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Photos, Videos Capture Your Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride at Walt Disney World Resort

Kelly Glassburn

by , Manager of Marketing & Communications, Disney’s PhotoPass Service

“Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go!” That song brings up such great memories from my childhood favorite, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” We’ve been busy working on top-secret enhancements to the Disney PhotoPass Service and the Memory Maker product, and we’re excited to announce a new “gem” today.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

What would you say if I told you that you could take home a special gem that would have you reliving all the fun and excitement of your moments aboard the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction … your race through the diamond mine as you whisked across the rolling stone bridges, through diamond pass and into the forest to the Dwarfs’ cottage?

Just released today, we are excited to add a photo and video memento at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Now, when you ride the attraction with a MagicBand and a linked Memory Maker entitlement you will have your photo and video automatically associated to your My Disney Experience account.

You’ll also be able to view, download and share the photo and video of your Family & Friends Connections and Managed Guests who also experienced Seven Dwarfs Mine Train while wearing a MagicBand.

So, hop aboard Seven Dwarfs Mine Train with fellow miners and begin collecting your magical memories with your MagicBand and Memory Maker.


  • How does one get to download the video? Is there a price for downloading it and if so, what is it and how do we do it? Thanks! Grins!

  • Are the video cameras still active at night? We have fastpasses in December for 7 dwarves at night. All the online videos I see are taken during the day.

  • I see our Seven Dwarfs photos on my Memory Maker page but no video. Does that mean it’s missing or am I looking in the wrong place?

  • Do you still offer attractions+ and if so would that give you access to this picture and video?

  • How long does it take for the pictures and/or video to show up in my account? I haven’t seen them and I didn’t see a spot in the park to view them to link (similar to Buzz’s ride). Thanks!

  • Aw darn, I left on Sept. 17th 🙁 Oh well I’ll be back next May!

  • We’re staying off-site, but have a friend in our group (very large group of multiple families) managing our Memory Maker. I’m linked to his account as friends & have the MM confirmation on my MDE. So..for on-ride photos to link to MM I need to purchase Magic Bands for at least a couple of us in our immediate family? Once I buy a Magic Bank onsite, how does that link to my MDE & Memory Maker? Will they help me when I buy the band? 🙂 feeling like a kid that needs step by step instructions pinned to my shirt! haha! thanks for any info!

  • ‘“Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go!” That song brings up such great memories from my childhood’

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’ve been singing that song incorrectly since your childhood (apparently)…the correct words are:

    “Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it’s home from work we go!”

    Why would they sing about going to work on their way home from work?

  • Can I tell you how cool it was to see the pics and video by surprise when I looked at my Memory Maker this week? We were there the day it started but had NO CLUE that was happening! It was sooo cool to see! Loving the new pics and videos that have been happening at WDW. Excited for January for when the Haunted Mansion ones should be available!

  • For those who do not want a video of themselves, and do not wish to intrude on the videos of others, can we opt out of being recorded? Thanks.

  • Lindsay, this info might help understand why the Magic Band is required for the video. Each Magic Band has essentially two pieces of technology inside – RFID and XBR. RFID is for close-up communication. Think where you hold the Magic Band up to the Mickey Mouse symbols when entering the park, showing up with a fast pass, charging to your room, entering your room, etc. It’s the same tech as some credit cards have, as well as some clothing tags in stores, etc. Just remember it’s for close up. Now XBR is Disney’s Long Range Receiver technology. Inside your Magic Band, in addition to the RFID chip, is a powered transmitter. Disney has XBR antennas scattered all over WDW and can identify where a specific magic band is through this technology. So when you get on the Tower of Terror or Mine Train, these antennas can quickly read ALL of the Magic Bands on a specific vehicle and then Disney’s computers do the rest. Which people have Memory Maker? They get the video! It’s just that simple and doesn’t require any slowdowns in having each person with a Memory Maker package swiping their Magic Band. And the info the XBR picks up is just the same as what the RFID has, so it’s secure and safe. But imagine what the future holds… Walking into an attraction and the AA characters greet you by name! A restaurant knows exactly what your food allergies are and the digital menu on the tablet they hand you changes to only what meets your needs or highlights your favorites! Your small child gets separated from you and Disney CMs know exactly where they are simply by locating their Magic Band location! The parks and cast members react to you personally, and suddenly, magically, your entire WDW vacation is personalized just for you. Amazing! 🙂

  • If I purchase Memory Maker but do not have a Magic Band (not staying on site) can I not take advantage of this picture opportunity? Will I be able to show my photo pass card and have it work just the same? Thanks for your help

    • Lindsay, great question. In order for your attraction photos and videos to be automatically associated to your My Disney Experience account you will need to have both a MagicBand and linked Memory Maker entitlement. MagicBands are currently available for purchase at Theme Park and Resort merchandise locations, as well as Downtown Disney.

  • We got a similar video in August from the Tower of Terror ride and it is very cool. Looking forward to adding a video from the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train on our next visit!

  • boo!!!! i rode this a several times last week and just missed this 🙁 i guess that means i will just have to take another trip down 🙂

  • This is great news! I thought it was odd that there wasn’t a photo opportunity before…I would have loved to have had a photo of my first ride on the Rock Your Disney Side day in May (I even got to wear my Snow White dress that day).

  • We’ll be in Disney World next month and still have the PhotoPass+ – will there a be a chance to get the video as well or will all “No MM holders” be excluded? Thanks for letting me know 🙂

    • How exciting! We’ll need a little more information to give you the best answer to your question. Please contact our Guest Support Team at 407-560-4300 for further assistance.

  • Finally riding it Halloween day!! So excited to hear they added the ride video and photo to the list of Memory Maker rides!! Another great ride photo to add to the list!!

  • Awesome! We’re headed down in two weeks so the timing could not be better. Can’t wait!

  • i live in the UK and will be coming to disney world next year but will not be staying at a disney hotel. do you need a magic band and the memory maker to get all pictures and videos or can i just order the memory maker online and just use it however?! please help me!

    • Hayley-Gemma, we’re so glad you’ll be visiting next year! You may purchase Memory Maker online and use the Memory Maker card to collect all of your photos from select dining and attractions locations and all Disney PhotoPass photos including Character Experiences and Magic Shots. However, at this time, attraction videos and photos from Seven Dwarfs Mine Train are only available for Memory Maker Guests with a MagicBand.

  • Yes! I hope Disney continues to add the videos to attractions! Such a great bonus to the pictures and really adds value to the PhotoPass and Memory Maker options. So glad we pre-purchased this for our week next May!

  • We could not be more excited! We leave tonight and have our fast passes for Saturday. This is going to be our daughters first roller coaster ride at Disney and to have it on our memory maker is going to be so magical!

  • Ummm….and what about an option for people that dont have memory maker? Like, all of your resident passholders and such? Will whats being tested at Disneyland (.99 cent ride photo downloads) be coming???

  • What happened to the Disney Parks Blog e-mails? I was subscribed then suddenly they stopped coming? Was the subscription discontinued? I always looked forward to those arriving in my e-mail. Plus, if I missed a few days they were always waiting in my Disney folder in my mailbox.

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