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Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ on Broadway Grants Wish to Visit Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa

Tyler Slater

by , Public Relations Manager, Disney Parks, Experiences & Products

To celebrate Broadway Week in New York City, the Genie and the cast of Disney’s “Aladdin” granted the magical wish of visiting Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, to two unsuspecting audience members! Couple Leo Chan and Alicia Mara were selected at random for what they thought was a special backstage tour of the Broadway show. Little did they know – and in true Genie fashion – their wish to visit Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa would be granted on stage! Watch the story unfold below:

If the Genie could grant you a wish to visit any Walt Disney Parks & Resorts destination, which would you choose? Tell us in the comments below!


  • I’d love to go to Aulani! I’ve heard amazing things about the resort and of course the Disney experience.

  • My wife, kids, and I have been to WDW countless times (it’s our favorite place!), but we have always wanted to see Disneyland Paris. I would have the Genie send us there!

  • Would love to go back to the Tokyo Parks, they are wonderful.

    • I would wish to visit the Tokyo Disneyland Resort, Louis! I’ve heard they are positively spectacular.

  • The missus experienced Walt Disney World many times while raising a daughter in Florida and I grew up experiencing Disneyland on the west coast. I have never been to Disney World but I think we would both like to see what the Disney experience is like overseas at Hong Kong or Tokyo.

  • Disney-Sea I have heard it is to live for!

  • As a native Floridian with 22 trips to Disney World, I’d like to go to Disneyland and experience the original Disney park for the first time.

    • Great choice, John! There really is a special magic at Walt Disney’s original Magic Kingdom.

  • I would love to travel to Walt Disney World and work as a Cast Member for a few days! Especially Guest Services, being able to bring a touch of magic to guests. Get to talk with the Cast Members, visit backstage and experience the different parks and attractions from the inside. That would be amazing!

  • Wish number #3 should have been a Disney Cruise Line vacation! It could have been a 3, 4, or 7 night cruise that includes a stop at Disney’s Castaway Cay! It could have been on either the Disney Magic, Dream, or Fantasy :D!

    I would have rather had a free Disney Cruise Line vacation; instead of a trip too just Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa!

  • Tyler, I woukd wish for a lifetime of Disney vacations because this way I get to experience the magic and dreams of visiting all the parks,resorts and cruise destinations I haven’t yet traveled too and then do it all over again!
    Never too old to be young!

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