‘Paint the Night’ Parade Starts May 22 as Part of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

For our next big entertainment unveiling of the evening, Tom Staggs and Steve Davison shared that we’ll soon be painting the night in fantastic new light with one of the brightest gems of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration, the “Paint the Night” parade.

‘Paint the Night’ Parade Starts May 22 as Part of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration

The “Paint the Night” parade brings some of the most innovative floats, vibrant costumes, dazzling special effects, unforgettable music and energetic performances ever presented at Disneyland Resort. This new, state-of-the-art nighttime parade floods Main Street, U.S.A., with stunning color, fun surprises and more than 1.5 million brilliant LED lights.

‘Paint the Night’ Parade Starts May 22 as Part of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration

Mickey Mouse uses his vivid imagination to harness the power of Tinker Bell’s pixie dust and “Paint the Night” in Disney dreams, bringing to light beloved characters and stories from “Monsters, Inc.,” “Cars,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Toy Story,” “Frozen” and more.

‘Paint the Night’ Parade Starts May 22 as Part of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration

“Paint the Night” is going to be spectacular, and we’re not done yet! Stay tuned for more big news for the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration, coming up on Disney Parks Blog!


  • Yes! This is the news I’ve been waiting for!!! I am so excited I cannot wait!!!

    • 🙂

  • Any hope for a Big Hero 6 addition? I really hope there’s more related to it coming!

  • Already shown at Hong Kong Disneyland!

  • Cannot wait… we have reservations for August 2015!!! #Disneyland60

  • So excited that the rumors were true! I cannot wait to see this parade!

  • It’s an updated version of the electrical parade!! I’m so excited I cannot wait! electrical parade was always my absolute favorite

  • YES!!!! So excited for this announcement and especially that “The Little Mermaid” will be featured in this parade. Will this be exactly the same as the ‘Paint the Night’ Parade in Hong Kong Disneyland, or will it be different? If different, in what ways?

    Also, in general, is there an end date for all the 60th Anniversary entertainment/parades? Thanks.

    • Lauren – “Paint the Night” at Disneyland Resort will be similar to the parade at Hong Kong Disneyland, but with some differences including the addition of “Frozen” and an homage to the giant drum from the classic “Main Street Electrical Parade.”

  • I hope my family will get to see it when we go in October.

  • I am super excited about this too! It’s going to be so beautiful!

  • what times are the parades/fireworks. Are they offered multiples times a day?

    • Kristina – Operational details such as performance times are still being worked out and will be published on Disneyland.com closer to the start of the event.

  • Nice! It’s going to be great to have a nighttime-exclusive parade again.

  • We will be there in June! Can’t wait.

  • so I noticed that the post says “Frozen” is in the parade when it debuts at Disneyland this May… I just checked a video from Hong Kong and they don’t have Frozen so there is at least 1 big difference. Also I hope the soundtrack is re-recorded in English lol

    • Tyler – I think you can count on that! 😉

  • Can there please be no Fastpass or Preferred dining with the new nighttime parade as well.

    This is not like Disney Cruise Line. How everything is included with the price of your vacation.

  • Will this be identical to the Paint the Night at Hong Kong Disneyland? This is a great parade — I’ve seen it several times in HK already — will be a fun nighttime addition to DL!

    • Erin – Similar, but not identical.

  • I cannot wait til May 22nd to see this parade at Disneyland 😀 I’m seeing it again on the 17th Feb at Hong Kong Disneyland and cannot wait!!! To see this parade down the original Main St USA will be stunning 😀 #Disneyland60

  • will there be soft openings of this or will it all start may 22nd?

  • anything special for those of us also turning 60 this year??

  • Will the Made with Magic items be able to interact with the parade?

  • As my first year as an official AP, which is a big deal for me, this is great.

  • I sure hope this is still running in the September/October timeframe. We’re not making it there this summer, but will be in the fall.

    I’ve really been missing the Main Street Electrical Parade (last viewing in 2001) and this looks to be an incredible replacement.

  • Been fortunate to see this parade several times at Hong Kong Disneyland. It’s an AWESOME parade so I’m so glad it’s coming to Disneyland.

    Will the parade use “When Will I See You Again?” by Owl City? It’s not a very well known Disney song but it matches the energy of Paint the Night perfectly. I hope it is retained for Disneyland’s version of the parade.

    Rumor has it that the Disneyland version will not have the Guest interaction wit the parade performers using the Made with Magic brushes/wands. Can you confirm or deny this rumor?

    And if any of you haven’t seen the Hong Kong version, there is a small tribute to the original Main Street Electrical Parade. Glad to see the tribute to the MSEP will be more prominent in Disneyland’s version of the parade.

  • I am so excited. We booked our trip without knowing the dates. We nailed it we will be there the 21st through the 23rd. AWESOME!

  • So the paint the night parade will be at Disneyland and not at DCA? Also, are there any talks of putting in some kid of Planes Fire and Rescue type things in the refurbished Grizzly Peak Airstrip at DCA once it reopens this summer?

  • Why dont you make brand new parade for Disneyland60th?anyway this is great parade.

  • We are coming from Australia in April 2015 will the pain the night parade be shown prior to May 22 ?


  • I am going to be the on the 20th and 21st of May, will it have started by then or will it not start until the 22nd?

  • Just got back from Hong Kong DL and the parade was quite a sight to behold. It is definitely a 21st century version of the original electrical parade (which we also got to see in Tokyo DL on the same trip).

  • I can’t wait to see it, so excited! The countdown is on. 😉

  • Since this is a night parade, will it run during Christmas with the Christmas parade? Or will it not run during Christmas? Thanks.

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