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Eight Signs You Are Craving a Disney Cruise

Jonathan Frontado

by , Public Relations Director, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney and Disney Vacation Club

  1. You can’t concentrate at work because you’re too busy dreaming of Castaway Cay.
  1. You find yourself whistling “when you wish upon a star” at 5pm and imagining yourself at the Sail Away celebration.

  1. Your Throwback Thursday posts are all photos from your last Disney cruise.
  1. You can’t eat a meal without dessert, especially since every night you dream about Palo’s chocolate soufflé.
  1. You are considering replacing your home’s windows with portholes and redecorating with a nautical motif.

  1. Your friends wonder why you keep talking like a pirate and looking for excuses to wear your pantaloons and eye patch.
  1. You make towel animals and leave chocolates on your kids’ pillows each night.

  1. You hope every knock on your door is your stateroom host arriving to make your bed and tidy up your house.

Disney cruisers, what else can you add to this list?


  • I loved that people lined the channel at Port Canaveral as we left port and cheered each time the captain played the horn.

  • Definitely feeling #4! Also, I sing the “When You Wish Upon A Star” at least 5 times a day. Except the day when I am really happy, then I hum or sing it 50 times as many! Also, I wear something pirate related, mostly every month! o o

  • Andy, Ashley & Danny aren’t waiting for you to fulfill your every wish & make your house as magical as the Dream!

  • 8. my cruise is coming up in 44 days, its very hard to concentrate at work
    7. I have a recording of the ship horn that makes me smile whenever I play it
    6. I’ve been on 3 cruises so far, so yes most of my TBT pics are of past trips
    5. I can skip desert, but when we get back from a cruise, it’s hard to go back to eating regular food…… gourmet is so much better!!
    4. I’d love to “disneyfy” a room in my house (have plans in the works)
    3. my friends know I’m a disney nut, and have stopped questioning my behavior……
    2. I wish I could make those towel animals
    1. I just don’t make my bed at home, hoping that when I get home from work the bed will be turned down…..

    I’ll never sail on another cruise line other than Disney!!!

  • Finally, the use of animated .gif images! Great loop in the first image. 😀

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