Steakhouse 55 at Disneyland Hotel Debuts New Menu October 29

The spiffing-up began earlier this year at Steakhouse 55, one of the finest restaurants at the Disneyland Resort: new carpet, new chairs, new dishes, new silverware – “It’s almost like opening a new restaurant,” says Chef Marcel St. Pierre.

Chef Marcel took the helm in early 2014 and has been working on the new menu for nearly four months, side-by-side with manager and sommelier Brian Van Amber. And now, with extensive training for the staff complete in everything from guest service to wine pairings, Chef Marcel says they’re ready to launch tomorrow.


While a handful of dishes may sound familiar (Baltimore crab cake, filet mignon, slow-roasted prime rib), every single dish on the menu has been refined, says Chef Marcel. You’ll still find Tiger Prawns, but they’re served with a new Bloody Mary cocktail sauce, shallot mignonette and lemon gelée. The new pan-roasted pork belly appetizer comes with truffle mascarpone, green apple and pickled black kale. Chef Marcel is especially proud of the new smoked filet mignon tartare, the meat arriving tableside under a crystal dome. When the dome is lifted, there’s the aroma of smoke as the dish is gently tossed tableside with mustard aioli and cage-free egg yolk, then served with shaved rye croutons.

A clever new appetizer is ratatouille “meatballs,” made with finely chopped mushrooms, lentils, carrots, celery, onions and a little bread crumbs. The meatballs are served with zucchini spaghetti, vegan Bolognese and a shave of Parmesan (request no Parmesan for the perfect vegan starter).

Hearts of romaine is the Steakhouse 55 version of the classic Caesar, with Castelvetrano olives from Italy, crispy bacon lardons and Caesar dressing. The new French onion soup gets a hearty seasonal vibe with cream and chicken stock, served with grilled onions and California Muenster cheese focaccia.


You’ll still see the classic cuts of meat: filet mignon, bone-in ribeye, New York strip, prime rib, Porterhouse. But the classic cuts receive a special twist, like a hickory-molasses rub on the New York strip. King salmon is crusted with fava bean and rye. Lamb chops are roasted with garlic “dust” and peppercorn. Each cut of beef is beautifully garnished with roasted bone marrow (with a tiny fork for scooping out the rich center) topped with lemon gremolata.


Some of the new sides to share the spotlight are a truffled mac ‘n cheese, flash-fried spinach, and the Delmonico Gruyère Casserole — a decadent, cheesy side made with fingerling potatoes, Applewood smoked bacon and fresh thyme. Duck-fat fries come with blood orange sabayon for dipping; the mashed potatoes have a new mushroom-infused gravy.


Dessert isn’t an afterthought, and while the legendary 24-Layer Cake stays on the menu, it’s now served with spiced pumpkin gelato and roca (almond butter-crunch toffee). Chef Marcel thinks the new warm apple butter cake will be another home run, served right out of the oven with a scoop of Bourbon ice cream and a side of crème Anglaise. Or try the banana mascarpone cheesecake with caramel glaze, honey-dipped pecans and butterscotch sauce.


The new, three-course Steakhouse 55 Chef’s Tasting for $55 ($85 with wine pairings) makes it easy to choose: start with the Fifty-Five Salad (ruby beets and feta cheese with apricot granola and citrus vinaigrette); next, the braised short rib Bourguignon with roasted root vegetables, and finish with crème brûlèe served with pear marmalade, candied bacon madeleine and cranberry compote.

The new Steakhouse 55 has been a real team effort,” says Chef Marcel. “We hope we’ve created a fantastic new dining experience for our guests.”

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  • Well, this all sounds completely amazing… and my anniversary is coming up in a few weeks… I think I know where I’m going to suggest we celebrate!

  • My husband is going to be disappointed about the changes. He was just saying last night that the steak he had at Steakhouse 55 in July was the best he’d ever had, and was looking forward to another on our next visit. Unfortunately, looking at the description of the changes, the new menu isn’t going to be to his taste at all. Ah well, all good things must come to an end, I guess…

  • Chef Marcel is the Best that Disney has to offer, try his Chef’s table, and he will completely wow you! Steakhouse 55 is the NEW Disney Destination and you need to visit him, he will definitely send you off in a food coma that you will by dying to come back!

  • The ratatouille meatball dish sounds great and the truffle mac and cheese. It is important to have veggie main dish choices, too. It is always hard for a vegetarian to go out to eat with meat eaters if there aren’t a variety of veggie choices on the menu. It can create hostility from the meat eaters who think the vegetarian is being ‘selfish’ for wanting an enjoyable, tasty meal, also. The desserts sound amazing!

  • Given that you called out the almost-vegan “meatball” appetizer, can I hope that there are some vegetarian main dishes? I’m veggie but my lady isn’t. I’d be quite happy to take her to Steakhouse 55 if I could find something besides side dishes for myself… 😉

    (If not, we may at least come for dessert!)

  • I think Steakhouse 55 is a hidden gem at Disneyland resort for breakfast. It does not have the excitement and energy of Goofy’s Kitchen next door, but instead is a peaceful oasis prior to a full day of adventure ahead. The breakfast menu is varied, the servers are attentive and the prices are reasonable. I love it.

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