Honey Lemon’s Honeybee Cupcakes Inspired by Hungry Bear Restaurant at Disneyland Park


Everyone is buzzing about the heartwarming adventure film, “Big Hero 6,” in theaters today. To celebrate, we created a series of “Big Hero 6” themed recipes you’ll see over the next few weeks inspired by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

Today, we’re excited to share Honey Lemon’s Honeybee Cupcakes, inspired by Hungry Bear Restaurant in Disneyland park. Whether you choose to decorate your cupcakes to look like Baymax or with bumblebees — bee-lieve me, they make the perfect post-movie treat.



  • Ok, I enlarged it and printed it, and the print is almost impossible to read, I think because of the type of font used. Oh well…maybe one of my grandkids can read it to me.

  • Haha! Kathy, Wanda means click to enlarge. That’s so funny!

  • Wanda, no idea what “embiggen” means.

  • Kathy, click to embiggen.

  • Any chance you could provide this recipe in a more print friendly format? The current format is really an “eye test” for us over 50 crowd. Thanks.

  • I love the special movie related foods that the DLR always gets. Bring Back the Red Velvet Funnel Cakes!

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