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What’s This? Disneyland Resort Entertainment Team Shares Top Pics for Haunted Mansion Holiday

Shannon Swanson

by , Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

Every August, the Disneyland Resort Entertainment team begins helping Jack Skellington take over the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland park to create Haunted Mansion Holiday. To see them in action is quite a treat. There’s always something new and different to discover, so I thought I’d ask the talented team to show me their favorite parts of Skellington’s magical makeover.

My favorite feature is seeing all of the spooky stockings; I can only imagine what’s inside of them! What’s your favorite part of Haunted Mansion Holiday?


  • OMG i love this video i hope there will be more behind the scenes of haunted mansion holiday i would love to see how they put the elevator together

  • I like how the changing portraits help reflect the holiday season. Festive!

  • Hey Shannon,

    Come this Holiday season; are you going too make another video for It’s a Small World Holiday?

    I want too see the entertainment teams top picks for transforming It’s a Small World :D.

    Thanks :D!

    Also Jackie, none of those workers in this video are Imagineers. Those are the Black Phantom workers that work backstage at the Disneyland Resort. They’re the ones who work back stage during all the shows.

    • We just might, Brandon – stay tuned!

  • I loved watching this video of the Haunted Mansion being decorated for Halloween. What a fun job those Imagineers must have!

    Thank you,

  • I love the fact that Sally has a projected face this year. And the gingerbread house is awesome too!

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