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#DisneyKids: Big Surprises for Little Kids

Before all of the excitement of castles and characters at Walt Disney World Resort begins, you get to play the role of your family’s hero by booking the vacation of their dreams. One of the most magical parts of planning is surprising your little ones with news about the trip and seeing their faces light up with pure joy. Since young kids love to make a game out of everything, we thought of a few fun ideas on how to infuse a little pixie-dust when you let them in on the big surprise. Don’t forget to have the camera rolling to capture their reactions!

Have you ever surprised your family with a Walt Disney World Resort vacation? Tell us how!



  • I pulled a destination detour to surprise my oldest with his first trip. I had convinced him we were visiting water parks in Florida because I couldn’t afford Disney. On the bus from MCO our driver announced that we were almost at Walt Disney World. My son turned to me panicked and said “Mom, we’re on the wrong bus.”
    The look on his face when I told him we were on the right bus and going to Disney was priceless. 🙂

  • Usually a top secret envelope with Disney Dollars in them, then they get to help round the house to earn more so they can spent it on the trip. Much better in this case then a gift card and the kids love them.

  • When we planned our summer 2013 trip to WDW, which would be our 3 boys first Disney vacation, since they would be ages 11, 9 and 7 when we traveled we wanted them to be involved in planning the trip. So we ordered merchandise off of the Disney store that we thought would be great for the vacation. They each got a hat, water bottle, t-shirt and beach towel. All with one of their favorite character (Mickey, Buzz Lightyear, & Lightning McQueen) on them. About 3 months before our departure on a lazy Saturday morning we gave them those gifts along with WDW maps and told them that the would need these things for our trip there in June. They were so excited and immediately began planning the attractions they had to visit at each park! They also had so much fun wearing their hats and using their water-bottle all week, the towel at the resort pool, and wearing that special t-shirt when they got to meet their special Disney friend!

  • The best surprise we did was one year for Christmas we wrapped packed suitcases. The package also contained their first clue on for our version of “The Amazing Race!” The trip was a drive across country to Disneyland Resort. It was fantastic!

  • Last year we surprised our son and his girlfriend with a surprise trip to WDW. We arrived at the Wilderness Lodge in May of 2014. Here are the details. The week leading up to Christmas (2013)we had several gifts under the tree. One very large wrapped gift about 2 feet by 3 feet was under the tree with a tag that said to Paula and Steffan. The box was filled with tools and other stuff to make it very heavy. We noticed the box moved several times though they would not admit to picking it up and maybe shaking. On Christmas day when they opened the box there was tissue to be removed then the tools and then a note that read “A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes” Then more tissue and another note that read When You Wish Upon a Star. They still did not get it until they opened a small box with a CD WDW planning disc inside. The tears flowed from all. My son decided that he wanted to propose to Paula in Cinderella’s Castle and boy was Paula surprised for the second time. She said yes.

  • Having never been to Disney ourselves my husband and I planned a secret Christmas surprise to our kids, then 5 & 12. We labeled a folder top secret and explained they had to decode the info inside to reveal their mission. The best part came when the oldest realized we were going to Disney, the youngest started to cry because he couldn’t read! We have now been to Disney 9 times. Recently our daughter, now 23, got married and her husband surprised her with a honeymoon to Disney. Hope the tradition continues…

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