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Memento Mori Shop Now Open in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


I’m delighted to announce that Memento Mori, the Haunted Mansion-themed merchandise shop, is officially open in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom Park. You may recall reading about this new location in early September on the Disney Parks Blog. Once considered the abode of Madame Leota, this shop is the destination for a variety of Haunted Mansion Authentic merchandise created especially for Disney Parks.

If you are planning a visit, here are a few important things to know:

  • There will be a purchase limit of six items per style, per guest, per day for products carried in the shop.
  • The new Haunted Mansion open edition pins will be carried in both Memento Mori in Liberty Square and Frontier Trading Post in Frontierland.
  • The Haunted Mansion-themed Dooney & Bourke bags will be released in Uptown Jewelers on Main Street, U.S.A. starting on October 6. They will not be found at Memento Mori or at Cherry Tree Lane at the Marketplace Co-Op in Downtown Disney Marketplace. For guests in California, the Dooney & Bourke bags will also be released on Monday, October 6 at Vault 28 in Downtown Disney District. There will be a purchase limit of two items, per style, per guest, per day.

Finally, the Disney Parks online store will also be carrying select items from the Haunted Mansion Authentic program beginning on October 6. I invite you to visit


  • Is the DB purse style from last year going to be available? I thought the article said it was going to be available, but it was not in the first batch released. Also, are there going to be more released as I was not able to get a purse. They were all sold out by the time I was able to get online.

  • Steven: I am SO happy to hear Memento Mori will be open in early December while Haunted Mansion will be closed! This whole time, I assumed it would be closed along with the ride, and now, reading this blog closed, you’ve literally made my day!! I am very excited to check out all the wares MM has to offer!!

  • Steven; Just got back home after attending the 2014 Food & Wine festival at Disney World and The first any only shop on my list to visit was Memento Mori! I was like a kid in a candy store I must have purchased almost everything they had in stock what a fantastic experience! I can’t tell you how long I waited for a Haunted Mansion collectibles store, the merchandise was just beautiful! I even took the photo where they turn your picture into a ghost what a blast that was! Disney got this one right on the money and it’s about time for us Haunted Mansion collectors I only hope Disney continues to create more amazing Haunted Mansion collectibles and to KEEP THIS STORE OPEN!!! and from what I saw the store was an instant hit with Haunted mansion fans and park guests people were excuse the pun….dying to get in….LOL!! Please tell the powers that be at Disney this store needs to stay open and thank them from all of us who love the Haunted Mansion and the collectibles associated with it.

    • @Anthony – Thank you for the wonderful note. I will share your feedback with our team. I’m glad you had a great visit and I hope you will return again soon. 🙂

  • @Marissa, I received an email from the Online Store saying they were only temporarily out of stock of the HM Plaque and should have them back in soon. Otherwise, they are available a the park. What I could not get an answer to was if it is in 1:1 scale with the park plaque or if it is smaller. The online store seems to indicate it is smaller by 1/2.

    • @Andrew – According to the arts & collectibles merchandise, the plaque measures approximately 12.75” x 22”.

  • Is the HM Plaque limited edition? It was online but sold out quickly and am going to WDW right after Thanksgiving so wanted to know if it will possibly be available in the park?

    • @Marissa – The plaque is not limited edition. Actually, most of the Haunted Mansion Authentic items are not limited edition which means that additional orders will be coming in the future. The item number for the plaque in question is 400008494588.

  • I didn’t know exactly when the Dooney & Bourke Haunted Mansion bags would be released, but I checked every day. When I checked yesterday afternoon they were all sold out. Now they don’t even show up on Disney’s Online store. Will there be another release online? I would really like the letter carrier.

    Also, I’ve noticed there are Dooney & Bourke Food & Wine bags (Park only availability). Is there also going to be a Dooney & Bourke Flower & Garden release, I’ll be there next April! Thank you.

  • I got my HM tote bag at 1:47 am mst, but I almost missed it. The bags only showed up on the Haunted Mansion page not the Dooney and Bourke. I had been checking the D&B page since 1 am, but just happened to go to the HM page. Noticed the number of items at the top of the page was different than earlier in the day and decided to scroll down. Why was this? I wish they would take pre orders also. Why not sell all you can as long as it isn’t a limited edition item.

  • Last week I was told by merchandise guest services that the DB purses would be available on-line at midnight Central time on October 13th. I’m in the Eastern time zone so I refreshed the site from 1:00 am till 4:00 am when I was finally able to add the letter carrier and tote to my cart. Why can’t Disney take pre-orders?

    • @Tracy – At this point, we don’t have system capabilities to do pre-orders. I’m sorry for your frustrations.

  • Do you happen to know how much for a ghost photo? My daughter is interested in this, but wanted to know the pricing, before we stand in line. Thanks!

    • @Shannon – The Spirit Photography image is $19.95 each.

  • The DB Haunted Mansion purses already sold out this morning. Will they be getting more stock online or is that it?

  • I looked online this morning and there were four haunted mansion DB purses – all sold out before I even got online…but none of them were the design from last year. I thought they were bringing that one back?

  • What happened to ORANGE BIRD and all the cute merchandise ??? ORANGE BIRD BELONGS in WDW. : ) !

  • I will be at WDW late November to early December. Will the shop be open then? I thought it would close with the HM after 12/1 to add the photo op for the ride?

    • @Andrew – The shop will be open then. I’ve never heard of it closing to add any photo op. There is a Spirit Photography experience that currently exists but it is not related to the attraction ride (it is, however, pretty cool).

  • I am pleased with the amount of items added to the online store though. I am very happy the placemats were online. The popular art never seems to be added though.

    • @Jonathan – All the more reason we’d love to have you visit us again 🙂 Thank you for the feedback.

  • I too agree with Tyler. I am frustrated with Merchandise Guests Services–there are a LOT of restrictions: Frozen, Marketplace Co-Op, Haunted Mansion, Food/Wine (of these, food/wine is the only one they have lifted…)

    Any chance the keychain will be available online?

    • @Jonathan – Sorry to hear of your disappointment. The Merchandise Guest Services team unfortunately doesn’t have access to all items. There are some things that have limited availability, or there are items that were designed specifically for Guests visiting Disney Parks first. I have worked with that team very closely for many years and I know they try their best to provide excellent service.

      At this point, I don’t have a master list of all the items that will be added to the online store. I can say that the items are not limited edition and will be carried for awhile at Disney Parks.

  • I do have one more question! What time are items added on Mondays?

    • @Kristen – Items are typically added in the early morning hours between midnight and 6 a.m. I don’t have an exact time as to when thing appear as it may depend on number of items and other technical reasons.

  • I am very much looking forward to the DB purses coming out again. I have been stalking them for over a year now so I’ll be on the site early every Monday as you suggest to look for them. It seems like as soon as they pop up, they are sold out. I am a little disappointed that they have changed the inside from blood red to purple though. Any idea why they decided to do that?

    • @Michelle – It was a design decision that gives a direct nod to the colors of the Haunted Mansion. Purple seems to be a common theme in many of the art designs.

  • I’m so glad that they are now open, I’ve been waiting for the official opening date ever since I read about the new store. This will be one of my first shopping stops on the 9th when we visit Disney. I’m curious about the spirit photos. Is there a wait to get these photos done, is there a long lineup or are they available fairly quickly? Just trying to get an approximate time on how long we will need at the store.

    Thanks for your updates on the opening of this store.

    • @Jody – I hope you have a great trip! The Spirit Photography experience is very quick. I’ve not noticed a long wait time for it. The final image is pretty awesome. I hope you like it.

  • Hi Steven, I tried calling Merchandise Guest Services to place an order on the HM Plaque as well as the Butler T shirt so that I could take advantage of my AP discount and was told online and in park only and that when it comes to HM it has the same status as Frozen. As someone who wants those items at the AP price before Halloween and lives in Seattle, do I have ANY options??


    • @Tyler – I’m sorry to hear of your challenge. Unfortunately, the Merchandise Guest Services team won’t have access to these items at this time. The good news is that many of these items are not limited edition, so they are planned to be carried for awhile at Disney Parks. I wish I had better news for you.

  • I was able to visit on Sunday during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and it is great! A spooky collection of Haunted Mansion memorabilia! And everyone is right about those spirit photos – they are to die for!

  • Hi Steven,

    Great news about the Memento Mori store being open now. Does the store carry all of the HM items that are on the website now (maid & butler t-shirts, Hitchhiking Ghost figures, ornaments, etc.)? We will be there in about two weeks so would love to pick up some of the merchandise at the store.

    Thank you,


    • @Sam – I hope you have a great trip! Yes, the Memento Mori shop is the place for all things Haunted Mansion. You’ll find many of the same items currently found on the Disney Parks online store.

  • @ Jason: Memento Mori loosely translates to “remember your mortality” and was associated with the Victorian cult of death, especially post mortem photographs. It is also a common inscription on tombstones, memorial jewelry, etc from that era. A creepy but cool name for the new shop.

  • Cool shop, but you have the wrong character labeled “Ghost Host” on merchandise.

  • Yes, please let us know as soon as your hear something about the online release date for the HM Dooney bags! I’m dying to get my hands on one! (Pun always intended)

  • The best things about the shop are the spirit photos and the special effects, but especially the photos. They’re amazing, and a bargain. I’m surprised they’re not even mentioned here!

    • @Diane – Glad you got to experience that. I’m working on another story about the Spirit Photography. I decided not to include it in this story as there were some other things I needed to share. I feel it deserves its own thing 🙂

  • The phrase “Momento Mori” is Latin and roughly translated means “Remember death” or “Remember you will die”.

  • Hi Steven hoping you can help me I am interested in the plaque on Disney store online they give a size of 12×8 but some people that I have talked to and bought it at Disneyland says is 23×13 is there two different plaques thanks for your time!

  • Saw that 4 new DB haunted mansion bags were released today, but what about the smith style one from last yr? Am I wrong when I thought that I saw on disneyparkblog that it is being re-released? If so when will it be?
    Also Disneyland twitter told me that I could call merchandise service to get a bag. Hmmm. Haven’t tried calling, seeing as I wasn’t sure if the one bag from last yr was available. that’s the one I love to get most.

    • @Diana – I have asked the accessories team for clarification. Please stay tuned.

  • Was there for the MNSSHP on Oct.2. There was a LINE to get in. Only allowing about 30 people in the store at a time due to the small size of the store. BUT it is a GREAT store with lots of great merchandise. All of the workers were very friendly and helpful. I got in at 11:30 with only about 10 people in line.

  • I was able to go into Memento Mori on it’s test days and it is a very cool little shop! I got my ghost photo and took some great merchandise home with me! And, I was told the eye on the sign moves or lights up at night!

    • @Kory – That’s awesome! Glad you were able to visit. The Spirit Photography experience is pretty cool. I can’t wait to have my portrait taken.

  • Hi Steven! All of this is AWESOME news and I can hardly wait for my first trip into the shop! I already warned my Wife that I may need a few hours to look through all the cool stuff! I hope that wouldnt be considered as loitering! Your HM Pal in Ohio, David

  • @Jason-

    Memento Mori means “Remember Death” in Latin

  • I am also very interested in the Haunted Mansion Dooney line. Will these bags be available at the online store?

  • Great to see some of these items finally available on Disney Store. Will a broader range of items be available in the future?

    • @Jim – Great question. I’ve asked the online store team. My gut tells me that additional items will be added at a future date (based on product availability).

  • Is there a way to purchase a purse over the phone? Any links to what the purses look like?

  • Is there some backstory or significance for the name “Mori?”

  • I missed the opening by two days. 🙁 One of the cast members told us it was opening later in the week when we were leaving the parks on Saturday. There is going to be a Haunted Mansion themed ipad case, correct? That was the one thing I was excited to go looking for.

    • @Natalie – Sorry to hear you missed the official opening today. I hope you are able to return again soon. I will have to ask the D-Tech team about that tablet case. I don’t see it currently available which means it could be added later.

  • Ever since you posted the 1st news of this merchandise, I’ve had my eyes on the “Master Gracey” China! Seeing the 1st pics of it online after the soft opening last week have just made it more real. Just bought a ton of the 1st wave merch but I’m really hoping the china is sold online too! Not that an unplanned trip to Orlando isn’t out of the question either! My Haunted Mansion dining room won’t be complete without dishes! Thanks for FINALLY making products that make me proud to show my Disney Side again!

    • @Paula – You’re welcome and thank you! I’m glad to hear you added some of the items to your home. I’m asking the online store team if/when we may seen additional dinnerware. If I get any details, I will share. Dinnerware is planned for the online store. The best day to check for new items is on Mondays.

  • Hi Steven,

    I just visited Disney World a week too early and unfortunately, all of the stores in the park/downtown Disney had pulled all of the haunted mansion merch in preparation for the store opening. I am ecstatic to see all of these items online, but was hoping to get the Haunted Mansion plates that Co-op pulled or the Beautifully Disney Haunted Mansion palette. Should I just try calling merchandise guest services or do I need a specific sku to get these items? Thanks so much for your help!

    • @Amy – The Merchandise Guest Services team may not have access to these items at this time. I’m checking with the online store to see if dinnerware will be added at a future date. The online store team said that dinnerware will be added at a future date. Keep watching the site on Mondays.

  • Agreed with Katie what news can you share about the D&B online release?

  • Excellent news! I have been looking forward to this and getting the new pin. Unfortunately, I will have to wait until 12.4.14. 🙁

    • @Dan – I hope you have a great trip in December. It’s a perfect time to visit Walt Disney World. We’ll be waiting 🙂

  • When will the Haunted Mansion Dooney & Bourke’s be released online? Could there please be a “heads up” so we ghouls know when to rise at the crack of dawn? 🙂

    • @Katie – I know the bags are planned for an online store release. I’m checking with the team on timing. Stay tuned.

      I spoke with the team. They didn’t have an exact time when they would be released but advised that Mondays are great days to look for new arrivals to the online store. I invite you to keep watching this page:

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