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A Magical Sight Before the Sun Rose at the Inaugural Castaway Cay Challenge

Jonathan Frontado

by , Public Relations Director, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney and Disney Vacation Club

Last week’s inaugural Castaway Cay Challenge was the first of its kind for many reasons, and today I want to share photos of one of my favorites … seeing the ship lit up under the stars at Castaway Cay!


The day of the race, the ship docked early at Castaway Cay and Disney cruisers competing in the challenge had the unique opportunity to go onto the island in the early hours of the morning before the sun came up. The reflection of the ship on the water is a sight runners I spoke with said they will never forget.

You may remember from a previous post of mine that I had the unique opportunity to spend the night on Castaway Cay, and the photos we took then are just a glimpse at the magnificent sky you see from an island in paradise. It was exciting to see the reaction of other cruisers as they experienced the island’s night sky for the first time.

Congrats again to all of the Castaway Cay Challenge runners! If you competed the challenge, be sure to share your photos with us using #CastawayChallenge.


  • One of my favorite activities on the Hawaii cruise was when they talked about how the stars were used for navigation in the past. They had us on the Wide World of Sports Deck and then turned out all of the lights there so that it was very dark and you could see how amazing the sky looked from out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

  • I couldn’t comment on it (too old an article, I guess) but the Castaway Cay overnight article is the exact reason why I wish Disney would turn out the lights on part of the ship at night so that the sky can be seen. They could even tie it in with an educational program. Very few people get an opportunity to see the night sky without a mass amount of light pollution. Being on a boat is the perfect way to do so, but cruise ships are so brightly lit (The Dream and Fantasy are crazy bright) that you really can’t see that much.

    This picture is gorgeous. I’m jealous of the ability to be on Castaway Cay in the early morning and able to see the sky without cities nearby. It had to be amazing.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience and photos. I hope the success of this year will bring the event back next year.

    Stunning photo and spending the night at Disney’s Castaway Cay, now that is something!


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