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New Disney Pins and Accessories Round Out a Summer of Pins at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


This summer, I’ve been highlighting some of the 250 new pins and accessories created especially for Disney Parks. To conclude my three-part story, I’m again turning the spotlight on new items arriving in August and September at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

One of the easiest (and most portable) ways to display Disney pins is by using a neck lanyard. We also offer a variety of trading bags including one of my new favorites pictured above. I love the colorful patchwork of logos that represent various icons and attractions from Disney Parks.

I’m also in love with the new four-pin set, featuring Carl and Elli from Disney•Pixar’s “Up.” The photograph-like pins are so adorable (I need to watch that film again!).

Fans of Disney’s “Tangled” will be delighted to see several new pins, featuring Rapunzel, Flynn Rider and other favorite characters from the animated feature. Look for both individual open-edition pins and some two-pin sets.

Finally, there are numerous places to find pins at Disney Parks. One of the newest locations can be found in The Chapeau hat shop on Main Street, U.S.A., in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort. I stopped by the location the other day to take some photographs. This new location is a great addition to the well-established main pin location in Magic Kingdom Park – Frontier Trading Post in Frontierland.

Happy Trading!


  • I love the new pin bag! Will it be available at Disneyland or DCA? When will it be released as well?

  • Hello Steven! I was wondering where you can get the Party Source Rex pin? Thanks!

  • Thank you for the Miss Bianca & Bernard pins! More from The Rescuers please! Why is there such few merchandise options available from this film?

  • I like the Haunted Mansion Villains stretching portrait pins. Thanks for the SKU’s. Speaking of Haunted Mansion merchandise, would you be able to find out if the Haunted Mansion plaque ($95) will be available online?

    • @Jonathan – You’re welcome. At this point, I don’t have a confirmed list of items for the Disney Parks online store. They won’t appear online until after the items are released at Walt Disney World Resort. Stay tuned to

  • I NEED a Grape Soda pin. I always cry when I see that on ‘UP’.
    Why do Disney insist on making me so happy and tearful all at the same time?

  • When will those Bianca and Bernard pins be released? I have to get the Bianca pin, after all I am named after her!

    • @Bianca – That two-pin set is currently available at a variety of Disney pin locations in Disney Parks. The item number is 400008740258.

  • Ooooo that new pin bag looks sweet. Wait…is that a cars land passport sticker? Never mind.
    That maleficent keychain looks good, is there any news about the stretching villians portrait pins coming back for those who weren’t able to be there on the day of release in the first hour they sold out?

    • @Alyxandria – I checked our system and it appears that they are in several Disney pin locations at Disney Parks. Here are the item numbers for the four open edition pins.

      Captain Hook – 400008648608
      Cruella de Vil – 400008648592
      Maleficent – 400008648622
      Queen of Hearts – 400008648615

  • Will the trading bags be available online?

    • @Kim – I’m unsure if the bag will be sold via our Disney Parks online store. The item number is 400008629508.

  • I spy haunted manision stretching poster pins. Please tell me you’ll have all the posters.

  • Is there a Disney page that lists all upcoming pins? I’d love to be able to track upcoming pins more accurately than the fan pages.

    • @Ryan – Our official Disney Pin Trading website contains a variety of release information –

  • Looking for Resort/Hotel pins when I’m there Oct 5-11


    • @Anna – There are a variety of Resort logo pins. I would invite you to visit the merchandise shop in your resort or stop by Disney’s Pin Traders in Downtown Disney Marketplace. That location is our flagship store and contains the best selection of pins. Have a great trip!

  • My husband will be so excited for the Rescuers pins! Hope we can find Bernard and Miss Bianca when we come to the parks in December!

  • Love the Pongo and Perdita Pin! Can’t wait for my visit in October so I can get one!

  • Is the Duffy pin in the first photo new??

    • @Kristin – Yes. It’s an open edition pin now set for release in mid-to-late November at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. The item number is 400008849852.

  • Do you know when the next Piece of Spectromagic History pin comes out?

    • @Ryan – There was a pin released on September 4 from this collection. It’s currently available in many pin locations at Walt Disney World Resort.

  • So excited for the UP 4 pin set :)! When is the release date for that?

    • @Hayley – That’s an open edition pin set that is now due for release in late November. The item number is 400008841979.

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