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New Retail MagicBands and Accessories to Kick Off 2015 at Walt Disney World Resort

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

With the start of 2015, I wanted to give you a look at some new retail MagicBands and accessories coming to Walt Disney World Resort this month.


At the end of December, I shared a story about dated 2015 merchandise. One item I didn’t include in that story was the retail MagicBand that features Mickey Mouse showing off his Disney Side at Walt Disney World Resort. This limited release retail MagicBand is currently available in select merchandise locations in Florida for $27.99 (plus tax).


This month, we will release some additional open edition retail MagicBands for $22.99 each (plus tax) on the following dates:

  • Ariel and Cinderella Castle – January 16
  • Belle – January 23
  • Tinker Bell; Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear – January 30


Guests may also soon notice new retail packaging for MagicBands. I spoke with merchandiser Kevin-Michael Lezotte who gave me some additional insight into this redesign.

“New packaging for retail MagicBands was recently introduced with the release of the 2015-dated Graphic MagicBand,” explained Kevin-Michael. “A team composed of MyMagic+ Products and Services, Merchandising, Disney Design Group Artists and Integrated Supply Chain collaborated on this new design. I like that the artwork is now front and center, which will make finding favorite designs much easier. Guests should look for the new packaging throughout this year.”


Finally, Kevin-Michael gave me a preview of new MagicBand-its arriving this month. These small items can attach to the side of any MagicBand. I love the Disney cats set!

Look for these items in select Walt Disney World Resort merchandise locations. Select accessories and solid color retail MagicBands can also be found on our Disney Parks online store at


  • The question may have already been asked, but is it possible to call and purchase them by phone? Also, my husband found them on Ebay. Of course, they are twice what they would be in the stores there, but if you buy one off Ebay, can it still be linked to your vacation package account?

    • @Penny – Unfortunately, our Merchandise Guest Services team does not have access to sell the retail MagicBands. We may offer select graphic MagicBands on our Disney Parks online store at a future date –

  • How long will Disney be using the Magic Bands. We visit Disney every other year and won’t be coming back until 2016 and would like to take advatage of purchasing updated magic bands if they will still be in use.


    • @Michael – We look forward to seeing you in 2016. There is no end date for MagicBands.

  • We will be going in April. We have the standard magic bands coming with our package, is there a way to purchase one of these instead?

    • @Renee – At this point, we do not offer that kind of functionality. The retail MagicBands are sold in select merchandise locations at Walt Disney World Resort. Once purchased, you can link the retail MagicBand to your My Disney Experience account.

  • Steven we will be booking a reservation for a WDW vacation. My question is, can these bands be purchased at anytime, or just when the package is paid for?? We have gone to DL for the last 11 yrs. This yr we decided to switch things up. Super excited!!

    • @Delinda – These retail MagicBands can be purchased in select retail locations at Walt Disney World Resort. You can link the retail MagicBands to your My Disney Experience account. See this FAQ for additional answers:

  • 1)Can these be linked with the Disney package ?

    2) Can they be linked online.

    • @Julie – The answer to both questions is “Yes.” You can manage which MagicBands are active via your My Disney Experience account.

  • My son is going to Disney on a school trip. Can he use the magic bands, or will he be unable to since we won’t have access to the tickets till he gets there? He is staying on the grounds 2 nights with me, then staying off grounds with the band.

    • @Elizabeth – As long as he links his various ticket media to his My Disney Experience profile, he should be able to continue using his MagicBand to enter the theme parks, access FastPass+, and connect to all his Disney PhotoPass images. He will no longer be able to use the MagicBand charging privileges as those are only available during a stay at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels.

      If he has any issues linking his admission for the school trip, he can visit Guest Relations at any of the four theme parks.

  • We are going in 23 days!!!! I see in the one picture is the pink princess MagicBand, is that one available? And do any of the hotels sell them? Would love to get that for my daughter. Thank you!

    • @Robin – I hope you have a great trip. The Disney Princess MagicBand is currently available in numerous shops at Walt Disney World Resort. It’s an open edition MagicBand which means we can place reorders as long as it continues to be popular with Guests. You should be able to find it at your Disney Resort.

  • These are very cool looking. I really like the one with Cinderella Castle. Regarding the solid colored bands that come with the resort packages, is there any plan to release a purple band? I was very disappointed to see my (and probably many other people’s) favorite color not included.

    • @Randi – I have shared your feedback with the team. If I hear any update about a purple MagicBand, I’m sure I will have a Disney Parks Blog article about it.

  • I would love to get the Cinderella Castle band, but I won’t be back to the parks until May. Can I order one through the Disney Parks Merchandise guest services when they become available?

    • @Kim – At this time, our Merchandise Guest Services team does not have access to sell these retail MagicBands. We may offer select graphic MagicBands on our online store at a future date:

  • If you purchase one of these bands, does your current info on your magic band transfer over to these or are these just ‘novelty for looks’ bands?

    • @Ashley – You can manage which MagicBands are active using your My Disney Experience account.

  • I’m still waiting for the new solid colors that are supposed to come out on the free bands when you book a room. Really want black. Can’t believe that has never been an option.

  • We’re annual passholders and coming for our first visit of the year next weekend to celebrate my Daughter in Law’s birthday and bringing our 2 and 3 year old grandchildren for their first visit. I didn’t see Donald as being introduced on a magic band….will he be available this year? I’m probably his biggest fan!

    • @Bonnie – This year will be an exciting one 🙂

  • Is there a website that list all of the current MagicBands and accessories that are available for them? I’ve love to be able to customize my children’s before we arrive next month.

    • @Joseph – Unfortunately, there is not a website like that at this time. I have wrote a few articles, however, for the Disney Parks Blog about the various retail MagicBands we have released.

  • Will we be able to purchase these online? I am looking at the website now and it seems they are only selling the default colors.


    • @Eric – The online store team is looking at possibly offering some graphic MagicBands online. I don’t have a confirmed date as to when that will happen.

  • We were told in the past that a Magic Band couldn’t be re-used. If I bought one and used it for my December trip, I couldn’t bring it back for my May trip. The technology didn’t exist to re-use them which is why you get a new set each trip. I’m guessing that has changed. Correct???

    • @Beth – You are correct. Things continue to evolve. You can manage which MagicBands are active using your My Disney Experience account.

  • I just hope they start introducing larger bands. I was there right after they came out in 14, and I had to keep mine in my pocket because it wouldn’t fit well on my wrist.

  • Do you know if they are going to offer them on the Disney store web page to purchase them. For those who are collecting them it would be nice to have the option to purchase them prior to trips or in between trips.

    • @Richard – They are looking at options. I know it’s something we’d like to do.

  • Are these special MagicBands only for people who stay on Disney property? I visit Disney almost yearly but stay at my timeshare at Bonnet Creek.

    • @Susan – These retail MagicBands are for any Guest visiting Walt Disney World Resort who may not be staying at a Disney Resort hotel but wants to take advantage of some cool technology during her or his visit. You will need a My Disney Experience account to get started. It’s easy to set up at Once you purchase a retail MagicBand from one of our merchandise shops, you can link it to your accound.

  • Can previously bought bands be reused ?

    • @Tawnie – Yes. You can manage which MagicBands are active using your My Disney Experience account.

  • I really like the new packaging. I’m wondering if the team included any details on the environmental impact of the reduced packaging? That seems like a win all around.

    • @Michael – I don’t have specific details but I’m thrilled with the new packaging. It makes the MagicBands much easier to see.

  • Boo. Belle comes out the day after we leave 🙁

  • Can annual passholders have their annual pass park admission placed on one of these MagicBands?

  • anything in magic band development for snow white and any of the dwarfs?

    • @Larry – I don’t recall specific development. I know I will have additional articles about retail MagicBands. If I find anything, I will include it in them.

  • Will Downtown Disney carry the character retail bands? We are staying at Shades of Green but wanted to get MagicBands before we went to the parks. We were planning on going to Downtown Disney the night before our first day in the parks to get them. I wasn’t sure if these would only be available in the parks or if the Downtown Disney retailer may have them as well.

    • @Meghan – Select locations at Downtown Disney carry retail MagicBands and accessories. Your best places to check are Disney’s Pin Traders in Downtown Disney Marketplace, DisneyQuest at Downtown Disney West Side and select Disney merchandise shops inside the hotels on Hotel Plaza Boulevard. I would try Disney’s Pin Traders first as they have the best assortment. I hope you have a great trip!

  • Any chance of Dopey or 7 dwarfs magicbands or band-its?

    • @Linsey – I don’t recall seeing such development at this time.

  • I am scheduled to arrive in May,2015. This will start an Annual Tradition. I am interested to know how to get Three of the “Mickey Mouse 2015” Magic Bands, however I am concerned they may not have any remaining by the time we arrive in May. We are staying on the Resort, I had placed a call requesting these bands and the young lady did not know what I was referencing, nor how to obtain them. Please let me know if there is a way to Pre-Purchase and or have Reserved for us upon our arrival in May. Thank You for any and all of your help!

    • @Julie – Your trip sounds like a great tradition! The dated 2015 MagicBand is limited release which means that it’s carried for a limited time period. That time period will most likely be all year (as it would be silly to sell a 2015 MagicBand in 2016 :).

      When you get to Walt Disney World Resort, you should be able to find them in select retail locations. There isn’t a way at this point to pre-order the retail MagicBands before your trip. The reservation agents don’t have functionality to sell retail MagicBands like the ones shown in this article. I hope this information is helpful.

  • We will be headed down at the beginning of July to celebrate my 21st birthday! Any chance that the Lady and the Tramp and Frozen Band-its will still be available at that time, or that they will be on the Disney Store website soon so I can order them? Lady is my favorite Disney character and Anna is a very close second! 🙂

    • @Olivia – Happy early birthday! Sounds like a fun trip. Those items are open edition which means they will continue to be carried for awhile. I don’t know of plans at this point to carry them online. If that changes, you would find them at

  • Will there every be a Tiana magic band? She is my daughter’s favorite princess and is also the most under-represented when it comes to merchandise. My daughter was very disappointed that the princess character dining experiences don’t include Tiana.

    • @Tanisha – That’s a great question. I’ll have to check with the development team.

  • Thank you ! I-O

  • How long will the Mickey 2015 Magic Band be offered (I noticed it says limited release)? Is there a way to order the band? If not, is there a list of where the select Walt Disney World Resort locations are? I will be coming in March and am interested in purchasing the Mickey 2015 band. Thank you and I thought this post was great- super cute bands!

    • @Tara – Thank you for the kinds words. Glad you liked the story. I can say that the MagicBand is planned to be offered all year. You probably won’t find it next year which is the reason for “limited release.” 🙂 I hope you have a great trip in March!

  • Do you know the numbers for the Cinderella Castle and the Tinkerbell Magic band ? Coming down in July and would love to surprise family with these before we get there.

    • @Will – O-H! 🙂 Here are the item numbers for the MagicBands:

      Dated 2015 – 400009077957
      Cinderella Castle – 400009094824
      Ariel – 400009125085
      Belle – 400009125078
      Tinker Bell – 400009125092
      Toy Story – 400009150988

  • We are coming to WDW in June and were wondering how purchasing a band and using it works. If we have bands as part of our package and want to switch to a purchased band, what do we have to do? I know my oldest will want to do this for sure because they don’t offer the solid bands in purple (could you pass it on that they should offer them in purple). Thanks.

    • @Joy – We offer retail MagicBands in select Walt Disney World Resort merchandise locations. You could purchase one of these retail MagicBands and link it to your My Disney Experience account. We currently don’t offer the option to purchase graphic MagicBands when booking your Walt Disney World Resort vacation. So you would have to link it upon your arrival. This page may be helpful to you:

      Thank you for the feedback about purple. Trust me, you aren’t alone in that request and I’ve shared it with the teams involved with MagicBands. 🙂 Please have a wonderful and safe trip!

  • Good morning
    I would like to know if the guests of Disney hotels have to pay for magicband?and how do I get the stamped? I’m going in October and would like to acquire the stamped.Tks!!!

    • @Raquel – The items shown in this article will be sold in select merchandise locations at Walt Disney World Resort.

      If you are booking a Walt Disney World Resort vacation and staying at a Disney Resort hotel, you should receive a solid color MagicBand (there are seven different colors). This solid color MagicBand is included with your Resort stay. If you want to have a graphic MagicBand, you would need to purchase one from a retail location and link it to your My Disney Experience account.

      Please see this website which may help you:

  • If I purchase the magic band before my trip, can I have the information added when I get to my resort?

    • @Kimberly – The Toy Story-themed MagicBand is open edition which means it can be carried for a long time and we can place reorders as needed. All MagicBands can be “linked later.” If you were to get it ahead of your trip, you could link it to your resort stay through

  • We are traveling to Disney in August and I am wondering if the Toy Story MB will be available for then or can I preorder it and set it up for our trip when the time comes?

  • I cannot wait to get the Ariel MagicBand! I might be down for a conference next month, and that will be the first purchase I make.

  • Hello! Any chance that Jungle Book, specifically Baloo, will be making an appearance on magicbands?

    • @Heidi – I’ve not seen any such development at this point.

  • I wish they would offer the option to pay to upgrade my magic bands for our next trip. I will have three sets of plain ones, and would rather pay the difference to upgrade to a special band.

    • @Melissa – Thank you for the feedback. I will share with the team.

  • when are you going to start adding the Villains?

    • @Julie – This year will be an exciting one 🙂

  • So do these come with your package or are they extra? We are coming to Disney in August and I would love Mickey!!!!

    • @Kathel – The items pictured in this article are retail MagicBands which are sold in select merchandise shops at Walt Disney World Resort. They are not offered as part of your vacation package.

  • Still no Pluto 🙁

  • Hi Steven,

    I’m hoping that we’ll soon see Figment MagicBands and Dreamfinder MagicBands also:) A few months ago you told me that a lot of new Figment merchandise was coming soon. Were you ever right!! I’ve added a ton of new Figment items to my collection since the Imagination Gala Pin Event last September!! I know you’re a huge Figment fan too! Thanks for the heads up!!


    • @Steve – Glad you liked the new Figment products – the hat is amazing! As for a retail MagicBand with Figment … dreams may come true this year. Stay tuned. 🙂

  • We are visiting WDW in July, can we order the new magic bands with designs on the website for our ne

    xt trip! or do they have an extra cost?

    • @Maria – There is not currently a way for Guests to pre-order these graphic MagicBands. They will be sold in merchandise locations at Walt Disney World Resort. Hope you have a fun trip!

  • We are coming for a vacation to WDW in July and am wondering if we could pay extra to get one of these instead of the solid color ones with our package. My 10-year-old would LOVE the sorcerer Mickey!

    • @Bobbijo – I hope you have a wonderful trip. The retail MagicBands pictured in this story will be carried at merchandise locations throughout Walt Disney World Resort. We currently do not offer a way for Guests to upgrade to one of the retail MagicBands when booking a Walt Disney World Resort vacation package.

  • I am very excited about the new Ariel MagicBand as she is my favorite princess. Unfortunately, I won’t be visiting Walt Disney World again until March. Will the Ariel MagicBand still be available then for me to purchase?

    Also, will the Ariel MagicBand be available for purchase at every single location that sells MagicBands? Thanks.

    • @Lauren – The graphic MagicBand with Ariel is open edition which means it will be carried all year long. It will be found in several destinations. I would recommend checking the larger merchandise locations at Disney Parks first, such as Emporium at Magic Kingdom Park.

  • Those new magic bands are so cute!
    I have a question about the pin and vinylmation releases this year. Are we gonna get any previews on those? Also, I’m also wondering what’s happening with the DisneyStore Park-Pack. I haven’t seen any information about it since they released the name at the pin event.

    • @Sarah – We will continue to publish information when available on Look for some details within the week. As for the Park Pack, please stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog. I intend to have a story once details are finalized.

  • Because the Toy Story band is “Open Edition” does this mean that it’ll always be available to purchase for the forseeable future? I’m doing the Disney College Program and will be in Disney starting in April and I would kill for the Toy Story band.

    • @Jenna – You are correct. Open edition MagicBands are carried for a long time and we have the option to reorder them as needed. You should still be able to find one upon your arrival. Best of luck on the Walt Disney World College Program. I participated in summer 1997 at Downtown Disney Pleasure Island merchandise. Clearly, I had a great time since I’m still here 🙂

  • I love the new MagicBands. Princess Belle is my favorite, I can’t wait to pick one up in February.

  • Do you know the actual release date for the “MagicBandits”? I love the Disney cats set, too! I know ….sometime this month:) I’m local so will be able to pick them up eventually but will be on WDW property thw 17th & 18th for my anniversary and hope to be able to find them.

    • @Michelle – I don’t have a confirmed release date at this point but I know they are coming in January. The item number for the dogs is 400009067590, and the item number for the cats is 400009067606.

  • These are so cute!

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