Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Is on His Way to Disney California Adventure Park

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, one of Walt Disney’s earliest cartoon stars, has had a presence at Disney California Adventure park for the past couple of years, from those delightful rabbit ear hats to the Oswald ice cream sundaes at Clarabelle’s. Now, Oswald himself is set to come home to Disneyland Resort!


Oswald made his film debut September 5, 1927, in the cartoon short “Trolley Troubles.” Walt Disney went on to produce 26 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit shorts, before losing the rights to the character in 1928. It was that experience that inspired the creation of Mickey Mouse, and the rest as they say, is history. Oswald finally returned to the Disney family in 2006 and made his first Disney Parks appearance earlier this year at Tokyo DisneySea.

Later this month, you’ll finally be able to meet Oswald on Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure park. Just look for the lucky little rabbit strolling along the sunny side of the street, starting September 14!


  • ARGH! How long will he stay? We were there in May and were told Oswald was only in Tokyo! My kids very much wanted to see him. We’ll be back in April 2015

  • Yay! I’m so excited! Do you know how long he’ll stay there? I would love to see him during December! 😀

  • I hope he’ll stay through the 60th Birthday celebration next year. My daughter is a huge Oswald fan!

  • What I want to know is when will we see the shorts with Oswald I hope they release them on DVD soon

  • He needs a spiffy mechanic’s or gas station attendant uniform. I like the blue shorts, but Mickey doesn’t walk around shirtless.

  • This is great news! I hope he comes to Florida too. I love Oswald.

  • YEEEES!!! Oh my gosh, yes! I’ve been dying for this to happen for so long! Thank you!! Just promise us that this is a permanent thing!

  • This is great!!! I am excited for this! I have been wondering when Oswald would be coming to DCA. There is a store with his name on it and those adorable ear hats after all! I am going to DCA and Disneyland on the 22nd and I will be so happy to see Oswald there now!!

  • Yes!! I will be there beginning October 1st and visiting Oswald will be the first thing I do!

  • I’ve been waiting forever for him to come to DCA.

  • Congratulations to The West Coasters over in Disneyland. May he arrive here in Florida at Disney Hollywood Studios.

  • Let’s hope that the Lucky Rabbit will make his way to Walt Disney World soon as well.

  • I speculate that Oswald may be the most casually dressed of any park character.

  • Awesome!! I was hoping he’d come to California Adventure. It’s going to really cool seeing him on Buena Vista Street.

  • What took him so long?!

  • So looking forward to seeing Oswald on my next Disneyland trip in November!!

  • Fantastic! Can’t wait to see him on our next visit!

  • This is the best news! I was hoping we’d get him!

  • YES! Dreams do come true. Gonna grab my Oswald t-shirt, ears, and plush and try to be one of the first in line. Can’t wait.

  • I’m so excited! He’s my favorite character and I feel like I’ve been waiting years for him to finally show up! I’ll be there bright and early on the 14th!

  • Any idea if he will make his way to Florida??

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