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New Merchandise Artwork Sparks Fond Memories of First Disney Parks Vacation

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


As time passes, my memories of my first visit to Walt Disney World Resort in July 1983 become more like something from a dream. I remember the Speed Room from If You Had Wings in Tomorrowland, the warm lights of Main Street, U.S.A. at night, and the dinosaurs in Universe of Energy at EPCOT Center. The essence of those dreamy images was recently captured in new merchandise found at Disney Parks. I caught up with Disney Design Group Creative Director Eric Caszatt to learn more.

“Each year, we create an art program that we call ‘Storybook,’” explained Eric. “That art traditionally features many characters grouped together around icons from Disney Parks. This year, we took a different design approach. Unlike the dated 2015 artwork that has characters showing off their Disney Side, we wanted to capture the feelings guests may have when first visiting Disney Parks. We internally called this program ‘Project Fairytale’ as it captures the emotions, the fantasy, and the wonder that guests may experience during a Disney vacation.”


Disney Design Group artist Ron Cohee was the lead character artist on the project. He created two beautiful main images and a few smaller vignettes for both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. Each vividly colorful image melds together attractions, icons and experiences from Disney Parks. The images are similar in design layout for each coast, yet they feature things specific to each Disney destination.


The finished artwork was added to a style guide for all merchandise categories to use. The artwork was then applied to various items such as apparel, home décor, souvenirs, plush and more. Elements from the artwork that Ron created were sometimes combined to make unique images (best seen on some of the apparel items).

Here is an image gallery of other products that you can currently find in select merchandise locations at Disney Parks. You can also find some items on our Disney Parks online store –

I’d love to hear about your memories from your first visit to Disney Parks. Please share in the comments below.


  • I like all the items. Gimme SKU# for all But mostly the black disney tshirt.

  • What do the ear hats look like?

  • Hi Steven, A little off topic but any word on the guest Celebrities for Star Wars Weekends yet? I am looking forwards to booking my holiday already but want to know who will be there so I can book for my favorite Star Wars Character appearance also any sneak peeks on the logo yet?

  • I can remember two things from my first trip to Disneyland back in 1957.
    I was scared as all heck when my folks had me pose with one of the Native Americans at the Indian Village. (I watched a lot of westerns on TV.)
    While I rode the Mule Train, my dad, who was 5 pounds over the 200 pound limit, waited for me and wound up meeting Walt Disney who was inspecting the keel boat area.
    I have pictures!!

    The new merchandise looks great but we are running out of room to put it! The house looks like Mouse Gears!

    • @Mike – Wow! That’s a great memory. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Fingers crossed that there will be prints available of the artwork. I would love to get the Rapunzel and Ariel with the castle to hang on my walls. This artwork is stunning. Can’t wait until my vacation to see some of these amazing items in person!

  • Could someone also provide the Sku # for the black Disney World T-shirt?

  • Thanks for the sku for the 2015 snowglobe–you were right that was the one (for DL, and then they found WDW)! Thanks!

    I wouldn’t mind having the Sku for this globe as well please.

    (Also, you wouldn’t already know the sku for that Hollywood Tower Hotel pillow by any chance would you?)

    Don’t really recall too much from my first visit as I was too young, except that I was terrified to go on Splash Mountain, but now I love it (it had just opened). But I vividly remember my second trip…took the boat from WL to the MK and saw the birthday castle cake for the first time. Love it/hate it, I really enjoyed the creativity of it. And of course Jeremy Irons narrating Spaceship Earth.

    • @Jonathan – The item number for the globe in the first image is 400008714594. Unfortunately I don’t have the item number for the pillow as the product won’t set until February 13.

  • I love that the new merchandise is highlighting the differences between Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World resort.

    The attention to detail and uniqueness is definitely appreciated and so much better than just a generic (or sometimes inaccurate) singular representation for the two resorts.

    Thanks for bringing these merchandise items to both DLR and WDW. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of them!

    • @Roger – Thank you for your kind words. I’ve shared your feedback with the teams.

  • Is there any chance that prints will be available for this artwork?

    I love seeing br’er rabbit on new art.

    • @James – I’ve not seen specific plans for such a thing. I’ll have to ask the arts and collectibles team.

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