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Disney PhotoPass Service Simplifies Access to Walt Disney World Photos, Videos

Sandi Wallace

by , Walt Disney World Communications

With attraction photos, you can capture some amazing Disney moments. And now, Disney PhotoPass Service is making it even easier for you to collect those memories.

Beginning today, if you’re wearing an active MagicBand on select Walt Disney World Resort attractions, your photos will be automatically associated to your My Disney Experience account. You don’t have to do anything. In fact, if you’ve worn your MagicBand on one of the participating attractions in the last 45 days, you should be able to find that photo in your account now.


Don’t have a MagicBand? Don’t worry. We’re making it easier for you, too. Today we turned on new touch points at Magic Kingdom Park (Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain). So after you ride, simply find your photo on the preview wall and touch your park ticket or Memory Maker card to the touch point to associate your photo. We expect to have photo touch points installed at Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme parks by mid-November.

Beginning soon, guests wearing active MagicBands will have attraction videos automatically associated to their accounts. Videos are currently available for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

Just like attraction photos, if you’ve worn your MagicBand on one of the participating attractions in the last 45 days, you should be able to find that attraction video in your account soon. Guests will be able to view these videos in their accounts, but a Memory Maker entitlement is required to download and share them.

Just remember that all Disney PhotoPass photos and videos expire 45 days after they are taken. So be sure to log in to your account to secure your memories before they expire.

And watch for more exciting news coming from Disney PhotoPass Service soon!


  • I accidentally uploaded my own photos twice to my account. Is there any way to delete them?

  • I was just wondering how to get access to all of the pictures from our Disney World trip. My friend has all of the photos on hers, and I have some on mine, but not all of them. Is there a way that I can get all of the ones she has on her my disney experience onto my disney experience? Thank you.

  • Does this also work with the one day -halloween party- memory maker? We purchased one for our group on october 31st but the Mine Ride video has not attached. Also, while I know its not included–pictures taken next day on Everest didnt automatically add to the account even tho several members of the group (all on same reservation) rode ride while wearing magicbands. Do we need to simply do a “lost picture” form?

  • Do you have to have a Memory Maker package to view your pictures on your account?

  • Ms./Mrs. Wallace,

    I am a graduate student currently enrolled in a Strategic Marketing Management course. I am delighted to say that my focus for the next eight weeks will be the Disney MagicBand. (My biggest challenge has been refraining from planning a trip while researching for my project.)

    My question for you, as Internal Communications Manager: what has been the most successful or important part of your multifaceted approach to educating employees on MyMagic+ and the MagicBands?

    Thank you for any reply you may be able to offer, I am incredibly excited to use this product on my next trip!

  • hi , we are trying to get the videos from the mine train from 28th and TOT from yesterday, is i correct we just wait for them to appear, we have had the ride pictures go in after a call to support team

    • Sally, please contact our Guest Support team at 407-560-4300 for assistance.

  • Will this affect the Attractions Plus offering, which charges a single price to get downloads of all the ride photos taken? Would we still purchase it at the end of a ride?

    • Hi, Sherry! Disney Attractions+ is still available for purchase at participating attractions. Please note that Disney Attractions+ plus includes attraction photos only, and not video.

  • I would also like to know the answer to what Patrick asked. I preordered the CD from the old Photopass system so I have that credit under the new system. Will we get on ride photos and videos on the CD?

    • Tricia, we’ll need a little more information to answer your question. Please contact our Guest Support team at 407-560-4300 or visit the Contact Us Section of our website for assistance.

  • Can we still combine photos onto one photopass account for our traveling party? And will it auto-magically assign the photo/video to my magic band even if its someone else in the party that has memory maker?

    • Great questions, Nicole – thanks for asking! Photos associated to one or more Disney PhotoPass cards can be included in Memory Maker by simply claiming the ID(s) on the back of the card(s). The Memory Maker guest will be able to see and download all photos and videos associated to their Family and Friends connections in My Disney Experience – as long as those individuals choose to share their photos with you (there’s a setting for sharing in My Disney Experience). And yes, photos and videos are “auto–magically” associated with each guest who experiences a participating attraction while wearing an active MagicBand. So you may see a photo or video appear more than once in your account if multiple members of your party ride at the same time. You can simply delete any duplicates.

  • Welcome to the blog Ms. Sandi!

  • I just checked my photos from my September trip and the new pics & videos were there! The videos are fantastic. It’s a quick trip back to WDW. Thanks Disney!

  • This is so great! I mentioned that something like this would be useful when I did a survey after a trip to WDW…it’s so nice to see that Disney is listening to guests’ opinions! Thanks!

  • When we create a Disney photo book online can we still upload our own photos too? Super excited for this new PhotoPass linked to Magic bands!!

    • Great question, Kelly! Disney Photo Books are a great way to bring your vacation memories to life and they’re easy to personalize! You are welcome to use photos from your Disney PhotoPass account as well as upload some of your own!

  • Will this also include “old” photopass+ credits which has been purchased last year? We will be visiting soon and do have an unused Credit?!

    • Patrick, we’ll need a little more information to answer your question. Please contact our Guest Support team at 407-560-4300 or visit the Contact Us Section of our website for assistance.

  • So what is the difference between the PhotoPass and the Memory Maker?
    Online doesn’t go into details! :/
    With the Memory Maker do you get a DVD? And are any actual prints included? What about licensing? Can you print your pictures from Memory Maker? Or do you also have to purchase the PhotoPass package for another $169?

    • Barbara, Memory Maker is a digital-only product, so there are no prints or DVDs included. However, you do get unlimited downloads of your photos and videos – and photos and videos of your Family & Friends connections. With the limited license agreement provided, you’re welcome to print any/all of your photos. Memory Maker also includes great features, like attraction and dining photos (which were previously sold separately), attraction videos and animated Magic Shots.

  • I would love to be able to upload my non-PhotoPass pics to apply the borders/stickers to them! There were so many character greetings, etc. where a PhotoPass photog was not on-site…..

    • Kathi, you’re welcome to upload your own photos and use them to create fun photo products to cherish your memories.

  • Wonderful.
    Do you know if the 1 day Memory Maker will return for the Christmas Party?

    • Stay tuned, Yves. If we all have a little faith, trust and pixie dust, perhaps we’ll have an announcement to share soon!

  • coming soon to Dinosaur

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