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Venetian Mask Making in Italy with Adventures By Disney

My final days in Italy with Adventures by Disney were full of exploration and hands-on activities. From seeing architectural treasures such as the Piazza San Marco and Basilica, to a private gondola tour, Venice has so much to offer.

Piazza San Marco in Venice with Adventures By Disney Gondola Tour in Venice with Adventures By Disney

Our hotel was just around the corner from Piazza San Marco, which led to extensive shopping and gelato tasting during free time. Ending the day with some incredible wine at Café Florian, while listening to the sounds of live musicians fill the Piazza, is one of many memories from this unforgettable experience.


On the last day of our trip, we visited Tragicomica, a studio where we had a private session on the art of Venetian mask making. The master artisans at Tragicomica create their carnival masks much in the same manner as they were crafted in the 15th century. While I wasn’t quite able to prefect their painting technique during our experience, we all tried our hand and created some truly unique masterpieces to take home.

Venetian Mask Making in Italy with Adventures By Disney Venetian Mask Making in Italy with Adventures By Disney

We ended the day with an incredible dinner where we received our completed masks (after they had been coated to preserve them for many years). Everyone enjoyed seeing – and trying on – their completed creations!


It was a wonderful ending to a truly magnificent Adventures by Disney journey through Italy!


  • We greatly enjoyed our most recent cruise, sailing from beautiful Venice aboard the Disney Magic. Your paired excursions with Disney Cruise Line are impeccable.

    Memories of enjoying a cafe at the historic Cafe Florian were brought back seeing your beautiful photos.

    Thank you,

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