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Glow With the Show Evolves Into Made With Magic This Fall at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


I have exciting news to share about the next evolution of Glow With the Show. Introduced in 2012 at Disneyland Resort, this ear hat technology allowed guests to become a part of a show by lighting up in time with or in the same color scheme as a nighttime show or fireworks display. Last year, it was added to nighttime spectaculars at Walt Disney World Resort such as Fantasmic! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Wishes nighttime spectacular at Magic Kingdom Park. This fall, we are adding some new merchandise items that contain this interactive technology under a new name called “Made With Magic.”

Made With Magic items will excite, delight, light up and interact with select Disney experiences at Disney Parks. We will continue to offer the original ear hat first introduced a few years ago. New items will include a new Minnie Mouse-inspired headband, a Mickey Mouse glove and, my favorite, a magical wand that reminds me of Sorcerer Mickey.


The Sorcerer Mickey wand will have multiple light-up functions and will give guests the ability to change the light patterns of other Made With Magic items. Guests can also place the Made With Magic items in a color-changing demo mode, when they aren’t present at “Made With Magic”-enabled entertainment.

As with the previously released ear hat, all Made With Magic items will interact with experiences at Disney Parks around the world regardless of where the items were originally purchased.

Each item will have a retail of $30.00.

Guests should look for the Minnie Mouse headband to arrive in late October and early November in select merchandise locations at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. The Mickey Mouse glove and the Sorcerer Mickey wand will be introduced in late November to early December at those same locations.


  • Will the Magical Wand glow with Fantasmic and World of Color?

    • @Jacob – Yes. The wand will glow during the shows. The show programming will actually override the individual programming during the show experience. This will help keep a consistent Guest experience during the nighttime spectaculars.

  • @Melissa. The gloves you are referencing for $14.09 are just light up gloves, not the new “Made With Magic” gloves. Very similar product in outward appearance, minus the amazing glow with the show technology. =)

    • @Roger and Erik – Thank you 🙂

  • The Mickey Mitt being sold online are NOT the same Mickey Magical Mitt that comes with the interactive technology.

    You need to look for the “Made with Magic” tag on the items that work with “Glow With the Show” or HKDL’s “Paint the Night” parade.

  • Anyone remember the interactive pins from the 100 Years of Magic? I loved how they would sparkle like stars in the Tower of Terror star scene and in other rides. These new products remind me of those!

    • @Michelle – Yes! I remember those. I was serving as a Walt Disney World Ambassador at the time. I recalling having several different pins to wear throughout my term. Fun! What a great memory 🙂

  • The gloves appear to be online at the DisneyStore for $14.09

    • @Melissa – Those gloves aren’t the Made With Magic gloves. The new gloves won’t arrive at Disney Parks until closer to December this year.

  • Will the Minnie ears come in any color besides pink?

    • @Carol – At this point, pink is the only color offered for the headband.

  • Will they be available in 2016? We are going back in Dec of that year.

    • @Laura – That’s a great question. I’ve not heard of these items going away anytime soon. I would guess they would still be offered in 2016.

  • We are headed to WDW next week with our 1st Gen pair of GWTS ears. What are the different events we can experience while there?

  • “Okay, can I just say something crazy”… Unrelated to this post, the trickling of the Retro Holiday Merchandise appearing on Disneystore is sooooo beautiful! My Retro Disney Holiday Merchandise dreams have come true! Awesome, awesome, awesome! Placed an enormous order and dying for a post revealing everything! Wow, loving it!

    • @Nicolette – Right on! It’s some of my favorite. I’m currently working on a story about the items.

  • Any hope for getting “Glow With The Show” ears that fit an adult head? I know I have a big melon, but I can’t get the strap to buckle, and the battery pack is terribly uncomfortable. 🙁

    • @Rob – I’m sorry to hear of your challenge. I don’t know of any immediate plans to make a larger ear hat.

  • This is totally unrelated to this post!! Do you know when the Tower of Terror merchandise will be available? I hope you know what I’m talking about–stuff shown on the July post about the new merchandise.

    • @Michelle – The new Twilight Zone Tower of Terror merchandise is due to arrive in early 2015, maybe around February. I’ll have a follow up story once more product samples arrive.

  • I can confirm 100% that the technology… errr Magic will be compatible with Gen 1 Glow With the Show ears.

    The Paint Brush I brought back from HKDK Pain the Night works with Gen 1 and Gen 2 GWTS ears. The Minnie bow and Mickey Mitt work perfectly with World of Color and Fantasmic!

  • I sure hope this takes off!! We have four of the original hats which is good and the people behind us get a great show but whole idea works best if the majority of the audience has “Glow with the Show” stuff. We always try to stand/sit behind people also with hats. 🙂 The Minnie bow is cute!!

  • I would love to be able to order these from the disney store or online. Santa would sure be interested in getting one of each under our tree.

  • Steven,

    Would you have had any luck finding the SKU for the Disneyland PWP fleece park throw? I noticed online over the weekend it is out now!

    (I had luck with finding Disney World’s, but not Disneyland’s yet).

    • @Jonathan – I think I found it. 400008581042

  • A magic wand that changes colors of other things? Hmmm….sounds like those could interact with a certain night time parade that might be moving over from Hong Kong….

  • I have been waiting for Minnie ears! We are headed to Disneyland in December, this will help make the nighttime extra special.

    • @Brook – I hope you have a wonderful trip. Disneyland Resort in December is extra magical. 🙂

  • Will the wands work with the first edition Glow with the Show hats?

    • @Jacob – From my understanding, the wand should interact with previously purchased Glow With the Show ear hats.

  • This is a truly exciting announcement, I look forward to seeing where these will be in the coming months as well as when I return and am finally able to use the gloves, ears & wand for myself in 2017 when I return to Disney World

  • I saw these items in action in person at HKDL’s premiere of “Paint the Night” parade a few weeks back.

    Instead of the Mickey Wand, HKDL has the Mickey’s Magical Paintbrush to go along with the theme of the parade. The wand is used during the parade show stops to “paint” the performer’s costumes with different colors.

    I brought these items back to DLR with me and since I found out they DO work with Glow With the Show, I was hoping that they would be made available to the US Disney Parks… and VOILA!

    Thanks for bringing this cool technology enhancements to DLR and WDW!

  • I love the Minnie headband! We have the Glow With the Show ear hats but my head just isn’t shaped well to keep them on. The headband will be perfect for me, and I know my kids will want the wand.

    • @Christina – I’m glad to hear of your excitement. I think my son will also love the wand. It’s a fun thing to play with which is what I did when writing this story. 🙂

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