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Recipe: Aunt Cass’ Wings from ‘Big Hero 6’


If you’re anything like me, you were dying to try Aunt Cass’ “Melt-Your-Face-Off” Wings when she made them for Hiro in “Big Hero 6.” Since it might be tricky to visit Lucky Cat Café in San Fransokyo, the final recipe in our “Big Hero 6” series is Aunt Cass’ Wings, inspired by Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. The best part about making these wings at home? You can adjust the cayenne pepper and chili powder levels to make them mild or “melt your face off,” whichever you prefer!



  • Thanks, Rachel! And, yummers! All three recipes sound wonderful! I’ve pinned them, for future reference. I hope that’s okay. 🙂

  • The article says this is the final recipe in the series. Where would I find the others? The wings sound scrumptious!

    • Hi Pat, you can find Wasabi’s Tuna Poke recipe here, and Honey Lemon’s Honeybee Cupcakes here.

  • The sauce needs to be heated up in order to thicken, otherwise it is soupy. I just made it and it thickened after it boiled. It tastes delicious.

  • Love it, thank you! Now I have the perfect addition for my big hero 6 bento for my son. Love Hiro and Tadashi – they are my boys. Mixed asian-caucasian, loving, cheeky and too smart.
    Stacy, I also noted the 500, can’t be right, can it?

    • I hope they enjoy Aunt Cass’ Wings! 500°F is correct, but every oven is a little different so feel free to adjust yours accordingly.

  • Just to confirm, but should the oven really be preheated to 500F?

    • Hi Stacy, 500°F is correct! You may want to rotate the baking sheet and flip the wings halfway through cooking. 🙂

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