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Return Time Tickets Help Disneyland Park Guests Meet ‘Frozen’ Favorites Anna and Elsa

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios


Anna and Elsa, from Disney’s hit animated feature, “Frozen,” have been appearing in Disneyland park for some time, meeting guests at their special location in Fantasyland. Now, there is a new way to meet these famous sisters with a virtual wait system, which allows you to experience other attractions while you wait!

Guests visiting the “Frozen” character location in Fantasyland can present their valid park ticket or Annual Passport (used for park entry) to obtain a Return Time Ticket. On the ticket, they will be assigned a 20-minute window to return later in the day to meet with Anna and Elsa. There is no longer a standard queue for the location, and once all return times for the day have been distributed no more return times will be issued.

In addition to the location in Fantasyland, guests may also see Anna and Elsa in their special appearance before “Mickey’s Soundsational Parade” each day at Disneyland park.


  • Will the parks be busy Sunday Feb. 22nd, Monday Feb. 23rd and Wednesday Feb. 24th? What type of line times should we expect? Also where is line for Anna and Elsa Meet and Greet fast passes?

  • Good afternoon!
    I have my family and extended family coming out for a trip end of February. Sunday 22nd, Monday 23rd, and Wednesday 25th. There is about 20 of us coming or so. We have some little girls coming and seeing Anna and Elsa is a must for us! We are trying to figure out which day will be the best for us to see them based on our days that we will be there. Any idea? Also some questions with the fastpass to see them, what time should we plan to be in line and does everyone in our party have to be there to recieve the fastpass? If we see them before the parade is there a fastpass or do we just meet and greet them?


  • This is an awesome decision. We have gone before and the line was 5-6 hours long. We went 2 weekends ago and got in line for the pass around 10am. Our return time was 4:20-4:40. We got to enjoy the rest of the time and come back at 4:20. The line moved quickly and we got to meet, take pictures with and an autograph from Anna and Elsa. When they give you the ticket they tell you they can’t guarantee that both Anna and Elsa will be there when it’s your turn. Great idea on the pass.

  • There need to be a way for people that come to the park later in the day say at 2pm like I do can get to see them as well. I have hear the tickets are gone with in 2 hours after park is open and to me it’s not fair that the people or little kids can’t get to meet them. And I don’t count the parade the change to meet them. Cause you can’t go up to them in the parade to talk to them or get your picture taken with them. I think there needs to be a stand by for people that come in later in the day to the park to see them.

  • Do children under 3 need a return ticket?

  • what time do they start distributing the return time tickets?

  • My understanding is that Elsa and Anna are present beginning at 11 am. Will it be possible to arrive at 9 am to secure a time slot, or will the time assignments begin at 11 am?

  • Erin– Are there any plans to increase the “Frozen” presence at Disneyland Resort? There have been a lot of activities at WDW, but we need some more Frozen attractions in California too! 🙂

  • Paul – It was a test that has concluded. Just trying to see if it’ll become permanent

  • Mike-That’s been like it since the start of the summer. They give you a legacy fastpass at WDW(the irony), same as Disneyland now.

  • Will this be coming to the Magic Kingdom anytime soon? I know you guys did testing here a few weeks ago. Thank you.

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