Get a Taste of Disney’s ‘Big Hero 6’ at Disneyland Resort

Hello, I am Rachel, your personal dining companion. Your scan shows that your ghrelin levels are high and salivation glands are active. Diagnosis: hunger. Here are some offerings that can improve this condition:


Inspired by the streets of San Fransokyo, the city where Disney’s “Big Hero 6” takes place, try the teriyaki street dog at Award Wieners in Disney California Adventure park. This teriyaki-glazed all-beef hot dog is served on a garlic chive roll, topped with wasabi mayonnaise, and ginger, carrot and cucumber slaw. There’s also a deliciously refreshing coconut milk tea, served cold with coconut and lychee flavors. These limited-time offerings are as unique as they are tasty.


If you love Baymax as much as I do, I suggest getting your drink in the Baymax souvenir sipper; the most caring beverage companion in San Fransokyo. The Baymax Sipper will be available at Tangaroa Terrace, Tomorrowland Terrace, Tomorrowland Lemonade Cart and Award Wieners.

These items will only be around for a limited time, starting on Friday, November 7, when Disney’s “Big Hero 6” hits theaters.

Baymax is now also available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort. The sipper is sold at ABC Commissary, Backlot Express, Rosie’s All American Café, Peevy’s, and at popcorn carts and outdoor kiosks throughout the park.

Are you satisfied with your care?


  • Can anyone tell me please, do they sell the Baymax plush at Disney World and if you know in which shop?!?!?!?!?!? Please tell me asap!

  • Do you know if they are BPA-Free?

  • Are these available at Disney World Florida?

    • At Walt Disney World, you’ll find the Baymax sippers at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 🙂

  • The Baymax sipper is so perfect! Do you know if it will still be sold in Disneyland around mid-December? 🙂

    • Hi Nikko, look for the Baymax sipper through early January or until supplies last.

  • Wow, how cutie-cute! I’m going to be at Disneyland next saturday (November 15th), so I’ll be sure to pick this up! I love anything Big Hero 6, especially Baymax! It’s so cute how he has a stand because of his adorable feet.

  • So, knowing the Baymax sipper is coming to DHS also, as well, when will we see that teriyaki street dog over here?

  • Is this coming to WDW!?!!! I want the Baymax Cup!!

  • Follow up question, how big is the Baymax sipper?

    • The Baymax sipper is 10 inches tall.

  • Please see say they will be available online or at Walt Disney World!
    Love it!

    • The Baymax sipper is also coming to Walt Disney World! See the post above for locations. 🙂

  • Are we going to see this at WDW as well?

    • Yes, look for the Baymax sipper at ABC Commissary, Backlot Express, and outdoor kiosks throughout Disney’s Hollywood Studios soon.

  • What is the price for the Baymax cup? It is just too freaking awesome! I need to have one for my room

    • I agree, I need one for my desk! The Baymax sipper will be $9.99 with a fountain beverage, $12.25 for frozen lemonade.

  • Love the Baymax sipper; but not sure at all what the hot dog has to do with Big Hero 6; should have been wings so hot they melt your face. 😉


  • Hi Rachel, that Baymax sipper is adorable! Can guests purchase it with the coconut milk tea in it?

  • I LOVE BAYMAX SOOO MUCH. I was just saying that everyone needs a Baymax in their life, so I am super duper happy to see this sipper. I will for sure be getting it. Thanks, Rachel!! This made my day. (Can you tell?). 😉

    • Glad to make your day, I can’t wait to get one as well! 🙂

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