Baymax Joins the Ranks of Caramel Apples at the Disneyland Resort

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

For those of you who have seen the Disney animated film, “Big Hero 6,” I think you will agree with me that we all need more Baymax in our lives. Our Disneyland Resort Candy Makers felt the same way, so you can imagine my excitement and surprise when I was introduced to the newest hand-crafted apple inspired by the loveable healthcare companion.


Baymax has ‘sweet’ ninja skills, and I can tell you, this apple is even sweeter! Made with caramel, white chocolate, black licorice and candy-coated chocolates, I guarantee you will want to take this version of Baymax home with you.

Look for this special addition to our candy kitchens at Candy Palace on Main Street, U.S.A., as well as Hunny Spot in Critter Country in Disneyland park; Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure park and Marceline’s Confectionery in the Downtown Disney District.

Baymax, I’m pretty sure the famous ‘fist bump’ … Bada-lada-la … would apply here.


  • Baymax fist bump, indeed! Well, now I know what my daughter will be making for Christmas treats for her friends this year! Although I’m not sure how black licorice, M&Ms, white chocolate, and an apple all taste together… Any hint as to what kind of apples are used?

    • Generally tart green apples work the best.

  • Will they be coming out with a red helmet Baymax apple? Maybe… a candy apple?

    • Clever idea Alex. I can’t say whether they will or not, but time will tell.

  • @scott they use granny smith’s. the carmel+white chocolate apples are really tasty. I love them. Im not a fan of black licorice though so I would probably just toss that part.
    Happy apple making!

  • Awwhh, how cuuute! I love Baymax, haha. Is he a limited time thing or is he staying a while? (Or do you not know yet?)

    • Hi Alexis! As of right now, the Baymax apple will be available for a limited time. However there is no end date as of yet.

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