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Digging Up Details About Memento Mori Shop in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Memento Mori, the new Haunted Mansion-themed shop, recently opened in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom Park. This location is the destination for new Haunted Mansion Authentic products at Walt Disney World Resort. In recent weeks, I’ve enjoyed hearing guests’ reactions and seeing photographs from their visits to the shop. Since it’s Halloween, I caught up with my Walt Disney Imagineering partners to dig up a few interesting details about the shop that you may not know.


You may recall that it is rumored the little shop was the abode of Madame Leota. While she disappeared long ago, many of her belongings are still located in the shop such as a beautiful portrait that was possibly created during the time she lived in the area.


The shop’s name was inspired by a gravestone found in the graveyard scene inside the attraction. The Victorian-era phrase “Memento Mori” reminded people of that age “to live life to the fullest as everyone is mortal.”
There are two different signs found outside the shop. The larger sign has an eyeball-like graphic that looks like it follows you when passing by the location.


Merchandise cast members wear costumes that are slightly different than the maid and butler costumes from the attraction. I love the unique Madame Leota-inspired broach that female cast members wear (yes, the merchandise team is considering making it a retail item in the future).


The broach also inspired a mirror found on a wall inside the shop. The mirror’s frame is basically a larger replica of the broach.


One of the coolest new things in the shop is Spirit Photography, which is another way for Guests to pursue the mysteries of life. This special kind of photography has been known to touch the spirit world, revealing the secrets that lie beyond.

Outside the Spirit Photography room, you will find some recreations of the earliest form of photography known as “daguerreotype.” I also liked the wallpaper found inside the photography area.


While visiting the shop to get photographs for this story, I had my portrait taken. After a few moments, I was presented an 8-inch by 10-inch, lenticular image that revealed my spirited Disney Side. No reservations are needed for this experience.


  • When I was at Disney World the end of October I had a spirit photograph taken at Memento Mori. When I inquired about the 8″ x 10″ haunted mansion frame for $24.95 that they had displayed on the wall next to the photography booth, they said they were out of stock and to keep checking back. After seven days of checking back they never received a shipment. I asked if I would be able to order one on the Disney Store site. Nobody was able to answer that question. Does anyone know if this is just a park only item or if you can order one online?

  • Will they still be adding new Haunted Mansion park merchandise to the website through the holidays? I check every Monday.I have been able to get quite a few items but would still love to get the bookends and shoes for my daughter for Christmas! Thanks!

  • I am OBSESSED with this store! I love all the new merch – especially the dishes! There is a really cute sweatshirt with the mansion wallpaper print on the sleeves that I wish was available in adult size though.

    Oh, and FYI: You guys spelled “brooch” wrong…twice! :O

  • Steven,

    Unrelated to HM, would you happen to be able to tell me some of the glasses available for Rose & Crown? I believe I saw pics of a beer stein/tankard and then an Irish coffee cup? Are these going to be available for a while??


    • @Jonathan – I’m currently working on a story about them. Stay tuned. Yes, they will be here for awhile.

  • I hope we start to see more “merch” like this for other popular Magic Kingdom attractions. This is the kind of stuff I love to buy. :]

  • If you have the Memory Maker does it cover the cost of the photos? We are coming over the holidays and that would be a different souvenir. Also, it would be great to be a family portrait not individual portraits.

    • @Lois – The Spirit Photography experience is currently not a part of the Memory Maker package.

  • What a handsome portrait (both versions)!

    • @Elizabeth – Thank you 🙂

  • Hey Steve, crack the whip at the merchandise team. That Madame Leota broach is a MUST do!! Gotta get one(or more)for my wife. @James-my wife and I did the portraits and if i’m not mistaken, they accepted the AP for a discount.

  • How much is the 8×10 spirit portrait? I suspect you got yours at a discount, but for us mere mortals? Any AP/D23 or other discounts? I want to see if I am as handsome as you as a spirit.

    • @James – Retail for the Spirit Photography is $19.95 each. Please note that all retails are subject to change without notice.

      I will have to check on discounts. I don’t recall anything specific at this point besides Cast Member discounts.

  • Hey Steven! So awesome to see a little bit of the inside of the store! The photography offerings are a great idea that will make Memento Mori even more of a destination. I love the beard by the way! Your HM Pal in Ohio, David Happy Halloween!

    • @David – Thanks for the kind words! This was a fun story 🙂

  • The Haunted Mansion is my favorite (and my lucky) ride. I’m loving all the Haunted Mansion merchandise and have my shopping list ready to go! I have already purchased a couple of items and am very pleased with the quality. I love the portrait and am wondering if this will be part of the “Memory Maker” or if we need to purchase separately.

    • @Carol – The Spirit Photography portrait is currently NOT a part of the Memory Maker package.

  • Ryan, you won’t be able to have more than one happy haunt in your spirit photo at a time.. Trust me I asked a lot lol.

    • @Ryan – Currently, we are only offering individual portraits.

      @Elisa – Thank you 🙂

  • Can more than one person be in the spirit photo at a time? A family portrait would be so fun!

  • Could you tell me any info about the “Welcome Foolish Mortals” tin sign that I’ve seen? It has the gargoyle candelabra/wallpaper. (Price/sku)?


    • @Jonathan – I believe the sign you seek is a tin sign that retails for $12.95. The item number is 400008565547.

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