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Vintage Walt Disney World: A Look Back at Tapestry of Nations

Nate Rasmussen

by , Librarian, Walt Disney Archives

Fifteen years ago, Tapestry of Nations had its soft opening at Epcot. I can’t let a milestone pass by without sharing a photo from my favorite parade. (I’m biased. Here is proof.) Here’s a look at Hammerman in front of a Millennium-themed Spaceship Earth in September 1999.


Although the Sage of Time doesn’t take his great millennium walk around World Showcase Lagoon any more, I still smile every time my iPod shuffles to the parade music.

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  • We got engaged during this parade! For a while you could sit near Germany and get to see the start of one parade kicking off in one direction and then another parade finishing off out the same gate the first one left from!

  • My favorite parade of all time. We went for my birthday to Disneyworld and took my sister and her husband, and we all cried because the music and the visuals were so beautiful!

  • We were there to celebrate mt 50 Bday with my husband, 2 adult kids, future son in law, my 2 sisters and in laws. We stayed at Boardwalk and walked over to Epcot almost every day to see the Tapestry parade. Amazing!! We’ve gone back several times with grandkids but somehow my Bday visit is still so memorable mainly because the Tapestry of Nations was so imaginative and the music was dramatic and spine tingling. Wonderful memories !!!

  • My favorite memory of this is when we took our mother to Walt Disney World. She was in a wheelchair and we stood beside her watching the parade. She had the biggest smile on her face and kept commenting on how much she enjoyed it. Thank you for the memory this photo brought back.

  • I was in this parade as an Aztec and Wiggle once it switched over to Tapestry of Dreams!!! Such a fun time in my life and the best job I ever had! Miss it so much!

  • “Tapestry Nations” music from EPCOT Millennium Celebration CD is my favorite music at all time. When I die one day, I hope it is played at my funeral.

  • I was opening Cast of this awesome parade. My fellow “Original Hammers” and I were just talking about how our Anniversary is next week and the great times we all had going through overnight rehearsals, Press Day, filming of commercials, and of course, Opening Day. We put in soo much hard work to make this parade a memorable one and it really warms my heart to see how you all enjoyed it. =) GO HAMMERS!

  • We have very fond memories with that parade and the iconic 2000 on the EPCOT ball, we felt so lucky to be a part of such a fun time at Disney!
    Always a great time and always terrific memories!
    Thanks for the flashback!

  • Some of my most cherished memories come from this parade. My family hadn’t been to Disney in a few years and we went during that year and stayed for our first time at BoardWalk (the rest of us became DVC Members right after that stay). This was the most beautiful display of imagination I had ever seen! I can see my 7 year old cousin Josh dancing to the beat of the drums so clear it’s like I am there. Sometimes when I need a good reminder of what it was like when I was a kid, I queue up the music and laugh, cry, and reminisce. Things have changed since then in my family, but I will always hold that trip and this parade so dear to my heart.

  • We saw this parade on on Honeymoon! Loved it! The music brings me right back to that moment!

  • Tapestry was without a doubt, the greatest piece of music ever made inside a Disney park. Honestly, one of the greatest pieces of music ever for me.

  • This was one of my favorites – the music was my favorite part of seeing this parade.

  • I loved this parade and still listen to the music on CD!

  • Loved this parade. My best memory is sitting by the International Gateway bridge with my 2 1/2 year old daughter swaying back-and-forth during the parade singing “way-la”. The music is so memorable and still makes both of us smile!

  • I was there during the millennium celebration and I had my picture taken for the “Leave a Legacy”. I finally got to see the finished metal plaque last Christmas.

    • Very fun! 🙂

  • I would so loved to have seen this parade. Thanks for the great picture.

  • Loved the whole millennium parade round the World Showcase Lagoon, I’d forgotten about it until seeing your photo! Thanks 🙂

    • You’re welcome!

  • This could be us…

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