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Interview with Imagineer Lisa Girolami Aboard Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Disneyland park guests have been wowed by the updates to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ever since it re-opened this spring. I recently took a ride on the attraction with Imagineer Lisa Girolami, who oversaw its extensive refurbishment. The wildest ride in the wilderness might not be the best place for an in-depth interview, but it sure is the most fun!

What do you like best about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland park? Tell us in the comments!

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  • haha definitely the most UNIQUE interview style i’ve ever seen XD

    Can’t wait to ride that the next time I visit and see the modifications 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Jessica! 😉

  • Can’t wait to see where Erin’s next interview will take her. After this one & the earlier interview with the Abominable Snowman, what’s next? An interview with the Fantasmic Dragon (be careful!)? Or an interview with an Imagineer about the about-to-be-reopened Finding Nemo Submarines, while in the lagoon wearing scuba gear? Erin, you have the coolest job…

    • I like those ideas, Daniel!

  • Erin, I thought it was an awesome interview and the “specia effects”” that we’re added by the imagineers are so lifelike. I can’t wait to visit someday and ride the “Wildest ride in the Wilderness”!
    It’s always one of the first rides we race to when visiting the Magic Kingdom!

  • I look forward to those incredible new effects and enhancements being installed at Walt Disney World’s Big Thunder in the very near future.

  • We traveled to Disneyland for the first time this weekend for the Disney Dumbo Double Dare. One of our favorite rides was Big Thunder Mountain. Job well done with the new effects!

  • I think the best thing about Big Thunder is the thrill it brings when you go on it. No matter if you’re going on it for the very first time or if you’re going on it for the 100th time,you get that same thrill of an amazing thrill ride and a roller coaster. The sore throat you get after riding the ride after screaming your head off is worth it every time!

  • Lisa, I hope I get to shake your hand one day. You and your team did a great job refurbishing Big Thunder. One of my favorite effects on ANY ride at Disney parks is the new mine shaft explosions. Great job helping the guests have a “blast” on Big Thunder!

  • That looked like it was fun to do the interview.

    • It was!

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