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First Look at new PANDORA Jewelry Coming to Disney Parks This Fall

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

I recently shared an announcement about the new alliance with PANDORA Jewelry at Disney Parks. This fall, guests will find an original collection of hand-finished .925 sterling silver and 14K gold charms inspired by some of Disney’s most beloved characters. Today, I’m excited to tell you about some of the 16 items created specifically for Disney Parks.


For starters, the essential must-have item for a PANDORA Jewelry collection is a charm bracelet. We are thrilled to release a sterling silver Disney Parks bracelet, featuring PANDORA’s unique threading system and a ball clasp engraved with our castle logo.

To personalize the bracelet, we will release several destination themed charms, including some for Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts (pictured above). The new sterling silver charms are hand-finished with flush-set cubic zirconia star detail.


We will also release the “Mickey Mania” (pictured above), a sterling silver openwork Mickey charm with red, light yellow, black and white enamel.


I particularly like the Minnie Sparkling Ear Hat dangle (pictured above), which is a nod to a must have souvenir from Disney Parks. The charm is beautifully crafted in sterling silver with 105 pave-set black crystals and nine pave-set, red-cubic zirconia in the bow detail.

The 16 Disney Parks specific items will only be found in select locations at Disney Parks. An additional 25 Disney-themed designs will also be launching in select retail locations at Disney Parks and at PANDORA stores throughout North America.

Select items will also be found on the Disney Parks online store at a future date.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for additional looks at this exciting new collection.


  • I am 60 and live in Southern California Have gone to Disneyland all my life. Started with ticket books in California and now one price for all awesome. My youngest daughter Jennifer, is married to military and we have just gone to disney in Japan, and Disneyworld. everyone is so differant. I would love to get a charm from each Disney Park we went to for my bracelet. I also would love to buy a bracelet from Disneyworld, with the castle on the closure charm. Oh my!!!! I did now know Pandora ans Disney had came together. I am so so very excited.

    Thank You,


  • Disneyland park released theirs today and they are also available online today too!

  • I am hearing mid to late November for a release date as I am frequently at WDW and have asked around. No exact date has been announced.

  • Any updates???

  • Any word on a release date for the Pandora Charms? Cant wait to start my new bracelet! We are in WDW Nov 1-17 hoping we will catch the release 🙂

  • I am so stinkin excited.. I can hardly contain myself!!! I have several questions:
    Do we have a firm date on the release of these?
    What stores specifically will carry the charms?
    Will they all be available online?

  • I will be down there on November 8th for my sons wedding! He is getting married at the wedding pavilion and I would love to add a charm to my bracelet to mark this magical day! Will they be in stores yet?

  • I’m late in posting this… but I am participating in the Tinker Bell 1/2 Marathon in May 🙂 SO excited to do this event again … and was even more excited to see that Pandora is a sponsor! Do you have any idea if they will be doing a charm for this event???

  • Hi Steven, I am wondering if a firm date is now known for when the new Disney Pandora collection will be available for sale on Disney World property, specifically at Summer Lace in the Grand Floridian and Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom. I know it’s coming sometime in November, but since my trip to Disney World ends on November 8th, I’m anxious to know if I will be able to start a Disney Pandora bracelet as my souvenir while I’m there. I have seen a few things online about November 1st being the official launch date, but I suspect that might not be the exact day the collection becomes available for sale on property. I’d also love to know if the entire initial collection will be available immediately, or if only a limited number will be available at first. And is there any more information about when the collection will become available on the Disney Parks online store? Thanks for any info you can offer for us Disney/jewelry lovers who are going to be on property around the time of the launch and want to be among the first to wear the new collection!

  • Omg can’t wait to get some how much are they going to cost? Can U not see the 25of them that are going to be for sale,

  • SO excited for the Disney Pandora Charms! February 2015 we are sailing on the Disney Magic, and I am REALLY REALLY hoping that these charms will be available on board. any idea if they will be on the ships by then?!?

  • These look awesome! Will they be available in Disney Stores in America? Perfect gifts 🙂

  • Having been a Disney and Pandora fan for years this is definitely a match made in heaven.

    However, already owning multiple bracelets it makes it really hard to justify buying another bracelet, event though the sentimental value engraved with something as memory driven (for me) as the Magic Kingdom castle would be, magical. So my question is, will PANDORA Disney be following similar promotions as the rest of North America (specifically the bracelet promotion)?

  • Are the 16 in the park going to be a limited number sold? We are going to be there in October for Halloween and leave November 2nd, then again in the middle of December for Christmas. I’m wondering if they will still be available in December if it is worth planning a trip in November also.

    • @Tiffany – The 16 items are not limited edition. I don’t have a confirmed release date at this point. I will have another article once details are finalized. We will be offering select items on our Disney Parks online store at a future date.

  • so hoping this will be available early November. Hubs & I are heading to WDW 11/4-11/10. hubs would so be getting some Christmas shopping done if so.

  • I have been *not so* patiently waiting for these for since they were first announced! I started my collection with the original Chamilia charms in 2005 with the castle charm with the 50 on the bottom of it! I need new charms please hurry up and put it out!

  • HOLY MOLYYYYY!! I wish these amazing pieces would be available now! I board my flight to Disney World tomorrow at 2:25pm! I probably won’t be back again until September or November next year, do we know if they will be available permanently in parks, or just for a limited time? And if only for a limited tmie, is there any way to order an item in the parks, from home? Thanks and have a MAGICAL DAY!!!

    • @Leslie – I hope you have a great trip! The PANDORA Jewelry items will be carried at Disney Parks for awhile. They are not limited edition items. We will be carrying select items on our Disney Parks online store at a future date.

  • Will Aulani be carrying any of these charms or exclusives of their own?!

    • @Michelle – At this point, I have not seen the final location list but I’m pretty sure that Aulani will carry these items. Stay tuned.

  • Lisa, I am so excited about this. I did not know about it until today. Just want to jump up and down. Apparently you and your mom knew. From reading about this they won’t all be there when we go. I hope we can sign up somewhere and get them when we get back home. Just Can’t Wait!!!!

  • James’ wife here:

    I concur, the Minnie hat with those crystals are gorgeous.
    Is it okay to have too many charm bracelets?
    Or better yet, one can not have too many charm bracelets, especially Disney designs!

    • @James’ Wife – It’s completely acceptable 🙂

  • Hi Steve…
    I was wondering is the bracelet that has the castle emblem on it going to be a regular item and not a “special” item?? Also in addition to the charms that will be sold in the Pandora Stores and those only in the parks do you think there will be “special event” and Holiday charms too!!!
    I am so excited about this…wish I was closer than VA to WDW!!!
    Thanks Steve look forward to hearing from you….

    • @Carla – The items created for Disney Parks will only be carried at Disney Parks (like Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort). You may also find select items on the Disney Parks online store at a future date. The PANDORA Jewelry stores in North America will have the other Disney charms that weren’t created especially for Disney Parks.

      At this point, we are focused on the launch of this initial assortment. I really don’t have any details about other items at this time. Please stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog.

  • Hi Steven

    Will I be able to purchase the Disney Pandora from the disney store online & have them sent to Australia????
    Also my brothers are heading to Disneyland mid October will they be available for purchase then?

    • @Angela – We do offer international shipping and select PANDORA Jewelry items will be carried on our Disney Parks online store. At this point, I don’t have a confirmed release date for the items at Disney Parks. Please stay tuned.

  • I can’t wait till these come out. I hope they are out for our trip in mid-November. I just went today and bought my first Pandora bracelet so I’m ready to buy my Disney charms!

    • @Lisa – I hope you have a wonderful trip! 🙂

  • I’m really excited about these! I don’t typically buy souvenirs for myself, but I will certainly buy these on our next trip.

  • Is there a time frame of when these will be released? I’ll be down at the World soon and would love to get one of these bracelets.

    • @Cassy – Stay tuned! The PANDORA Jewelry items will be coming to Disney Parks in a couple of months. I will have a Disney Parks Blog article once I have final details.

  • Does this mean Disney is no longer doing charms with Chamilia?

    • @Raquel – We currently carry a handful of items from Chamilia. We are looking forward to introducing PANDORA Jewelry to Disney Parks in the coming months.

  • OMG!!!!! I need this!!
    Will also be sold at Disneyland park in Paris?

    • @Patricia – I don’t know of any plans for them to be carried in Disneyland Paris at this time. Sorry.

  • Oh my word!

    I love these charms!

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