Meeting Hiro and Baymax at Disneyland Park

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

The stars of Disney’s new animated hit film, “Big Hero 6”, have arrived in Tomorrowland at Disneyland park, where guests are loving the chance to meet Hiro Hamada and his huggable buddy Baymax.

Bringing the world of “Big Hero 6” to life in the park was especially exciting for the Creative Entertainment team.

“Tomorrowland, like the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology in the movie, represents the clean and sleek world of high-tech gadgets and the next generation of technology,” said Sue Hamilton, show director with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Creative Entertainment. “When you go to meet the characters, though, we take you into Hiro’s garage. It’s disorganized and minimal when it comes to resources, but maybe inspires people to realize that even without access to the latest technology, great things can be accomplished with enough imagination and ingenuity.”

“Big Hero 6” is in theaters now in 3D.


  • Will Hiro and Baymax be at Disneyland Starcade in mid May??

  • Just wondering how long Hiro and Baymax are going to be at WDW – couldn’t comment on the other post, so thought I’d try here. Thanks!

  • I like that this Baymax actually blinks, but some of the good Baymaxes have managed to do his same curious turn of the head and robotic-teddy-bear walk. 🙂
    (But just like at WDW, Ralph and Vanellope need to find a good non-parade home.)

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