‘Disneyland Forever’ Fireworks Spectacular Announced for Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Wrapping up tonight’s big entertainment news for the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration, Tom Staggs and Steve Davison have revealed a completely new kind of fireworks spectacular for Disneyland park, debuting May 22, 2015.


“Disneyland Forever” shows just how magical the Magic Kingdom can be, in a sky-high celebration featuring sparkling pyrotechnics, immersive projections, and other effects that transform Disneyland park right before your eyes!

“Disneyland Forever” envelops you in an enthralling, breathtaking journey like never before, leveraging the largest installation of projection mapping technology in a Disney park and surprising special effects. Main Street, U.S.A., and several other Disneyland park locations become a magical canvas taking us into a world of dreams, from flying above the London skyline from “Peter Pan” to a dance with King Louie in “The Jungle Book.”

“Disneyland Forever” also features two original songs, the theme “Live the Magic” and the inspiring closing song “Kiss Goodnight,” written by Disney Legend Richard Sherman.

Walt Disney once said, “Disneyland will never be completed, as long as there is imagination left in the world.” As “Disneyland Forever” caps off each evening of this once-in-a-lifetime celebration, we discover Walt’s inspiring words still hold true today. Disneyland will continue to be home to all our dreams and adventures … forever!

Tonight, we’ve announced the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration will include a special edition of the popular “World of Color” at Disney California Adventure park, plus an impressive new nighttime parade and a fully-immersive fireworks spectacular at Disneyland park.

Stay tuned, because Erin has one more exciting thing to share with you! And keep reading Disney Parks Blog over the next few months, as we share more details about these stunning new nighttime spectaculars and other surprises planned for the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration – all kicking off May 22, 2015!


  • I will be there that week but traditionally aren’t weekdays dark? So if we arrive the 23rd we will miss it? I hope they begin the weekday shows that week and don’t wait until Memorial Day weekend.

  • I wonder who the host for this show is going to be?

  • Took me a second to see that Hidden Mickey.
    You guys are clever 😉

  • Kelsey – that is definitely a hidden Mickey, even though the right ear doesn’t touch.

    Richard Sherman is amazing. I can’t wait to hear what he wrote for this fireworks show. Everything that has been revealed for Disneyland’s Diamond anniversary so far sounds fantastic, and I’m sure there is more to come. I’m hoping to be able to visit the week of the D23 Expo!

  • I’m so excited!!!! I’m getting there on the 19th, and not leaving until the 24th!!! By the way, there is definitely a hidden mickey in the picture. °o°

  • Very cool that Richard Sherman wrote news songs for the show! This looks really fun.

  • I cant wait to see how this entire show will look! I’m hoping that if this is successful that they will maybe start trying to projection map on Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom Park for Wishes!

  • I’m so excited for this, and love that Richard Sherman wrote the songs! That makes it even more special.

  • WOW

    • You said it, Darlene!

  • The new shows look amazing, and I’m thrilled to get a new Richard Sherman song. But what’s happening with the Magic Eye Theater? Will it remain closed for the 60th?

  • Is this firework going to be showing during HalloweenTime?

  • How spectacular this is going to be!!!! #Disneyland60

  • Omg I am too excited for this!!

  • Just make sure there is no Fast Pass or Preferred Dinning!

  • Disneyland Forever, indeed! Looks amazing!

  • How long is the celebration lasting? A year? Please give end date as well as start date for vacation planning needs.

    • Laura – No end date has been determined as of yet, but you can count on the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration continuing through at least the end of this year.

  • Looking forward to this

  • The best part of this is that Richard Sherman’s writing new songs for the show. Disneyland wouldn’t sound the same without the Sherman Brothers.

    • Matthew – I agree! We’re honored to have a Disney Legend like Richard Sherman involved in this production. As a point of clarification, though, Richard has written “Kiss Goodnight,” which will play at the conclusion of “Disneyland Forever.” The show’s theme song, “Live the Magic,” features music and lyrics written by Adam Watts and Andy Dodd… and it’s really catchy!

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