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#DisneyKids – Baby Care Centers Aren’t Just for Babies

Traveling with young children comes with specific needs, and the Baby Care Centers located within all four Walt Disney World Resort theme parks help give parents of little ones peace of mind. Whether a family has a nursing infant, a potty training preschooler, or both, the centers provide a respite just for them. As a mom of three, I love that there are toys, books and movies to entertain my preschoolers while I change and feed the little one.

Check out this video for a Disney Parks Moms Panelist’s point of view on how the Baby Care Centers have been a go-to resource during her family’s visits.

Does your family use the Baby Care Centers when you come to Walt Disney World Resort?


  • I love the baby centers. I, too, have nursed in all of them. Although I’ve never had an issue nursing in the parks, the baby centers are a respite from the excitement and noise in the parks. My youngest is now five and we still affectionately call the people mover in the Magic Kingdom the nursing ride.

    One thing the video did not address is that you can also get Tylenol from the baby centers. Sometimes your little one may have a low-grade fever and it’s nice to be able to go to the baby center and get things like Tylenol, wipes, etc…–which I’ve done.

    Huge thank you to Disney for having these much needed baby centers in the parks.

  • The baby care centers are the cleanest I’ve ever seen. It is a quiet, calm area which gave needed breaks to my toddlers who were over stimulated by all of the fabulous attractions in the park. If I forgot something or ran out, it was there! The cast memebers are incredible at keeping changing pads covered. When on saw me coming she covered the pad with paper and as soon as I was done changing my daughter, she swooped in and threw it away. Definitely a luxury place. Disney thinks of everything!!!

  • From a married couple that does not have kids yet, we still have utilized the baby center. While we were at a park my husbands legs were chafing really bad and we needed baby powder which was not available in the normal gift shops. We asked a cast member and they sent us to the baby center where we could purchase baby powder and it had a nice large restroom for my husband to use to put it on. It was a great place and I am sure a blessing for families with kids. I know we will definitely utilize it more when we one day have children.

  • I have used these in every park and love them! While I have always felt comfortable nursing on benches in the parks, I so appreciate a quiet space to nurse that is free of distractions. I have many wonderful memories nursing in the Magic Kingdom room. These spaces make Disney a comfortable place to travel with a baby or toddler- no small feat for a theme park!

  • Loved watching this video, it brought back fond memories of the days when I would take my two boys to the child care centers at Walt Disney World Resort parks, to nurse( amazing and private as well as calming for my infants), changing area was great for my toddlers and me to have that place to go and know everything I need would be there. And as they grew, it was a retreat for us to take that needed time out during our time at the parks to have a snack, a change or just a break for all.
    Great article and video Jamie. This will be a great source for those with “littles” visiting Walt Disney World Resort this year!

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