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New Merchandise Kiosks Set the Bar High at Downtown Disney

Darcy Clark

by , Disney Springs Marketing Manager

Unlike most people, I’m at Downtown Disney five days a week. I get to see the property transform before my very eyes on a pretty regular basis, and I can honestly say that one of my favorite signs of progress is the opening of new venues.

With gifts galore and barware to please every beverage connoisseur, two new kiosks at Downtown Disney have put a big smile on my face; and I’m not the only one … they’ve been hugely popular with guests since their opening late last fall. Aptly named “Sublime” and “Set the Bar,” both venues are located at the recently remodeled Riverboat Square, between Fulton’s Crab House and Portobello.

Find a Unique Gift and More at Sublime

Need to find a unique card with just-the-right sentiment? Or gift a candle that will remind your recipient of you every time she lights it? Searching for a magnet that will make you chuckle? Or a book that’s sure to inspire? Find this and more at “Sublime.” In just a few short months, it’s already become one of my “go-to” stores when I need to find something fun and fanciful.

And while there are also gifts aplenty at “Set the Bar,” I think I’ll opt to keep most of what I buy there for myself, thank you very much. From bottle openers to flasks, shot glasses to copper mugs, this is a perfect perch to find the latest “must-haves” to transform your Saturday-night at-home-cocktail-hour into a truly sensational soiree. (Feel free to add me to your guest list!)

Have you had the pleasure of purchasing at these new retailers yet? If so, let me know which products you loved most … I’m almost due for another shopping spree and I could use a few ideas!


  • My wife and I will be there next Saturday eating at Fulton’s Crab House for our 16th Anniversary. We are excited about the ongoing changes at Downtown Disney!

  • Love that Anne Taintor’s stuff is part of the kiosks – so funny!! 🙂

  • It would be great if you could specify which Downtown Disney you are talking about in these posts! There’s one in California, too.

    • Joey, great point! These kiosks are located at the Downtown Disney Area at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

  • This is great! I’ll have to pop in when I’m there the next time!

    • Julie, please do! I think you’ll love the fun selection at both stores; I know I do!!!

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