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New Retail MagicBands and Accessories to Kick Off 2015 at Walt Disney World Resort

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

With the start of 2015, I wanted to give you a look at some new retail MagicBands and accessories coming to Walt Disney World Resort this month.


At the end of December, I shared a story about dated 2015 merchandise. One item I didn’t include in that story was the retail MagicBand that features Mickey Mouse showing off his Disney Side at Walt Disney World Resort. This limited release retail MagicBand is currently available in select merchandise locations in Florida for $27.99 (plus tax).


This month, we will release some additional open edition retail MagicBands for $22.99 each (plus tax) on the following dates:

  • Ariel and Cinderella Castle – January 16
  • Belle – January 23
  • Tinker Bell; Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear – January 30


Guests may also soon notice new retail packaging for MagicBands. I spoke with merchandiser Kevin-Michael Lezotte who gave me some additional insight into this redesign.

“New packaging for retail MagicBands was recently introduced with the release of the 2015-dated Graphic MagicBand,” explained Kevin-Michael. “A team composed of MyMagic+ Products and Services, Merchandising, Disney Design Group Artists and Integrated Supply Chain collaborated on this new design. I like that the artwork is now front and center, which will make finding favorite designs much easier. Guests should look for the new packaging throughout this year.”


Finally, Kevin-Michael gave me a preview of new MagicBand-its arriving this month. These small items can attach to the side of any MagicBand. I love the Disney cats set!

Look for these items in select Walt Disney World Resort merchandise locations. Select accessories and solid color retail MagicBands can also be found on our Disney Parks online store at


  • My husband and I are planning a trip for our 25th wedding anniversary in Aug. of 2016. Do you know if they will have this style of magic bandits for that year? My husband really likes the Mickey one but we want one that says 2016.

  • If one of these is purchased in the park, will I be able to link to my Annual Pass that day?

  • I am curious if these particular bands will ever go on sale online. Living in Illinois makes it a bit difficult to purchase these awesome bands when they are only available in Florida locations. We are coming down right after Christmas for New Years and these would make really great stocking stuffers for everyone going on the trip!

    How long will these be offered if availability online is not in the works? Will we be able to purchase in Downtown Disney when we arrive this December?

  • Any date set on when the Donald Duck ,which band will be released? I’ve seen e Mickey and Minnie ones in the park now.

  • Do you know if there are any plans to release a Snow White Magic Band? That is one I would really like to see! Also do you know how to change my login info? I actually live in FL now, not GA. Can’t figure out how to change it.

  • I see people selling the “link it later” decorator magic bands on ebay. Are these safe to buy for admission and linking?

  • We are traveling to disney in July and would love these bands, they really need to figure a way for you to upgrade your bands and have them sent to you just like the others, don’t want plain ones like we had last year !!! Tell them to hurry 🙂

  • Hi there! These are so cool! Do you know if they are available if I call Parks Merchandising? That way we could have them to link to our reservation before we leave for our trip? Thanks for the great info! As usual!! 🙂

  • I am wonder if the belle magic band will be available in September to purchase or is this a limited edition? Same question for aurora do you have one of her as well. Thanks

  • Where can I get the Toy story or 2015 cover for the magic band?

  • We are going to Disney World in late March, how/where do we purchase the new bands? We already signed up for the magic band, but would like to upgrade to these ones.

  • @Steve any chance we’ll get avengers magic bands?

  • When will these be available for advance purchase in the Disney store online or elsewhere? I would like to get them ahead of our trip in June (probalby for Easter baskets).

  • Do you know if Disney will make an American flag MagicBand design to put in Epcot along with the flags of other nations. I personally think that’d be very cool!

  • Is there a way to call and order a graphic one to have it shipped so we have it before going to the parks?

  • Any plans for a Cheshire Cat magic band?

  • We are coming down in June, is there a way to purchase these prior to our trip?

  • Do you think that there is any chance of a Lion King magic band this years ?

  • My wife and I are taking our daughter to WDW for the first time in March!!! I was hoping to be able to purchase the new Tinkerbell Magic Band before we go so I can give it to her with all of the other stuff we have planed!!!

    Does anyone have a suggestion of what I can do??


  • When will the Ariel Magic Band be available for purchase online?

  • We are staying off site. Can we purchase magic bands ahead of time so that we can do fast pass? Or, can we use someone else’s after they have already used them for their vacation?

    • @Lara – You can purchase solid color MagicBands online from our Disney Parks online store:

      MagicBands are non-transferrable so it’s doubtful you can use a MagicBand from someone else.

      You should also visit to create an account. This will help you in linking the retail MagicBands with your ticket media.

  • I’ll be visiting the park in October and was wondering at what Disney Resort locations will I be able to purchase the bands? Will they be also available in the actual parks, as well as Downtown Disney?

    • @Heather – We offer retail MagicBands in many locations throughout Walt Disney World Resort. Each of the theme parks have shops that carry retail MagicBands (try bigger locations first). At Downtown Disney Marketplace, please visit Disney’s Pin Traders. Finally, your Disney resort hotel should also have retail MagicBands. I hope you have a great trip!

  • Stephen,
    Was curious if the limited Mickey 2015 band will be available all year? We are coming in November and I really want one of these….
    I didn’t know if by limited you meant only for a couple of months or only for this year?

    • @Shannon – The 2015 MagicBand is planned to be carried throughout the year. It may stop being carried toward mid-to-end of December as the new 2016 merchandise would be arriving in shops.

  • They should give us the option to up grade our bands online. I would pay extra to have the one I want and they it would save them sending me the regular color ones.

  • I would love to be able to upgrade these when you place your initial order.
    That would be more efficient than doing it once you are on vacation.
    And second and should be very important for Disneys’ green ethics that you are not throwing one in the trash after getting the new jazzy one.

  • I’m going to be visiting Disney later this year, will I be able to order the new bands instead of getting the plain color when it’s time for me to order them?

    • @Heather – This is something we do not offer at this time. Sorry. 🙁

  • We are coming down in December can I pre-order them before the trip or do I have to wait until I order the package to get them? Also If I pre-order, how do they link them with my room and fast pass and all of that?

    • @Dana – We do not currently offer a way to pre-order retail MagicBands like the ones shown in this story. We may offer select graphic MagicBands via our Disney Parks online store – – at a future date. You can manage your MagicBands using your My Disney Experience account. Here is a FAQ with some additional answers:

  • I thought the Ariel and Cinderella’s castle released date was today Jan 16th? Where can I get them?

    • @Melinda – Both of those MagicBands are open edition which means they are carried in numerous locations throughout Walt Disney World Resort. I would check some of the bigger merchandise locations first such as Mouse Gear in Epcot.

  • My granddaughter is going to love this

  • 🙂 We are visiting at the end of March and will have Magic Bands for our days in the parks. So, these are different, right? If so, can we get the band-its to put on our included Magic Bands while we are there? My little ones would love the bands as well if they can be used with our vacation package??

    • @Michelle – These retail MagicBands are different than the MagicBands you will receive for booking a stay at Walt Disney World Resort. The biggest difference is that the retail ones are sold at Walt Disney World Resort merchandise locations. You can, however, link the retail MagicBands to your My Disney Experience account. You can also add accessories to all MagicBands.

  • Is there any chance they will have Mulan? She is my daughter’s favorite character.

    • @Angela – I’ve not seen any plans for Mulan at this time.

  • Never mind…got my answer up above h ;o)

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