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New Yorkers Show Their Disney Side as Pirates Takeover Central Park

Charles Stovall

by , Public Relations Manager

Dead Men Tell No Tales!

Central Park turned into Central pARRRk recently, courtesy of the group Improv Everywhere, showing their Disney Side to New York park goers and vice versa.

Such iconic locations as the Central Park Boathouse, Bow Bridge and Bethesda Fountain were overrun by the fiercest scallywags to ever sail “The Lake” in the park – seemingly straight out of our very own Pirates of the Caribbean attraction! Imagine that!

Take a look.

Improv Everywhere, creators of the “Films in Real Life” viral video series, is a New York City-based “prank collective” that causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places.

As you can see, New Yorkers weren’t afraid to show their Disney Sides, as well.

We at the Disney Parks Blog were there to cover all the action. Check back soon for a behind-the-scenes report!


  • That was hilarious! Do more!

  • That was super awesome, would be great to see more Improv Everywhere and Disney in future!!!

  • Wow, Jaime, I was thinking that was Billy Bob Thornton, too. I wonder if it really was. The dog was awesome, too, but I really liked the bare hairy leg over the side of the boat. Was just like in the attraction.

  • This was so awesome! Is that Billy Bob Thorton at 2:00?? Maybe its his doppelganger. And the dog is simply precious.

  • That was AWESOME! The troupe did a great job in character, but I believe the dog with the key stole the show, he looked just like the dog in the movie and attraction and played his role perfectly! YAHRRGH!

  • Disney and Improv Everywhere teaming up… What an internet win! I hope there is more collaboration in the future.

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