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Ten Things Disney Cruisers Never Say

Jonathan Frontado

by , Public Relations Director, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney and Disney Vacation Club

Any Disney cruiser will tell you all about the magical memories they are making on their voyage, complete with fun family activities, delicious dining and awesome entertainment. But as much as there is to talk about, there are some things you’ll never hear anyone say aboard a Disney ship

  1. “I’m not sure a worry-free vacation is right for our family.”


  1. “One ride on the AquaDuck is enough for me.”
  2. “I don’t want any free ice cream.”
  3. “There’s not enough space to store my luggage!”
  4. “I’ll just wait to see that new movie back home in a theater.”


  1. “I totally didn’t cry at the end of Disney’s Believe.”
  2. “But I like to pay for room service!”
  3. “I wish the serving team wasn’t so good at keeping my kids happy during dinner.”
  4. “There aren’t enough fruity drink options.”


  1. “It’s Castaway Cay day? I think I’ll stay in my stateroom.”

I know you can relate, Disney cruisers! So tell me, what would you add to list?


  • A Disney Cruiser Never Says “What are we going to do for dinner?” One of the best parts of a Disney Cruise for his mom, and there are many, is NOT having to worry about what everyone is going to have for dinner (or breakfast, or lunch, or snacks…). The food options make it possible for everyone in my family to have great food that is delicious and fits our dietary needs. Now THAT’s a vacation!

  • The one thing we never say onboard Disney Cruise line is: are we there yet?
    That’s because you are always right there in the thick of the magic from the moment you step onboard until the moment you disembark. And the memories linger way past the time you decide to go again.
    Magic at sea is just the best!

  • Whoo boy, as a claustrophobic, one ride on the Aqua Duck was PLENTY! But, I did it once, so my fiance was happy.

  • This post is spot on. We are DCL gold members and Castaway Cay members and definitely love to return and adventure with DCL because it is the best.

    I have a very picky brother and when we did a Disney Cruise Line “Sibling Cruise” he was not for it until his big sister told him all the things he could do. When he got on board, he could not believe how elegant the ship was, how clean everything was, food was awesome, restaurant staff were entertaining, the shows were top notch, the drinks were abundant (nice drink bill dude! I think he thought they were free), AND we had to drag him off Castaway Cay kicking and screaming (note – he was the last one back on the boat). He actually applied for a job with DCL but then he met his future wife.

    Grandma came with us on another cruise, and was hesitant at first, but made some life long friends and still communicates with them today. She has her vacation album on her coffee table to remind her about the wonderful trip and it makes her smile 🙂

    With DCL you can either TRY to do EVERYTHING or just pick a couple things and still enjoy your trip aboard the most elegant cruise ships in the industry.

  • Always their for you. Make you feel right at home, when leaving you really want to stay to do over. Always something to do. You really don’t know children our their until you see them. Very respectful people aboard ship including children.

  • “I’m bored” said no Disney Cruiser, ever!

  • Hello,

    I simply loved this post today because it’s so true! As well, the videos playing all through are super fun to watch, thank you for posting them. They make me feel as if I’m really there.

    Disney Cruise Line is simply the best!

    Thank you,

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