Halloween Time Novelty Items to Materialize at Disneyland Resort

There’s nothing better than strolling down Main Street, U.S.A., in Disneyland park during the fall with a piping hot mug of hot chocolate, especially if you can bring the magic home in a souvenir mug. I love being able to enjoy my morning coffee in a favorite keepsake. Recently, I got a sneak peek at some of the spooky souvenir novelty items coming to Disneyland Resort.


One of my fall traditions is to watch classic Walt Disney cartoons like “The Haunted House,” “The Skeleton Dance” and “The Mad Doctor.” I was excited to learn that the design for this year’s Halloween mug and popcorn buckets, which are available throughout Disneyland Resort, feature artwork inspired by these shorts. And as a special treat, available at popcorn wagons throughout Disney California Adventure park, the Ghost Mickey souvenir bucket filled with hot, delicious popcorn is a great place to stash your candy – after you eat the popcorn, of course!


Well, well … fans of the infamous Disney Villains can enjoy a refreshing drink from a Maleficent Dragon Sipper – it’s positively wicked. Thirsty for more? Keep an eye out for a Poison Apple Glow Cube coming soon to the Fantasyland Fruit Cart. Don’t worry, the Evil Queen hasn’t cast her spell on this one.


Last month, fellow Disney Parks Blog author, Pam Brandon, shared the artwork for the Haunted Mansion 45th anniversary travel mug and popcorn bucket – and if you’re a fan of the Haunted Mansion like I am, you’ll be ghoulishly delighted to learn these items will be available through the run of Haunted Mansion Holiday. You’ll find a specialty popcorn bucket featuring Mickey as one of our favorite Grim Grinning Ghosts: the Hatbox Ghost.


Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange? The Pumpkin King has a few tricks up his sleeve this Halloween. Look for a Zero popcorn bucket or add a Jack Skellington glow cube into one of your favorite New Orleans Square drinks. Several Disney Parks Blog readers asked what special sweets would be coming to Disneyland Resort, so here’s something to soothe your nightmare—a Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Mousse Coffin Cake featuring Sally.

Keep checking the Disney Parks Blog for more Halloween Time treats.

Which souvenir item are you excited to take home?


  • Just curious if anyone knows how much the glow cubes are including drink price? As well as, how long they will be available for?


  • How much are the the souvenir mugs?

  • I got the Zero Bucket when I went for my Birthday on September 24th, it was very popular! I saw it earlier in the day and didn’t know what it was at first. Then I saw someone eating popcorn from it and knew I had to have it. When I went to the popcorn stand near the Haunted Mansion (we didn’t see it at the other popcorn stands so we figured it had to be near there) there was a line and a lot of people kept asking if they had it still. It’s super cute and the nose even lights up!

  • Am I correct in thinking that the Mickey as the hat box ghost popcorn bucket will only be available at Disneyland and not at the Magic Kingdom? Also do you know how long it will be available?

  • i love the zero popcorn bucket!!

  • By chance do you know how much the Mickey hat box ghost and zero popcorn buckets are? I have a couple of friends heading to Disneyland in October and December. Maybe I can bribe one of them into bringing me a souvenir. Am I correct in thinking if the Zero bucket is at Magic Kingdom it will also be there thru December? I am headed to Orlando for Thanksgiving.

    • The Zero bucket will be available in Magic Kingdom through October 31 (or until supplies last), but will stay with Jack in Disneyland through January 6 (or until supplies last). The Mickey Hatbox Ghost will retail for $12.50 with regular popcorn, $14.00 with flavored. The Zero bucket will retail for $13.50 with regular popcorn, $15.00 with flavored.

  • OK. Whomever designed the Zero popcorn bucket: YOU ARE HIRED!!
    OMGee! There’s nothing I like more than a functional, useable souvenir!

    Utter brilliance! Ten gold stars for YOU!

    I hope they have the foresight to manufacture enough of these to last from Halloween Time all the way through Christmas!

  • Will these be available on the Disney Cruise Line ships?

    • The Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream ships already have a few Halloween items on board. Look for the classic Mickey Skeleton mug and popcorn bucket, as well as the Hatbox Ghost Bucket, a Mickey Pumpkin Glow Cube and Poison Apple Glow cube to materialize as it gets closer to Halloween.

  • Hi Rachel,

    Do you know how long the zero bucket might stick around? Is it only for Halloween or also Christmas time? Thanks!

    • Hi Morgan! Zero will be sticking around through Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland Park.

  • That Zero bucket is so cute! I really hope it is there when we visit. 🙂 The glow cubes also sound awesome. Thanks for posting this.

    • You’re welcome! 🙂

  • BTW, Zero’s nose lights up 😉

  • So at DLR the Dragon sipper will be a regular item but at WDW you can only get it from the Villains (expensive) Soiree?

  • I really wish we could order these items through Merchandise Guest Services. Please make this happen!

    The Zero popcorn bucket is very unique.

  • Oh so it was a Mug for the skeleton dance thing I saw in someone’s picture!
    Keep it coming with the Maleficent Dragon merch, even if the maleficent dragon bust cup was hard to get all the slush out of it.

  • Love the Zero! Is there a specific location it will be available?

    • Zero likes to stay close to Jack, so look for the Zero popcorn bucket at the New Orleans Square Popcorn Cart, near Haunted Mansion Holiday!

  • Oh man I LOVE the Zero bucket? Only at Disneyland or will it come to Magic Kingdom too? Or Hollywood maybe?


    • Guests visiting Walt Disney World should be on the look out for Zero to materialize at Magic Kingdom Park.

  • My wife and I will be at WDW for MNSSHP in October. Are these items going to be appearing at WDW any time soon or at all?

    • Look for select Halloween souvenir items to start popping up around Walt Disney World soon. I you have a great time at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!

  • Wow, Rachel these are really cool! I really like the Maleficent Dragon Sipper. What’s your favorite?

    • Tough question, Andrew! I’m torn between the “Skeleton Dance”-inspired mug and the Zero popcorn bucket. Though I have to admit, I want to collect them all! 🙂

  • Wonderful! Can’t wait to sip some cider out of one of those festive classics. ;D

  • I think I might have to get that Zero bucket next time I’m in the parks. I’d love to be able to reuse it for candy for Halloween.

    • Fantastic idea, Gretchen! 🙂

  • I have a feeling they are waiting for the halloween partys to begin to bring out the zero popcorn bucket..hope there are some left when I get there in OCtober…

  • Yup. That Zero bucket will be mine

  • as these only coming to Disneyland or will we be seeing them at WDW also?

    • Keep an eye out! Select items will be available throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

  • Love the Zero Bucket! Do you know when it will be available?

    • Look for Zero to materialize at Disneyland Park in the next few days!

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