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Make Your Holidays Sparkle With This Disney’s Hollywood Studios Frozen Holiday Premium Package

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

For the first time in forever, guests can experience “Frozen” fun during the holiday season at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, thanks to the new Frozen Holiday Premium Package.


Offered November 7 – 19, November 21 – December 9 and December 11 – January 4, 2015, this package includes reserved seating for a performance of “For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration” at the Premiere Theatre, and reserved Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights viewing and Frozen-themed dessert party (which will feature mini Anna cupcakes and mini Elsa cupcake, among other delicious treats) in the evening, and a holiday themed lithograph and “Frozen” pin.

The package costs $89 per adult and $59 per child (ages 3 – 9), plus tax (gratuity is included). Valid theme park admission to Disney’s Hollywood Studios is required and is not included in this package price.

For more details, or to book, please call 407-939-1854.

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  • What will e on the dessert menu that is gluten-free? And are alcoholic beverages included?

  • Hello – Where can I pick up the reserved seating for the Show ? Do I sign up for a Separate Sing Along session or I will be getting info sent via email ?

  • where do I pick up the reserved seating for the frozen part of the event?????

  • I,d like to know if there is some gluten free options? Also I,ve booked some fast past for the sing along, for December 15 th, but are they valid or do I need this package to attend the show? Honestly, i,m questioning if this event is worth the costs, and even more if there are no gluten free options in our situation. Thanks for your answer.

  • I am contemplating all of the above…… is it really worth the extra$$$ if you already have fast passes for the Sing along??? Have not ben to the Osborne LIght Show….. do you really need tickets?

  • I really need to know if you will be doing this on Sunday 4th of January,
    we couldn’t get tickets for the one in September and we arrive too late on the 3rd of January to go to it then, i have called every day from the UK to ask for tickets to be told to call back tomorrow and these calls are expensive. PLease Please Please can you let me know if you are doing it on the 4th of January and if so how i can get tickets as its not on your ticket booking system for that date.

  • Without this package can we see the Osbourne lights on thanksgiving and is there normally a really long wait for it?

  • Is there going to be a Frozen themed premium event at Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party? Need to budget if so, need to know asap……have heard rumors of this!!

  • Does the Frozen Sing-a-long Celebration continue after January 4th? Is there anything else related to Frozen after January 4th. We are arriving on January 8th.

  • Is there dessert items for kids with peanut and tree nut allergies?

  • Provided nothing has changed since the summer, the sing-a-long is amazing. The kids liked it, however, I am an adult and I also really enjoyed it. I would definitely see it again, even if I don’t have the kids with me. I am on a solo trip in December and I am thinking of doing the party. I did the summer fun party and really enjoyed it, however I am concerned that I am paying more for less. But …. It is less as far as the evening activities, however you have to factor in the cost of the pin and lithograph that were not in the summer package.

  • How long is the Sing Along?

  • Does this package include dinner too? I tried to book it on a night that I already have dinner priority seating and it would not allow me to book two.

  • The information does not say Character Appearances anywhere. Does this mean that Anna and Elsa will not be in attendance?

  • All of us going in October missed all frozen special events! This is disappointing however I feel the Summer would have been worth the money, this package not so much!

  • what time is the frozen float in the parade? we will be there Oct 15-25th

  • Just booked Dec 5th for this! So excited! Little one is going to flip out. He is obsessed with all things “FROZEN”

    • I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

  • ook talking this over with the hubby since my birthday is in November. sounds kinda cool but wondering with the desert party what is on the menu for those with nut allergies or gluten free please and thank you can you assist with adding more details since we were really Disappointed with the Frozen Summer choices as there was nothing there for him to eat too?

  • The $89 would be worth it to me just for the dessert party, lithograph and pin. Sounds fun!

  • We paid $69A/$39K for the Frozen summer and this seems like it offers less than that. Will there be the larger “Snow” area I saw on an earlier post with fast pass? Any meet or greets since it is impossible for me to get meet and greets with Anna and Elsa at MK? Don’t get me wrong, we have a fantastic time at the Frozen Summer and it was worth every penny. Maybe this is for guests that could not make it in the summer, but I don’t understand the more money than the summer celebration?

  • I have spent 40 mins trying to book the 4th of January only to be told it’s not on the booking system , it’s very expensive to call from the uk and at the end of it I’m highly stressed and no further forward, I arrive on evening of 3rd but too late to attend it, when will the 4th January be on your booking systems as I was there in September and I couldn’t get a booking then due to it selling out, help need 2 adult tickets for the 4th jan

  • I suffer from extreme anxiety attacks when in large crowds so if this got me closer to the opening ceremony, I’d gladly pay it. However, I feel we all agree, a little more details are needed before dropping $89+ tax * family members.

  • Oops, Illuminations, not Spectromagic.

  • So…This was/still is free but to guarantee a seat there is a 89 dollar charge? So I am assuming that fast passes were removed to make room for the new charge of 89 dollars?

  • I have the same question. If you have FastPass for the Sing-ALong and you can see the lights from anywhere on the street, what does this get you other than the dessert/lithograph/pin? I was hoping for a meet and greet.

    • There is no meet and greet included in this package. Anna and Elsa appear in the “For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration” performances.

  • We did the summer version of this and it was great. But seeing as how it costs more, is there a way to get better clarification on the “reserved” Light seating, and can the Parks Blog show off the Litho and Pin? Will it be Frozen themed or Osborne themed?

    • The special holiday keepsake includes a lithograph for Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, along with a Frozen-themed pin.

  • They are still in the Streets of America. What this is referring to I think is the lighting ceremony. It gets really packed back there from what I hear and the I am guessing the reserved areas would be up by the stage for the actual lighting ceremony that they do.

    • The reserved area is near the Lights! Motors! Action! Extreme Stunt Show.

  • What time would the dessert party be held? I’d want to make sure we would still be able to see Fantasmic. Do Anna and Elsa make an appearance at the dessert party?

    • Anna and Elsa will not be making an appearance at the dessert party, but you can see them in “For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration.”

  • I don’t understand the reserved viewing for the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights works? Are the lights now only in a small area and not the Streets of America?

    • The dessert party will take place in a reserved area on the far end of Streets of America, near the entrance to Lights! Motors! Action! Extreme Stunt Show. It will be a great spot from which to enjoy the lights, which will continue to be presented as it has in years past.

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