Mad T Party Steps Out of Disney California Adventure Park and Back Through the Looking Glass November 30

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios


Attention, hatters and hares! Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum have asked me to pass an important message to you … Mad T Party will leave Disney California Adventure park to step back through the looking glass after its November 30 performance.

This is your chance to travel through the Rabbit Hole one more time and experience all your favorite mad things – the White Rabbit DJ, the Mad T Party band and those colorful concoctions. If you’re curiouser and curiouser about what’s coming in its place, stay tuned! We’ll have updates to share with you soon.


  • Our entire family is very disappointed about this change. This area was so amazing for adults. The band played 80’s music and switched it up with today’s hits for the tweens and young adults as well. Will they be coming back this spring? I know quite a few people that felt this was their favorite spot at DCA! Too bad~ Please add a similar themed area with music and drinks for us that enjoyed the mad t.

  • Mad T Party was my favorite thing at DCA. Period.

  • I am really going to miss the Mad T Party band. They are the main reason I head across to DCA in the evenings. I hope this is just temporary and that they will be back next year sometime. These performers are so talented. I love their energy and performances; even the songs I wouldn’t normally like are made awesome the way they perform them. Very sad 🙁

  • Would love to see a Guardians of the Galaxy nod with an Awesome Mixed Tape dance party.

  • Mad T Party was fantastic, but PLEASE bring back ElecTRONica! The Tron-themed area was so perfect!

  • I am a HUGE fan of the Mad T Party! I heard it’s making way for Frozen. This is probably one of the only situations where I’m not okay with the Frozen takeover. Although, I heard that it may return in the late spring after the Frozen takeover has ended. Please let this not be the last tea party in history. It will be missed.

  • Love the Mad T Party. Go every time I’m in DCA. I’ll really miss Alice. Good band and entertaining. Not a fan of the white rabbit as a DJ or the Tweedles but the band is great.

  • Awww, man! I was hoping to see it when I go. Just going to miss it.

  • Well I’m still very upset Videopolis is gone! Lol!

    I loved Mad Tea Party but I also can appreciate change too.

    Hope whatever replaces it is just as awesome!

  • Guardians?…Oh, heck YEAH. 🙂 You weren’t really planning to do that party from the Villains night -once- and then never again, were you??
    Who needs frosty gals when you’ve got Gamora, Star Lord and an Awesome Mix?

    (On the other hand, I suspect the J-pop tinged parties down in San Fransokyo are a bit lively too–Partying to some Hatsune Miku and AKB048 with Hiro, Baymax and the gang?)

  • Guardians?

  • The live band with the Mad T Party was so much fun. We always enjoyed their performance. I hope the replacement is only temporary and Mad T will come back next summer. I’m going to miss it very much 🙁

  • LOVED glow fest, really liked Mad-T Party, especially the live band. Hopefully whatever is next is just as lively!

  • Brrr! Things seem to be getting very cold, very quickly this fall. It’s almost… frozen. So long Mad T Party!

  • Glad the Tea Party will be replaced. ElecTRONica was more fun and a better experience.

    We’re looking forward to what will come next!!

  • I don’t remember the exact date that i first discovered Mad T Party but it was sometime in June of 2012. I remember i was on my FB profile and i saw a video posted by a friend in my news feed. I saw that it was from Disneyland. Which, being a fan of disney parks since i was a kid i thought i’d check it out. I saw that it was a ‘Wonderland’ themed video. I’ve been a fan of Alice in Wonderland since i was a kid. I clicked on the video and since then i have made two Mad T Party costumes, one of which won me a 3rd place award in a cosplay costume contest. Decorated my 30th birthday cake with the T party logo. Watched endless amount of T Party videos. Received awesome messages on FB from some amazingly talented musicians and for the first time ever was a fan of a band that truly cared about their fans. T Party is so down to earth and easy to talk to. They are so kind and sweet to their fans. They take their time out to message them back. I’ve became best friends with a girl in California who visited me this past June. Who is now like a sister to me and her mother is now like a member of the family as well. I’ve recieved T Party pins and park brochures from another T Party fan. I recieved merch from a T Party fan. I must have called 7 or 8 Disney outlet stores across the country to see if they had T Party merch i could order, which is how i got the T Party shirt and hoodie. The endless amount of times a T Party song came on, on the radio and i would just grin and sing along. As most of the T Party fans know, that i have a lung disability. T Party videos are what i watch when my lungs feel wheezy. My T Party shirt or scarf is what i wear to lung doctor appointments. Each night a T Party show happened, i’d see on my news feed the pictures and videos and i’d live vicariously through fans and it was my excitement and joy. Something i’d like forward to. Something to take my mind off of being sick. I can’t imagine T Party videos/pictures not being posted. I’ve had fans in the past, be shocked and wondered how i could possibly be a fan since i live in Ohio. Surely i had to have seen it live once, no never. How can i be a fan you ask? You can support and love something even if you’ve never seen it. You believe in it and when the music soothes the soul that’s what matters. When the music heals and calms sickness that is like medicine and a cure. T Party i thank you, for changing my life and many other lives across the country. You all have helped so many people.

  • NOOOO! I love Mad T! I was so looking forward to going with my family for my birthday Dec 5th. It was such a great group of people that followed the band. My daughter was so involved writing fan fiction and drawing fan art. I hope the Mad T cast members stay active in the parks. This show will definitely be missed!

  • Not too sad about it even though my daughter and I love Alice in Wonderland. It’s run it’s course. ElecTRONica was 100 times better. Anxious to see what they are bringing in next!!

  • Anyone else remember “Glow Fest” before EleTRONica? Glow fest was my favorite. BRING IT BACK.

  • ElecTRONica was awesome, but adding a live band to the Mad T Party really helped add to the energy and fun of the event. I will miss Alice and the rest of the band dearly. Hopefully we see a live band in this space again soon!

  • Really unhappy to see this go. The band was the best live music act the park(s) had featured in years. My December trip will now be missing a chunk of ‘Disney Magic’.

  • ElecTRONica rules, Mad T Party drools or something like that 🙂 Anyways it was fun but I miss Lazerman and the entire vibe/theme was so much superior imo for ElecTRONica.

  • This makes me very sad. I got bored with Electronica after a few weeks. The mix of live band and DJ is what kept me coming week after week. Such a talented group of folks with such great personalities, they are the reason I’ve renewed my pass the last 2 years. Hopefully they put something extraordinary in it’s place and bring these folks back.

  • And Austin… you think Mad T had a following? ElecTRONica was insane. And there wasn’t a dry eye in the place when we hit EOL 🙁

  • I have to say, I was never a big fan of Mad T Party in the first place. It was just not my thing. I can understand why some are sad to see it go, but I think that it had run its course.

    It will be interesting to see what new experiences (if any) are created.

    On that note;
    Remember everyone, you should not put too much faith in fan site rumors. Until Disney officially announces it, they are just rumors and are not necessarily going to come to fruition. Often times, some fans sites don’t even have real sources, they just report their own speculation and rumors as fact.

  • Frozen Fun is coming Disney California Adventure!

  • I’ve liked every installment of the backlot parties. Mad Tea Party has been around for 2 years, longer than the others were. I think it’s time for something new. These parties I don’t think were ever meant to be going on for years and years, but change ever so often with a fresh new idea. I’m happy to see it finally change.

  • Am I the only one who is glad to see this go? I strolled over to this Mad T party thing a few times and all I ever saw is a bunch of people standing around. Just this past weekend the fiancee and I were walking in that direction but turned back around ’cause we decided there is hardly anything to do on that side of the park. But please…NO Frozen stuff!

  • This is really sad. My son and I loved going to T and we met a lot of great people there. The Mad T Party band was fantastic with incredible talent and lots of energy that made the experience fun. They band and the music that they played should be kept together somewhere in the park.

  • I am very happy the Mad T Party is leaving I never liked it in the first place.

  • I loved ElecTRONica, but I never really got into the T Party. I’ll be interested to see what’s next, but I hope it’s not yet another Frozen thing.

  • Make way for Frozen!

  • I understand that these things are limited run, sad to see it go anyway. I just sincerely hope it’s not to make room for yet ANOTHER Frozen something or other. It’s just getting blown way over the top and getting overdone! I hope this continues to be something that will appeal to the slightly older crowd.

  • I certainly hope this is only to accommodate the Frozen thing that they are doing at Muppet 3D. I love this show. All the musicians are fabulous and hate to see them go.

  • Beyond disappointed! We LOVE the T Party!!! Our kids love it and so do the parents.

  • I miss ElecTRONica so much, but I’m sad to see the Mad T Party go. I hope it’s replaced with something else awesome. Oh, and I’d really like them to bring back Glojitos because those are just downright amazing.

  • We are so sad that Disney is making the decision to do this – Tea is wonderful and have brought alot of people together – new friends, great performers and wonderful music!

  • I, like hundreds of others, am very sad about this. When you have people making their own costumes, writing fan fiction, and drawing fan art pertaining to the event’s characters, you have a cult following. This means you’ve done an excellent job creating something that hit home with a lot of people.

    Very sad to see it go and crossing my fingers for its return.

  • Frozen Holidays coming soon?

  • Really sad to see this go. I truly enjoyed it and it was great to have something that aimed itself at people over 18 in the parks.
    It saddens me even more that I only got to experience it once. Hopefully though it will be replaced with something equally as amazing, and in all honestly, preferably not Frozen themed, loved the movie but seriously it’s getting overdone and starting to be boring.

  • While the DCA locals may like a party, Tim Burton’s Alice was “so over” by the time Mad T Party got there in the first place.
    It’ll be interesting to see what replaces it, but what made ElecTRONica seem cool was that raves were part of the original movie in the first place, so you felt you were stepping into the world of the story.

  • So, so sad. Been fans of Mad T Party for over 2 years. Absolutely love it and do not want to see it go.

  • Sadness!! My kids loved the T Party.

  • How long before we officially hear what will be replacing it? Will the Party be dark through the entire holiday season?

  • I hope they change it up / create a new area. Not a fan of what Mad T became. Loved ElecTRONica

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