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Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

For the past few weeks, we’ve been asking you to vote for your favorite Disneyland memories from each decade of the past 60 years, and today we’ve finally made it to the 2000s! We asked for your photos from 2000 all the way to today, and we’ve narrowed down the submissions to the photos below. Help us get ready for next year’s Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration, and decide which will win!

Here are the top Disneyland Resort memories we received from the 2000s:


From @juliamarino11: Heel clicking with tigger 🙂 summer 2014!


From @AdamXMedina: 2012, What better way to celebrate the Diamond Anniversary than with a diamond?


From @carlajh: <3 Thank you Walt <3 And to think, it all started because of a mouse! 2014


From @stayceyoung: ‪@disneyland 2000’s – The inaugural Disneyland 10k was so much fun!


From @ecamagna: Jessie’s biggest fan! February 2014

So, which is your favorite? Vote now!

Voting will remain open until 11:59 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 22. Then, on Thursday, Oct. 23, we will show you the winners from each decade, which you have voted for over the past few weeks! Starting next Thursday, you will have the chance to vote for the Grand Prize winner from among the winners of each decade. This lucky fan will win a trip to the start of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration in spring 2015.

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  • Can’t bring myself to vote for any of them. As Stephanie pointed out they’re all from the 2010 decade (I know they fall into the general 2000’s catagory per the rule Erin stated).

    I’m surprised with the high number of passholders there wasn’t many submissions from the 2000’s :-/

  • Why are these mostly from this year?

  • Great photos ! Thanks for sharing your memories with us all 🙂
    But Disney Blog, I was confused by lumping all the 2000’s together. I was under the impression that it would be by decade. 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s 1990’s, 2000’s, 2010’s ?

    • Good question, James. In honor of our 60th anniversary, we wanted to keep the voting to 6 decades. That required us to group everything from 2000 beyond together.

  • Our is the engagement photo.

    Here’s the story:

    We were at Disneyland for my birthday which I thought was the perfect time since Bobbie would never suspect it. I knew I wanted to do it in front of the castle, but it is insanely busy at all times. I waited until the area in front of the castle had been roped off for the fireworks. We went in front of the rope and took a couple of photos and I knew this was it, the moment. Bobbie suggested we ask one of the cast members to take our photo so I approached them and asked them extremely quietly if they would let us go under the rope so I could propose. They said they had to go ask their Team Lead and I should probably come back at night after the fireworks. Still, I asked them to check anyway. Bobbie stood by patiently wondering why it was taking so long to find out whether the cast members could simply take a photo of us. After a few nerve-racking minutes, the Team Lead approached and said we could go under the rope. Bobbie thought they were letting us go under since it was my birthday and she was so excited.
    We walked to the very center and I told her what a wonderful birthday this had been. We spoke for a few more moments and I then asked her, “Will you give me the best birthday present ever and say you’ll marry me?” I then got down on one knee and pulled out the ring as the thousands of people already lined up at the rope began to yell and scream and take photos like crazy. There were flash bulbs going off everywhere which means we will be in the scrapbooks and facebook pages of strangers for years. We then went back under the rope and as we did, one oblivious woman asked the Team Lead if she could go under for her own photos. He looked at her and said, “He just proposed, so no.” We were congratulated again and again as people even followed us to shake my hand and congratulate us. We sat on a bench nearby for a moment and took a photo of the ring and let it sink in.
    Then we headed over to Guest Relations on Main Street to pick up a Just Engaged button for each of us. We entered to find they had discontinued the Just Engaged button over a year ago. We were disappointed, but then Caitlin (Our new favorite Disney host) said that she thought she knew where a couple buttons were hiding. They called over to the First Aid Station of all places and a few were there. They all wanted to see the photos and they asked what my parents had said. I told them both of our phones were dead. Mine died early on thanks to all of the facebook “Happy Birthday” posts from everyone and Bobbie’s died as it was our only camera (and we do like to take an occasional photo or two). They pulled out the big Disney phone, dialed my parent’s number for me and I go to tell my Mom about it all. She thought it was “very nice that those Disney people let me call long distance.”
    Caitlin then asked if Bobbie wanted a tiara and at first we said no, but then we thought, why not? The only problem was that Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, the store that sold the nice tiaras was closed for the fireworks show. Caitlin instead took us to the Emporium on Main Street and asked them if they had tiaras. They replied that they only had cheap ones so they went in search for something better. They came back with Mickey and Minnie bride and groom hats and dolls for us. All free! This blew our minds. The cast members took photos of us and we received more hugs from everyone. We received a congratulatory phone call from Mickey and Minnie and I took a birthday call from Goofy. Another cast member hand wrote a “We’re Celebrating Our Engagement button” for us and then we followed Caitlin to First Aid to pick up our discontinued Just Engaged buttons. It was awesome. Caitlin took us back to the Guest Relations where she tried to get us reserved seating for the World of Color show, but it was booked. It was fine though because we already had general seating tickets so after more hugs, off we went to Disney’s California Adventure.
    We arrived at World of Color and those cast members wanted to see the proposal photos so we happily obliged. A cast member then made room by moving a few folks off a bench so we both got to sit to watch the show. It was amazing as always. Then it was off to The Mad Tea Party we received free arcade tokens for just getting engaged. We had people who recognized us from the proposal hours before and kept getting more congratulations from cast members and families alike.
    We finally decided it was time to head back over to Disneyland, but I wanted to stop off at a little store called “Oswald’s” on the way out to see what fun souvenirs they had. We met a fantastic couple from Texas who loved our shirts and were thrilled to find out they could find them at Disney World. They were hearing impaired so I wrote it down for them and they were ecstatic that Disney Longhorn shirts existed. As we walked in, cast members once again stopped us to see when we got engaged and then they all wanted to see photos. We showed them and then they wanted to do something for us since I proposed in front of the castle. They asked us if they could engrave our hats with our names or today’s date. Heck yes, it was alright with us. They engraved the dates on the hats and sent us on our way with more hugs.
    We arrived back at Disneyland and Mickey and Minnie offered their congratulations in person this time. We met another couple in line to see them who also went to UT. The husband played basketball and the wife played softball. I thought it was pretty neat that we ended up running into so many Texas people offering their congratulations. It definitely made Texas feel not so far away. Then it was off to take one more photo as an engaged couple in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. It was a wonderful, unforgettable day. When you hear people speak about Disney Magic, this is what they mean.

  • I thought this was by decade? These photos are after 2010?

  • This was so hard to vote for only one. They are all sooooo delightful. Best of luck to all of you!

  • wow – these are all so great. I started owning an Annual Pass in 2000 and all of these pics I’ve had similar memories. Great excitement in the young girl with mickey, I’ve had Tigger jump on my back at Christmas time (unexpectedly but still fun), but the Jessie shot to me exemplifies the expanding experiences that are available to guests – so many great new characters and a chance to interact with them in new ways. So much fun.

  • bummed my Disneyland engagement pic didn’t make the cut for this round :(. Oh well, good look to all those still in the running!

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