‘World of Color’ Refurbishment Continues Innovative Approach for Conservation in Water Attractions at Disneyland Resort

Melanie Vogel

by , Disneyland Resort

Walt Disney once expressed an “immediate need for education and practice in using our natural resources of soil, forest, water, wildlife and areas of inspirational beauty to the best advantage of all.” Walt’s conservationist heart has led The Walt Disney Company to be a responsible environmental company from the beginning.


The innovation that fuels Disney to create amazing attractions and experiences, often leads us to pave the way in those behind-the-scenes areas as well. In 2007, when preparing for the launch of “World of Color,” Disneyland Resort drained Paradise Bay in a new way. Partnering with the Orange County Water District, we drained 16 million gallons from the bay into the Orange County Water District’s groundwater replenishment system, instead of storm drains. This ensured the water was purified and stored for future use. When we refilled the bay, the water came from that same system.This innovative, water-saving solution helped earn the resort recognition by being awarded the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award in 2009.

Since then, all water-based attractions at the Disneyland Resort follow the same process. “World of Color” will undergo refurbishment beginning January 7, 2015, and will follow the same process that Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage underwent during its recent refurbishment, as did “it’s a small world” Holiday when it reopened in November.

Take a look as Mickey and Goofy help refill Paradise Bay for the first time, back in 2009.


  • Chris, Kristen, the attraction is estimated to reopen March 12, 2015.

  • World of Color reopens in mid-March.

  • I agree with everyone else. Great water conservation, but I really hope the refurbishment is completed by the summer. Lots and lots of Disney fans will want to see it when they visit for Disneyland’s 60th anniversary and the D23 Expo.

  • Good job with the water conservation. That’s very cool.

  • I’m with Chris above … Is there a planned date for re-open? Canadians head down for March breaks mid-March and I have some friends who were really looking forward to this since it’s a very unique ‘west coast’ Disney attraction that can’t be seen at WDW. Really hope it’s a short closure!

  • If January 15th is when the refurbishment starts is there an estimated end date? My wife and I are planing on going to the DLR for the 1st time at the 1st week of March and really expected to see World of Color.

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