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Details Materialize About New Haunted Mansion-Themed Shop Coming to Magic Kingdom Park This Fall

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


A few weeks ago, I announced that a new Haunted Mansion-themed merchandise shop is coming to Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort this fall. This destination will carry an incredible assortment of Haunted Mansion authentic merchandise created especially for Disney Parks (you can see some of those items in this video article. As friendly spirits continue preparing the shop to open in the fall, I caught up with my Walt Disney Imagineering partners who shared some additional details about what guests can expect.

The image shown above is part of the art for the yet-to-be-named location. Look carefully as you may see a familiar looking face in the artwork that is related to the shop’s storyline:

“Rumors have been whispered for years about the little shop that once was the abode of Madame Leota. While she disappeared many years ago, it has been said her visage appears now and then and her voice, carried on the breeze, is sometimes heard, humming a mournful tune.”

When asked about the cast members who will work at this shop, I was told:

“The shop staff is a friendly, if somewhat quiet, group. They go about their duties with a calm and reverent manner but with a knowing glint to their eyes. They are well aware that the locals view the shop with a sense of mystery but come in anyway, hoping to find the perfect memento or to possibly learn about their future or past.”

Speaking of mementos, I thought you may like to see some additional Haunted Mansion authentic products coming to this location.

I invite you to “hurry back” to the Disney Parks Blog in the coming weeks for more details about this new location.


  • The Ghost Host is not Master Gracey.

  • I’ve read that The Haunted Mansion will be closed for refurbishment from Dec 1-19th. Will the gift shop be open during that time?

  • Will the Ghost Host/Maid Tshirts be available online, or only at the parks? I was at Disneyland Aug 24 and the kiosk in front of the Haunted Mansion only had the smaller sizes available. Will the sizes be restocked or is it done for the season?

    • @Barbara – From my understanding, they will be carried both online and in Disney Parks. These items aren’t seasonal; they are planned to be carried all year long. Additional orders will arrive throughout the coming months.

  • Any idea if this fabulous purse will be available by the end of the month?

    • @Sasha – At this time, I don’t have a confirmed release date. Please stay tuned.

  • This is a tease! This is very very mean! I WANT this store to be open at the end of October and that means Fall! I want to trust u Steven Miller I really do but MY Husband and I have been saying no to steak dinners and new fall clothes so we can SPLURGE at the most wonderful new shop to be opened at Disney in OCTOBER. I REALLY REALLY hope u are right! Keep the updates coming! I follow this site because I feel it comes directly from the source!

    • @Mollie – Ha! Thank you for the comment. I’m happy to hear of your excitement. We don’t have a confirmed opening date at this point. Thank you for following along with the Disney Parks Blog. Once I have more details, I will share.

  • Hi Steven,

    There certainly is a lot of excitement about this new line of Haunted Mansion merchandise and justifiably so. It looks great! My nephew and his wife were married on October 30 and they both love the Haunted Mansion. This will certainly make shopping for an anniversary gift easy. Not to mention quite a few things for me! [I have a list.]

  • Hi Steven,

    This is a Really Great thing that Disney is doing. It’s in the perfect location for guests exiting the Mansion to stop in and shop for merchandise. I’m so exited and can’t wait ’til it opens!

  • Hi again, Stephen! Any SKU numbers on these items for us folks who won’t be hitting Disney until later this year? Thanks!

    • @Stefanie – With more than 100 items, it would be a little difficult to post every single item number in this comments section. 🙂 I know that select items will be carried on our Disney Parks online store later this year:

      You may also try our Merchandise Guest Services team who may be able to assist once products are released at Disney Parks.

  • Hey Steven,

    I’m might be getting ahead of myself here but will there be a 2015 version of the poster calendars, I absolutely LOVE THOSE!!! 🙂

    • @Kristle – You’re already thinking of next year? I’m not even sure what I’m doing this afternoon. Ha! Great question. I’d have to ask the souvenirs team.

  • James’ wife here- would those two purple bags on the lower portion of the display be a Dooney & Bourke crossbody bag and tablet case respectively? Just curious 🙂

    • @James’ Wife – They are not Dooney & Bourke items. They are electronic accessories from our D-Tech line.

  • Got the Fedora with the Hitchhiking Ghost pins in it tonight at Port Royale in New Orleans Disneyland! It is really nice, also the new Bride hat. NOW I need the top hat! oh and everything else!

    • @David – Aces! The fedora is awesome! Glad you found them at Disneyland.

  • I think Madame Leota sees a few of those Master Gracey wine glasses in my future. What is the story on the book and those tomb stones?

    • @Antone – The book is actually a journal. The spine says “The Haunted Mansion” while the cover says “There is no turning back now.” The other item is a notepad set with seven different self-stick, removable notepads. Each pad contains 60 sheets.

      The notepads are labeled: Room For One More, Tomb Sweet Tomb, Any Volunteers?, Wall to Wall Creeps, Room For One More, Great Beyond or Bust, Laid to Rest.

  • I will be there 9/27-10/4! I sure do hope it is open by then! 🙂

  • OOOoooh thanks for sharing, I can’t WAIT to visit this store in March! Can you tell me what the little pouch-looking item is in your picture on the bottom, beside the purse?

    • @Suzanne – That item is a smart phone case. The slightly larger one to the right of that case is for tablets. They are part of the D-Tech electronic accessories line.

  • The hat and purse are amazing! Looking forward to having a grim grinning shopping experience here in the future!

  • When will the shop be open as I going to be on the park on the 02nd of October and wish to get a few things on my spooky visit.

    • @Stephen – I hope you have a great trip. Sadly, I don’t have a confirmed opening date at this time.

  • Is there any additional information about merchandise from the event at Disneyland Resort on August 16th? You had posted a link to the items, but it no longer works. There was a set of haunted mansion busts like the ones in the queue. I’d love to get my hands on a set without having to pay what is being charged on ebay. Thanks!

    • @James – I am familiar with those busts as I photographed them in the office. They will be coming to the shop this fall. Stay tuned.

  • I NEED that black and white shirt!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi will we be able to buy online from this store? Want the purse!!!!

  • No opening date, yet?

    • @Christina – The shop will be opening this fall. I don’t have an confirmed opening date at this point.

  • Is the store still coming “this fall”? I heard the opening was moved up all the way to Christmas?

    • @Erwin – I can say that the shop is scheduled to open this fall.

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