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New Retail MagicBands Arriving in December at Walt Disney World Resort

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


You may recall that my top gift items this year from Disney Parks are retail MagicBands. We recently introduced the “link-it later” option for all retail MagicBands, making them great gifts for guests who may want to show off their Disney Side while visiting Walt Disney World Resort. This month, we are introducing some new open edition, graphic MagicBands on the dates listed below.

  • December 12 – Sorcerer Mickey
  • December 14 – Minnie Mouse’s iconic polka dots
  • December 17 – Stitch
  • December 22 – Disney Princesses

These graphic MagicBands will retail at $22.99 each.

Guests should look for these items in select locations at the four theme parks and Downtown Disney.

You can also find solid color MagicBands and select accessories on our Disney Parks online store by visiting


  • hi steven
    will there be a tomorrow magicband comeing out for the movie??
    thanks howard

  • What if you already ordered bands … Can they up grade them to these.. or should we quickly change and not per-order them?

  • I’ve seen pictures of Bandits with mouse ears and the year from 2013. Are those still available?

  • Do you have the item numbers for these magic bands? THANKS!!!

  • December 14 – “Minnie Mouse’s iconic polka dots ” are these still available? I cannot find them anywhere. I would like to have this personalized with my name on it for my annual pass.

  • Will the retail magic bands be available on the cruise ships so when we go to DW after we will have them?

  • Too bad we cant get them online, it would be nice to have character ones instead of plain colors!

  • Why are these not available to annual pass holders as replacements?? I’m due for a new band but these are not shown.

  • We are running in the WDWmarathon weekend. Are there any special MagicBands for runners, anything provided? Just checking before I buy one!

  • Any chance that annual and seasonal passholders will have an option for special bands in the future? …or can these be attached to a current annual pass? Thanks!

    • @Amy – I’ve not seen specific development. Yes, you can link your current Annual Pass to these new retail MagicBands.

  • I loved the Sorcerer Mickey One! I have a question though: are these reusable? Meaning, if I use it with a particular admission ticket during my next trip, might I be able to re-link it to a different admission ticket in a future trip? Thanks!

    • @Jesus – Yes, you can use MagicBands for multiple trips. Once you associate a MagicBand to your My Disney Experience account, then you can use it with any theme park admission that you link to your account, including tickets you purchase in the future.

  • Do you think they will start having the Magic Band Set up at Disneyland Parks anytime soon?

    • @Pamela – That’s a great question. I’m really only involved with Disney Theme Park Merchandise.

  • Any chance there will be an Epcot themed magic band in the works? I will be picking up the Stitch one for myself! 🙂

    • @Samantha – I know the team is working on all sorts of things. If there is any new MagicBands, I will update on the Disney Parks Blog.

  • Going to Disney in June. I would love to buy graphic bands before leaving home. Please consider offering them online at the Disney store before then!!!

    • @Carrie – Thank you for the feedback. I have shared it with the team. If graphic MagicBands are carried online at a future date, the best place to find them will be at

  • Are there any new Magic Bandits coming out in the future? My little sister really wants some princess accesories for her MagicBand!

    • @Kaitlyn – There will be additional MagicBandIts introduced in 2015. Stay tuned for an update come early next year.

  • I want to make sure I understand about the “link it later” option. This is now available on any of the “regular” graphically designed MB, correct? (Just not on the ones that are available only at special functions like Very Merry Christmas Party or Not So Scary Halloween). I’d like to pick one up for my son (he’s arriving later than we are at WDW this Christmas), but he’s already got his MB with him so if he arrives when we’re at the park he can get into the room, etc, etc………..

    • @Beverly – The “link-it later” option is now available for ANY retail MagicBand we carry.

  • It would be great if at some point in time, you could offer custom Magic Bands, like you do for phone cases at D-Tech!

  • Im going down dec 29th, any chance these are still available then? also any plans for special new years ones?

    • @Kevin – These retail MagicBands are considered open edition which means there is no limit on production. The availability will depend upon how popular they are with Guests. Most likely you will still find them during your visit. There are no plans for a New Years-themed retail MagicBand. Safe travels!

  • Is there any way of paying the difference and getting an illustrated one? We’re currently booked in for August 2015 and would love to pay $10 or so to get these instead of the plain bands without paying the full price. I’m sure a lot of other people would think the same!

    • @Stephen – Unfortunately, that kind of functionality does not exist at this time.

  • Are they planning to have a magic band with Figment & Dreamfinder on it? Thanks!!

    • @Stephen – I’ve not seen any such development at this time.

  • Hey Steven, is there any chance the parks might at some point consider rolling this out as an option when booking resort rooms as an upcharge? It’d be awesome if, knowing I’d want to purchase it in the parks anyway, I could order one of these in lieu of the free MagicBand we get by default. (I was already rocking two MagicBands on my last trip–the resort had a personalized gray one ready for me at check-in even though I already had a personalized pink one from the trip prior.)

    • @Joanna – I’m not familiar with any such plans at this point.

  • That Minnie Mouse band is adorable. Think how cute it’ll look with the Minnie Mouse Bandits added on!

  • are these the only graphic magic bands that are/will be available? or is there other designs?

  • The Stitch MagicBand is adorable! I can already predict that my youngest daughter will want it for our trip in February.

  • It is a shame these won’t be available online. I hope they stick around long enough for my next trip. These would also make great surprise gifts for someone going on a trip.

    • @Brian – We currently offer some solid color MagicBands and accessories on our Disney Parks online store –

      You may see select graphic MagicBands coming to the online store in the future. 🙂

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