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Tips for the Best Possible Dining Experience on a Disney Cruise

Stephen Walker

by , Fleet Culinary Standards and Consistency Chef, Disney Cruise Line

One meal on our ships and you’ll find why everyone raves about the food on a Disney cruise. But it’s more than just the high quality of our dishes that cruisers are talking about. It’s also our level of service and the variety of options we offer that set our dining apart.


Eating on a Disney cruise is amazing no matter what, but there are some tips you should follow to have the best dining experience possible …

Don’t be shy with your servers. Your serving team travels with you to a different restaurant each night, and to serve you best, they need to know you well. Share with them your likes and dislikes so they can make recommendations suited to your personal tastes.

Order outside the box. Our chefs travel the world to develop new menu items so you can taste cuisines you may have never tried before. Unlike your servers, the menus change nightly, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to “test the waters,” so to speak, and tastes dishes you don’t typically eat at home.


Spoil yourself with an adult-only fine dining night at Palo or Remy. Trust me, your taste buds will never be the same after you dine at either of these upscale restaurants. The modern Italian cuisine at Palo and the French-inspired cuisine at Remy are truly unforgettable.

Take advantage of “Dine and Play.” It’s a parent’s dream come true. Offered during the second seating, your kids’ meals will be served first and then our youth counselors will come pick them up so you can enjoy a peaceful and leisurely meal with just the grownups.

Satisfy your cravings at any time of the day with room service. Available 24/7, there’s no up-charge to have food delivered to your stateroom. One of my favorite midnight snacks is a Mickey ice cream bar with a cold glass of milk.


Indulge in a one-of-a-kind themed buffet. Join the party at our special buffets, like the late-night one after the Pirates IN the Caribbean party where you can re-energize after a swashbuckling night of dancing and partying. In Alaska, don’t miss the midday barbecue feast of wild Alaskan salmon and other special seafood dishes out on the open-air deck while the ship sails through the breathtaking Tracy Arm Fjord.


  • Can’t wait until January to go on Fantasy!

  • Just cruised the Fantasy two weeks ago – totally agree!

  • Make sure there’s room to let your belt out a notch or two by the end of the cruise.

  • We’re going on our first cruise to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary!!
    Looking forward to experiencing all the great food choices.
    We can’t wait!!!

  • Anything different for the Northern Europen cruises next summer?

  • We went on the last cruise of the season this year to Alaska. The food was wonderful. One disappointment though was the lack of advertising onboard for the outdoor BBQ. It was not mentioned in the Navigator for that day, nor were CMs aware of it when we asked. We missed out on it because of that.

  • We’re in the single digits counting down to our cruise – and my kids have no idea we are going! Can’t wait!

  • Awesome. Can’t wait to check it out.

  • This sounds so fantastic. I can’t wait too check it out on our cruise in december 😀

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