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Retro EPCOT Center Merchandise Coming to Walt Disney World Resort This Month

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


If you have read some of my previous Disney Parks Blog articles, you will know that I am a super fan of EPCOT Center. I first visited the theme park in 1983 and fell in love with the vision for the 21st Century. Today, Epcot is the place where I spend most of my time as a guest visiting Disney Parks (especially with the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival in full swing). It may come as no surprise then that I’m beyond happy to see some new retro-inspired EPCOT Center merchandise now arriving at Walt Disney World Resort.


Created by Disney Design Group, this new artwork is an update to the previous retro artwork introduced in 2012 for the 30th Anniversary of Epcot. You’ll notice that the artists were inspired by some of the simple graphics that were used in the early days of EPCOT Center. The artwork will be featured on some T-shirts, a baseball cap and a D-Tech on Demand case for the iPhone 5/5S (there are no immediate plans for a D-Tech on Demand case for the iPhone 6 using this artwork).


There are also some long-sleeved options including a sweatshirt that reminds me of something I had in the 1980s!

My favorite item, however, is the key chain that includes artwork from some classic EPCOT Center attractions.

The best place to look for these items is at Mouse Gear in Future World at Epcot.

Hooray for the 21st Century!


  • Steven, I called Dis Merch and they said the two red shirts are NOT available but a guest posted pics of both in the store. What do I do now? I want one of each XL plus 2 keychains and am currently unable to travel. Really Steven this is not so magical.
    Know you will try to help so thank you in advance.

  • Hi, I’m in the same situation as Julia (comment #3) and I just wanted to put in another request for these to be on sale online. We do get some really sweet Epcot things at the Imagineers store in Glendale, so maybe these will make their way over eventually.

  • Hello Steven. My vacation begins November 17. Do you know if these will still be available then?

    • @Marcel – I hope you have a wonderful vacation. Yes, the items should be available (please note availability of sizes and items are subject to change without notice).

  • Are all of the items released in 2012 now discontinued? You had previously given me the SKU for a raglan baseball Epcot short sleeve t-shirt that I love and would buy another. It’s currently sold out.

    Any luck with PWP blanket SKU? Merchandise Guest Services found the one for Disney World for me, but they did not have luck with Disneyland (at least yet).

    Also, can you tell me how many deluxe resorts have resort-specific polo’s? I’ve seen them for WL, AKL, and Boardwalk…Are there any others?


    • @Jonathan – These items are an update to the previous 2012 program. Yes, some of those previously released items may have been discontinued to make way for these new things.

      I’ve not found a PWP item number at this point.

      I’d have to ask about polo shirts for Resorts. I don’t believe there are many beyond the list you shared. They were primarily created for Resorts that have Disney Vacation Club Resorts.

  • For the phone case, can I get it in a 4s?

    • @Jon – At this time, we are not offering that case for iPhone 4/4S.

  • Can someone post SKU numbers on the items shown above. Thanks.

    • @Gregory – With the number of items shown in this story, it would be difficult to list every item number in this response. My recommendation is to contact our Merchandise Guest Services team who should be able to assist you. Please contact them either by telephone – 877-560-6477 – or by email at

  • Will these still be sold by Christmas time??

    • @Alex – From all indications, yes. These new items are part of an update to the art that was introduced in 2012. Basically, it’s a refresh so I imagine you’ll see things for awhile.

  • Love these! Is there any idea how long the stores will carry these items? We are heading down to WDW for NYE and I would love to pick up one of the shirts!

    • @Jenni – These items are planned to be carried for awhile. Please note that availability of sizes may change without notice.

  • We were just down in the Parks for the races. My wife bought the first shirt in this post. Silly me didn’t get the shirt I wanted. Any chance you know the sku for the long sleeve orange shirt?

    Oh these shirts were available at MouseGear and the gift shop after Mission Space.

  • I hope Mouse Gear is open for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon Post-race party…

    • @Chad – I hope to see you at that party. My fiancee is running the race and we’re headed to the after party. It was super fun last year!

  • @Julia & Matthew: You can order merchandise from the theme parks by calling Disney’s Merchandise Guest Services line at 877-560-6477.

    • @Carrie – Thank you 🙂

  • Love it!! How soon will this be available? And will they be online as well?

    • @Steven – Bonus points for the name. The items should be at Walt Disney World now. I don’t remember seeing anything about them being carried online at this point. That may change in the future.

  • Steven, sorry to ask (someone always seems to) but will any of this be available at the on-line store? I too love Epcot, but will not be back at WDW until next year. -Thanks

    • @Matthew – I don’t recall seeing immediate plans to carry these items online.

  • YES! I love retro WDW merchandise! Thank you!

    • @Mike – You’re welcome! I love it too 🙂

  • love retro inspired clothing. can’t wait to go and buy some of these shirts

  • are these going to be available online as well? i would love to get some of these products but im all the way in CA!

    • @Julia – I don’t know if immediate plans to carry these items on our Disney Parks online store.

  • I love these, especially the blue t shirt! Now, if only they could bring back the Epcot Centre camera strap! 🙂

    • @Jason – That camera strap is the best!!

  • These look great! I’ll definitely be picking them up the next time we go to EPCOT. Is it possible to also inject some of this style into the current attractions too?

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