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New Merchandise For Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom Park Starting November 7, 2014

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party returns to Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort on November 7, 2014. I took my son to one of the parties last year and he loved it. We watched the fireworks above Cinderella Castle, rode many attractions and enjoyed hot chocolate in Adventureland. Since this year’s parties are only a week away, here is a look at some new products that will be offered for guests.


Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse will be featured on a unique retail MagicBand created especially for the event. Presented in a decorative gift box, the limited-edition graphic MagicBand will have an edition size of 5,000 and will retail for $29.95 (plus tax). Guests must present one of the following for the MagicBand to be linked to at the time of purchase: valid theme park admission, Memory Maker card or an active MagicBand.


Guests will also find Mickey and Minnie on some apparel items for both adults and kids.


Finally, the Disney Pin Team is releasing a special jumbo-sized pin that features the world famous Disney characters joining Santa Claus in his sleigh. The pin will have an edition size of 500. Look for other limited release and limited edition pins at the event that are shaped like ornaments.

These items will be released in the following locations at Magic Kingdom Park during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parties:

Dates for this year’s parties are November 7, 10, 13, 14, 16, 20, 21 and 30, and December 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 19. For ticket information, please click here.


One of my favorite things from last year was watching Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade with my son. I loved those toy soldiers as seen in the image I took last year while in Liberty Square. My son waved to all of the characters as they passed us; it was such a nice holiday memory.


  • How many tickets are sold for each MVMCP?

  • I have heard that there are special pins that Annual Passholders can purchase during the parties. Is this the case and if so, where do you buy them?

  • I would love to get one of the magic bands but we aren’t going until December 3. Any chance there will still be some left?

    • @Kris – That’s a great question. It will depend upon the popularity of the retail MagicBand. I invite you to read my response above to Jameel for Question #22. I explain a little how things are planned. I hope you have a great time!

  • Steven,
    Will we be able to purchase the t-shirts online? I will not be going till 12/7 and would love to have the shirts ahead of time.

    • @Rebecca – Sadly, we won’t be offering these shirts on our Disney Parks online store this time.

  • Hi Steven,

    Got a couple of questions, but here’s the background: I love the party! This is my third year attending the parties, but we always hit the last two parties of the year. It’s great to start the vacation off with MVMCP’s, but there are some draw backs.

    1. I’m a pin collector & the pins are almost always gone by the time we get there. What do you suggest?

    2. Do you think that they will have the bands for the 18th/19th parties in December?

    Please advise

    • @Jameel – I’ll try my best to answer your questions. The biggest challenge is that we can’t see the future. We plan edition sizes and orders based on historic sales record. In other words, the planning team looks back at previous year’s sales and determines edition sizes. We might increase edition sizes yet the popularity of a particular pin could be even higher than what we anticipated.

      When I was with the Disney Pin team several years ago, I know we introduced a limited release logo pin (something that still is around today). The goal for that pin was to be available for the duration of the event.

      The same thing could be said for the new retail MagicBands; it’s difficult for me to say if they will still be available by mid-December. I know they planned the edition size based on previously released retail MagicBands like the one for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. We still had a handful of those by the end of the parties (not many but some).

      I hope this gives you insight into how decisions are made. I’m unsure there are any other options except attending an earlier party if you are concerned about missing out. I know that’s probably not realistic but it’s the only thing I can offer at this time.

      Overall, I hope you have a great vacation.

  • @Christopher – I would not hold out too much hope for the pins to still be there for your 12/9 party visit. I attended last year on 12/10 and all pins were gone except the jumbo pin. The pins for the gingerbread houses at the various resorts were all gone too. They did still have some t-shirts. I hope you have better luck this year.

  • I have my tickets, taking my Mom and 4 year old daughter. We are counting down the days…only 11 days until we are there!!! We can’t wait to see all the Christmas decorations.

    • @Nicole – How wonderful! I hope you have a great time. The decorations are looking amazing this year.

  • Any news on whether the MVMCP Magic Bands will have audio attached to them?

    • @Thomas – Ah, a “surprise and delight.” Unfortunately, I’ve not heard. I know the team prefers to keep those elements a surprise. 🙂

  • Thanks for giving me some hope they may still have some when we get there at the beginning of December. I know they had a limited number of bands for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, have you heard if or when those ran out? Thanks for taking the time to respond to all these posts.

    • @Kameron – My pleasure! Glad to help. I believe there were a handful of retail MagicBands left after Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties ended. I also know they were quite popular this year 🙂

  • Is there any estimation as to how long 5,000 bands will last it seems like they could be sold out in the first few parties. Does that mean that if you aren’t going to be at a party until the first of December that you stand a good chance of not being able to get one of the MVMCP magic bands?

    • @Kameron – That’s a really good question. Edition sizes are based on historic sales record. They look at previous or similar events when deciding edition sizes. Ideally, this retail MagicBand would last until the very last party. Yet, availability may change depending upon popularity with Guests.

  • Loving the new stuff. I am hoping there are more MVMCP pins to come, like the entire box set. So, I haven’t seen any announcements on 2014 ear hat or shoe ornaments. Does this mean we have seen all there that is coming out this year (from The special Magic Bands are really cute and my family will most certainly be getting them. We arrive in a few days. The shirts this year are fantastic, better than I have seen in years. Steven, would be great to see you model some of these clothing items for us. 🙂

    • @Joe – Nice to hear from you. It’s been a busy year as you probably have read. I’m currently working on the holiday stories. I was at World of Disney this morning taking a few more photographs as more holiday items have been set. The only shoe and ear ornaments I am aware of have been introduced on the Disney Parks online store.

      There will be several individual pins and a boxed set coming to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. All the items will be released when the parties start this weekend.

      I’ll have to check with my agent to see if I can model some of the new attire. Ha!!

  • Will there be an option in the future to customize/purchase a MagicBand based on your current reservations or tickets purchased? For example: If a guest purchases Mickey’s Christmas Party tickets, a customizable Christmas Party Band becomes available for purchase through the website?

    • @Jonathon – I’m not familiar with any plans for that option.

  • Hi, I am visiting WDW for two weeks in late November / early December. I would love to wear one of the MVMCP magic bands for my whole trip but I am not going to the event until close to the end of my trip, is there any way I can purchase one prior to attending the event so I can wear it my whole trip?

    • @Tom – I hope you have a great trip. I also wish I had a better answer. Unfortunately, the retail MagicBand will only be released during the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parties. There isn’t a way to pre-order them at this time.

  • Steven… Any word on when they plan to release what this year’s SOTMK card will be? Lots of anxious Sorcerers out there are getting nervous there isn’t going to be one. Any info or hints would be appreciated.

  • @Robin – You should be able to link several admission tickets to your MagicBand in My Disney Experience. You do not have to buy a MagicBand every time. When you go in My Disney Experience, it will show what admission tickets you have entered are expired and then you will enter in your more recent one. Ask someone at Guest Services for assistance. If you do not have a MagicBand for the party, then you can opt to have tickets mailed to you or print out e-tickets to bring to the gate for admission. I hope this was helpful. 🙂

  • I am a day visitor to the parks and I rarely stay on site (maybe once every couple of years). I really would like a Magic Band but it is pointless since I would have to buy a new one every time I got a new ticket. There has to be a way to reprogram these bands for those who visit WDW a lot without an annual pass. How is MVMCP going to work without a band? My mom has an annual pass with a Magic Band but we had to purchase the tickets separate.

  • This may be a crazy question, but can you purchase the band online? I’m going end of Jan and would love to sport the xmas band!

    • @Mona – Unfortunately, we won’t be offering this retail MagicBand online. Sorry. 🙁

  • New merchandise looks great! We will be there for the Nov 7th Very Merry party =) I find it amazing that Halloween was 3days ago, and the park will be transformed into Christmas decor for the party before we get there this week! Disney definitely has this sort of thing down to a science.

  • Adorable merch!! Love the Magic Band Design. Can’t wait to go to MVMCP during Wine & Dine weekend! Steven, do you know if you will be previewing the Wine & Dine Half Marathon merchandise prior to the expo? I need to plan out all my purchases, haha!

    • @Megan – I received some of the items for the upcoming Wine & Dine Half Marathon on Friday afternoon. I’ll be working on a story and will be sharing images with our runDisney team as soon as I can. I hope to see you this weekend. My fiancee will be running and I’ll be there since I’m president of her fan club. 🙂

  • Steven

    any word on when they will update the pin website to show the Xmas pins available at WDW this November?

    • @Brian – Look for some information to be shared this week. We will be highlighting a handful of new pins for November.

      As a reminder, new pins are typically released on Thursdays at Disney Parks’ locations such as Disney’s Pin Traders in both Downtown Disney Marketplace in Florida and Downtown Disney District in California.

  • Its a shame when you order your “normal bands” when staying on property that you cant upgrade to something like this – at a reduced rate as you wont use your other band.

  • I’m wondering if Disneyland will ever get a Christmas party??

  • Hi Steven,
    Do you know if the LE pins will be released all at once or some during each party night? We are heading there 12/9 and have heard in the past they give them all out during the first two parties.

    • @Christopher – They typically release all of the items at the first party and will continue to sell them until gone. I hope you have a great time this year!

  • Will there be a new Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom card this year too?

  • Hi Steven! My husband and I attended Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party last year and it was a blast! I’m just sad I won’t be attending this year because I would have LOVED to have purchased the “special” magic band! As always, thanks for your wonderful updates about new merchandise to look forward to! May you & your son have a GREAT holiday season ahead!

    Andrea from Las Vegas

    • @Andrea – How wonderful to hear! It really is a great event. Sorry to hear you won’t be joining us this year. But Vegas! 🙂 I need to go back there soon. Wishing you a very happy holiday season too.

  • Good Morning, Steven! What a coincidence that I just got all of our Christmas decorations out this morning as I put away Halloween and you have posted this Merry entry! The MagicBand design is beautiful! I also love the pin! I’m sure we will be purchasing a lot of the new Merch this Season! Thanks for sharing this, as always! Your HM Pal in Ohio, David

    • @David – Glad to hear from you! Decorating already? Good for you. I’ve not quite made it that far yet.

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