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The Beautifully Disney ‘Frozen’ Collection Debuts at Disney Parks

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

A flurry of excitement is swirling at Disney Parks. Why? The ‘cool’ new collection from Beautifully Disney debuting in stores now will undoubtedly melt your heart with its spectrum of colors inspired by the award-winning film, “Frozen.”


New to the collection this year is the Rollerball Eye Shadow set. Designed with rollerball tip for effortless application, the lightweight, shimmering silver-toned Elegant Ice and golden-toned Sparkling eye shadows glide on with seamless precision for illuminated eyes. The shimmery loose shadows add dimension and light, creating a delicate dance of glistening crystals for your eyes. Tip: Simply glide the rollerball directly onto the eyelid for a subtle touch of glamour.

Do you want to build … the perfect manicure? The whimsical winter colors of Spiraling Snow, Magnificent Power, Frozen Queen and Miss Royal Pants will help you do just that! Sparkling Snow is, of course, one of my favorites as it leaves me with a glittering feeling of fallen snowflakes on my fingertips. Those who are a bit more daring might find Magnificent Power a bit cooler for their taste.

One of this year’s must-have items includes the newly designed eye shadow palette featuring eight different shades ranging from warm earth tones to fun frosty hues. Discover the magic inside as you mix and match colors to create your own look. Tip: Use colors like Crystal Snowflake and Powers Unleashed to create a classic and regal looking cat-eye. Or try shades like Touched By Magic and Follow Your Heart for a simple yet elegant twist.


Your look is almost complete … the final touch: the lips. Find which one of the mini-lipstick sets suits your style, whether it is the soft pink of Regal Beauty, the rich mauve of Radiant Heart, the vibrant fuchsia of Queen To Be or the daring violet shade of Optimistic. Tip: These mini lipsticks are easy to take with you and create the perfect application for any occasion.

Look for this new collection and other fan favorites in stores now at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts, including the following locations:

Disneyland Resort

  • Downtown Disney DistrictDisney Vault 28
  • Disneyland park – Disney Clothiers
  • Disney California Adventure park – Elias & Co.
  • Walt Disney World Resort

  • Downtown Disney MarketplaceMarketplace Co-OpBeautifully Disney
  • I know this new collection is on my list of things to pick up this holiday season. Is it on yours?


    • This eye shadow palette looks gorgeous! I hope it’s still available when I go on Memorial Day Weekend. Will there be anything new in the Beautifully Disney line for spring?

    • Will the nail polishes be available in full-sized bottles, or only in the mini set? Thanks!

    • I was lucky enough to purchase the eyeshadow palette on Thursday 11/20/2014 at the Co-op, a day earlier than it was offered through out Walt Disney World. I love this set, the older I get the more sensitive my eyes become. I have had no issues using these shadows. They are wonderfully pigmented and have great staying power on their own, but I do wear Urban Decay’s eye primer. I have worn the Elsa colors so far, but Anna’s colors look great also. I can hardly wait to get to get the rest of the set and to try some of the other eyeshadow sets from the Beautifully Disney line.

    • Do you know when this will be available online? I live in Australia and have no chance on purchasing it in store

    • I love all of it! I hope most, if not all, of the collection will be available online soon. My makeup budget will be blown in one fell swoop!

    • What stunning colors! I’m so bummed that I just missed their release! Will these be released online like other Beautifully Disney collections have been, or will they be a Parks exclusive?

      • Hey Jennifer! You didn’t miss it. These eye shadow palettes, polishes and lipsticks are just starting to hit shelves now. I’m hoping that they will be available shortly online, but I don’t have any confirmation on that.

    • How long will this collection be available for? I’m in the UK and not visiting Disney World until May, but would love the eyeshadow palette!

      • Hi Amy!
        I would hope that the collection would still be available during your next visit, it will certainly be available while supplies last.

    • Will there be any Frozen themed makeup bags to go with this collection?

      • Hi Jessica! You won’t find any Frozen themed make-up /accessory bag to go with this collection, but in the coming weeks, keep an eye out for a holiday gift set themed around the very first collection which was Wickedly Beautiful.

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