Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration – 60 Years of Popcorn

Reflecting on the last 60 years of classic Disneyland foods, popcorn has been a beloved snacking staple of Disneyland park since opening day on July 17, 1955. Walt Disney himself enjoyed piping hot popcorn on Main Street, U.S.A. Now, Disneyland Resort guests enjoy more than 185,000 pounds of this salty treat every year.


While our love for popcorn remains, designs and containers have evolved over the years – check out 60 years of popcorn progression at Disneyland resort in the gallery below!

Today, I have a sneak peek of the premium popcorn bucket which celebrates the iconic Mickey balloon, set to debut this May as part of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration at Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure park. Available in red, purple and blue – this bucket is perfect to hold your keepsakes long after your visit during the resortโ€™s 60th anniversary celebration.


Over the coming months, look for even more collectible souvenir fun and all-new art work on everything from popcorn buckets to hot mugs – as well as special limited-time treats and food and beverage offerings exclusive to the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration to be revealed.

Who else is craving popcorn right now?


  • I want one of these so bad also! I’ll be there in December, but will they still be available then? or is it that once they sell out, they’re gone? I see that a few different people have asked the same question. Does anyone know for sure? thanks!

  • Are the Mickey balloon buckets limited time or will they be restocking throughout the 60th celebration?

  • Rachel Brent: I was at Disneyland May 2 2015. I asked 3 different CM selling popcorn, where there any Cinderella popcorn contรกiners in the park. Each one responded the same…. “No Disneyland has not gotten them. Only WDW. Our next container will be the ballon for the 60th Anniversary and will be available May 22.” On other Disney group blogs, they have noted that Disney has said that Cinderlla container will be available in Disneyland in the spring. So could you please clarify this for me. Thank you so much. P.S. I do want both all the ballon colors and Cinderella.

  • !!! I want one so badly, in blue! I’m going to be in Disneyland from Feb. 27th-March 3rd… I doubt they’ll be available then, will they?

  • how long are they available for?

  • Oh Rachel! We’ll be there the first week in May…will there be a “soft” opening before the 22nd…I hope?

  • I must have one in every color… I can not wait for the Celebration to begin. The 50th was soooo much fun. I am a balloon fanatic this is right up my alley. I hope they come in Green…. YA MICKEY !!!!!!

  • I love seeing these old time images. And Disneyland popcorn is by far my favorite. I have looked high and low to create it at home and somehow the magic does not translate. Its got to be in Disneyland! thanks again….

  • These are so darn cute!!! Will we be able to buy them online? We are not going to be able to get out there until the fall season of next year and I really want at least one!!

    • Hi Catherine, unfortunately they will not be available online.

  • Will these premium popcorn buckets be available throughout the entire year of the Disneyland 60 celebration?

  • My twin sister and I lived in California when Disney opened and we have a picture of us standing by the popcorn cart when we are 5 years old. Any time we go back we take a picture next to the popcorn cart. Hopefully we will be there again next year and will be able to take another picture.

    • How cool! I love hearing stories like this, that’s such a great way to remember each trip. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Definitely getting one of these popcorn buckets, in July!!! I sure it is says Disneyland on it somewhere! I do not like the generic Disney parks.

    • It sure does! The Disneyland 60th logo is embossed on the back of the popcorn bucket.

  • This bucket will stay until the end of the year?
    I live in Brasil and I’ll be there in October can you tell me if it will be more celebrations? I was there in 1997 when the castle was like a giant cake to celebrate 25 years of magic.

  • Will all of the colors be released at the same time or are they going to be staggered? It would be nice if it said Disneyland above Mickey’s head too.

  • Omgosh!!! I cannot wait1 Friends tease about my constant purchases in the park but oh well!

  • Are the new balloon buckets intended to last the entire celebration (September or later) or will they be replaced with a different bucket as they sell out? Thank you

  • Will these buckets be offered at the Cozy Cone as well?

  • Clever idea, but it’s a shame it doesn’t say “Disneyland” on it like the actual balloons do. Is this because you plan on selling these buckets in the Florida parks too? There isn’t a way to print up two versions, one that says Disneyland and the other that says Disneyworld?

    The balloons are different and still say “Disneyland”, why not the merchandise based off of those balloons?

    • Hi Thor, the Disneyland 60th logo is embossed on the back of the bucket. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • These look a lot like the popcorn buckets from Tokyo Disneyland’s 30th anniversary, minus the wearable lanyard strap, colors, and logo. Any plans to add a lanyard strap similar to those from Japan’s popcorn buckets to our buckets here for Anaheim? It makes it easier to carry when you’re waiting in line and eating. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Grace, stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog! I’ll be sharing more popcorn buckets leading up to the Diamond Celebration – there’s one in particular I think you’ll really like! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those popcorn buckets! Now to decide which color I want. Is all an option? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I like your style! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I for one am excited about celebrating Disneyland’s 60th! I think the new collectible souvenir popcorn buckets are very cute but the opening at the top looks very small. It could be the picture but I feel that it may be difficult to get the popcorn out once you start to reach the bottom.

    • Hi Cassandra, the bucket actually opens from the back, there’s plenty of room for you to grab every last bite of popcorn! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Do we know when in May they will be available?

  • Love the new bucket! When will they start to be available? Thanks for all the information, can’t wait to May 22 for the kick off

    • Hi Christine! Look for these buckets when the Diamond Celebration officially kicks off on May 22.

  • I love it, I’ll have to get at least one and hang it from my ceiling like I did with my Dumbo bucket!!

    • What a fun idea! ๐Ÿ™‚

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