First Look at runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend presented by Sierra Nevada Corporation Merchandise

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

From January 15–18, a Galactic Empire of runDisney enthusiasts will descend on the Disneyland Resort. Join the ranks of the Rebel Alliance, Wookiees or Imperial Fleet! Plan to look out of this world as you cross the runDisney finish line of the inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend presented by Sierra Nevada Corporation.

Find iconic Star Wars characters, symbols and phrases such as “May The Course Be With You” and “Let the Wookiee Win,” on performance tees, hoodies, jackets and other novelty items, including headwear, jewelry, magnets and window clings. Have you signed up for the Star Wars Rebel Challenge? A selection of ladies’ and men’s T-shirts (cotton and performance), jackets, magnets, runner’s hat, Bondi Bands and Sweaty Bands themed to the Rebel Challenge will be available, as well as ‘all race’ event logo inspired merchandise.


Do … or Do Not. I say ‘do.’ Because these Star Wars themed Dooney & Bourke bags are bound to go faster than the speed of light.


What about pins? In addition to the inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon logo pin, Rebel Challenge, 5K and 10K pins, there will also be two medal spinner pins. Check them out!


Finally, keep an eye out for additional runDisney apparel, along with 2015 runDisney Coast to Coast Race Challenge offerings.

I wish you all the best of luck and May the Course Be With You!


  • Is there an online store for items in the expo? I am looking for rundisney magnets specific to the star wars races. I saw them at the expo but was unable to get back to buy them.

  • i bought some merchandise at the expo last weekend, but forgot to buy a hat. is there a way to buy online?

  • Is there any way to buy any of the merchandise (shirts, etc.) online?

  • Since this is the first Star Wars Race AND it’s Star Wars, this is going to be an insanely busy weekend. Please tell me that you guys plan to have enough merchandise available and are finding ways to stop the eBay sharks from snapping up all of the merchandise in the first couple of hours.

  • If we pre-ordered the pins (10k, half marathon, and rebel challenge), which of the designs will we be getting?

    • Hey Theresa! The pre-ordered pins that you are inquiring about should be the top three images, which are shown above the ‘medal’ inspired pins and 5K pin.

  • I heard ESPN Zone has storm trooper mugs with choice of beverage and DEATH STAR GLOW CUBES!!!! Does anyone know the price on those?

    • Hi Jamie! You heard right! Starting today through January 20 (or while supplies last), you can try the That’s No Moon beverage which includes a Death Star Glow Cube and consists of Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Pineapple Juice and Sprite. That’s No Moon is $13.95. However there are a few additional items you can purchase (drink not included) which is the Stormtrooper Mug ($11.95 each) and Death Star Glow Cube ($3.95 each)

  • I’m familiar with the process of purchasing the merchandise, but my question is are any of those race shirts or are they some of the merchandise you can buy.

    • Christopher these are not giveaway shirts. The merchandise shown above have been created specifically for purchase at the marathon. Does that help? Please note some of the shirts shown, among others, not shown are considered performance tees, jackets, etc.

  • Hi Luke and Christopher! These items are sold at the expo. The merchandise is usually sold at the health expo on the far left of the convention center. RunDisney creates a pop-up shop for the event.

    I do know that you can pre-order the purse online through your log-in and I do not know if they will have any in purchase at the event.

    Luke, good luck on your very first Disney run! It’s a lot of fun!

  • I can’t wait! I would imagine you can buy these items at the Expo at the Disneyland® Hotel Exhibit Hall.

    • Hi Mya, you are absolutely correct!

  • I’m curious if these are the race shirts or shirts you can purchase. It’s not real clear from the info provided. Thank you!

    • Hi Christopher! The shirts shown above among others will be available to purchase as part of the runDisney event.

  • Michelle, where will this merchandise be sold? I’m running in my first RunDisney event on Friday so I’m wondering if this merch will be sold in the park itself, or a Downtown Disney store, or at the Disneyland Hotel exhibit hall? Please let me know.

    • Hi Luke! The merchandise will be sold as part of the Expo at the Disneyland Hotel.

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