung S5. I don’t have a confirmed release date at this point.

  • We were at Disney World last week and I asked EVERY day if there were going to be any iphone 6 cases before we left.

    Finally, Friday, they said that they would be able to make them on Saturday. My husband and I bought 5 of them!

    We have the distinction of having the FIRST iphone 6 cases made at this site! Makes me smile! He got tired of me asking everyone for a Disney case, but I didn’t care and we GOT THEM and they are beautiful!

  • I chose an Incredibles case for my new iPhone 6. I would have love to seen a case with just Mrs on it, but at least they had this one to choose from. I also hope that they expand their Haunted Mansion choices, and maybe offer some of the new “land choices” (Dole Whip!). It was fun to make my own case.

  • When and where will I be able to buy them online cause unfortunately I cant just stroll into Disney World or Disneyland, in fact im 27 hours by car away from Disney World and who know how much for Disneyland. Im getting an iphone 6 and of course want to show my Disney love since it is my favourite thing in the world, I even already selected disney ring tones and text tones for when I get my new iphone. Please let them be available online or on Disney Stores cause I want iphone 6 disney case.

    • @Renan – I don’t have an confirmation at this time if iPhone 6 cases will be carried on our Disney Parks online store. I can say that the D-Tech on Demand shop in the Marketplace Co-Op does carry about 170 different art designs. If cases are carried online, there will only be a select few. I hope you are able to visit us one day as I think you’ll love the shop.

  • Just got back from Co-Op and got the iPhone 6 case. Absolutely awesome case!

    • @Matt – That’s awesome! Thank you for stopping by the shop 🙂

  • Any EPCOT art options beyond Figment?

  • Another vote to make Galaxy S5 cases available please 🙂

    • @Larraine – The D-Tech team plans to introduce Samsung Galaxy S5 cases in January 2015.

  • Will the cases also be available for the iPhone 6 plus?

    • @Kathy – They are planning something later this fall.

  • i understand all the Iphone love but please have an S5 case for when i go in December.

    • @Jason – That is something you may see. I know the team is working on something for later this fall January 2015.

  • Will there be any Disney iPhone 6 cases on

    • @Jaime – That’s a great question. I don’t know of specific plans at this point. That may change in the coming months. Please stay tuned.

  • Great! When will a Grand Floridian Villas case be released? It’s the only DVC resort without one!

    • @Nicole – I was informed by the D-Tech on Demand team that such a design now exists.

  • I’m so glad there will be new cases for the iPhone 6. I love my current case which is solid pink with subtle Mickeys embossed on the back…anything like this available for the iPhone 6?

    • @Kelly – I’m unsure if that exact artwork exists yet there are about 170 different designs to choose from at the shop.

  • Is there a D-Tech on Demand in the DisneyLand resort or only in Florida?

    • @Donna – At this point, D-Tech on Demand only exists at the Marketplace Co-Op in Downtown Disney Marketplace in Florida.

  • The Oswald case is so cute! I love that Oswald keeps getting recognition.

  • Any cell cases for Samsung Galaxy S5? I figure if you are making cases for latest phone, what about the Samsung S5.

    • @Susan – I spoke with the D-Tech on Demand team and they said to look for cases later this fall in January 2015.

  • I assume with this amazing printing process, that all current designs will be able to be put on the iPhone 6 case?

    • @Matt – You are correct! There are about 170 different choices of art in the D-Tech on Demand machine.

  • I am looking forward to getting a new case. Actually, I’ve been looking forward to this since I read about it … just don’t know which I want? Figment? Mickey? The Incredibles? Any word if/when there will be a case for the Galaxy S5?

    • @Sam – I’ll have to ask the development team as I’ve not heard of any immediate plans for Samsung S5 cases. I spoke with the team who said they are considering Samsung S5 cases yet I don’t have an exact release date. They will probably be introduced later this fall in January 2015.

  • Glad to hear that the Iphone fans will be have the oppurtunity to personalize cases for the new Iphone 6. Any chance that fans and owners of the Samsung S5 will also have the ability to personalize cases? My family and I will be visiting at the beginning of October and I would love to buy my wife a personalized case as part of our 10 year Anniversary gift!

    • @Dan – Happy early Anniversary!! That’s a really good question. I’ve not heard any update about cases for the Samsung S5. I’ll check with the D-Tech on Demand team. The team said they are considering Samsung S5 cases which will probably be introduced later this fall in January 2015.

  • I have to admit, one of the reasons I was worried about upgrading to the 6 was the fear of not being able to have a Disney case for a while, but I’m so very glad to hear this news!

  • This is GREAT news! Do we know what the pricing will be?

    • @Jeremiah – Custom cases are $36.95 each while personalized cases are $44.95 each. Please note that retails are subject to change without notice.

  • Ahhh…Oswald! I love it. I’ve loved my Galaxy S3, but I’m going to make the switch to iPhone. Everything else I have is Apple, so it only makes sense, especially with the larger screen on the 6. Now I can get a DTech case, too!

  • Looking forward to the iPhone 6 Plus cases. Any word on when we may see some new iPhone 6/Plus case offerings from Disney Cruise Line?

    • @Scott – Great question. I’d have to ask the team.

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