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#DisneyKids: Funniest Disney Parks Roundtable Outtakes

In recent months, we have shared #DisneyKids videos in which our resident kid-at-heart Gary Buchanan interviews preschoolers about their experiences at Walt Disney World Resort. What we learned from these fun, unscripted conversations with little ones is that even at a young age they remember a great deal about their favorite Disney attractions, characters and experiences.

For as much as our mini panel liked to talk about Disney, they are still kids, and let’s just say there were times when they got a little restless. There were so many silly moments from our shoot that we created an outtakes video that we hope makes you smile. What are your little ones’ goofiest Disney moments?

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  • I can see the correlation between popcorn and fireworks. After all, I love eating popcorn as I watch the fireworks explode over Cinderella Castle. 🙂

  • I think Gary needs to be worried about his job. Maya may take it from him. She is a hysterical!

  • So stinkin’ cute. I love that Maya thinks that fireworks are made of corn! LOL

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