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Spotlight on New Pins Coming to Disney Parks in 2015

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

From new retail MagicBands to upcoming Orange Bird products, I’ve recently been sharing previews of items coming to Disney Parks in 2015. This time, I turn the spotlight on Disney pins, which are a fun way to show off your Disney Side when visiting Theme Parks and Resorts.


For years, we’ve offered various “pin-of-the-month” collections, which have new pins released monthly (or sometimes quarterly) for guests to collect. This year, the “Best Friends” collection will contains two individual pins that are great for sharing with your best friend. The “Wonderfully Wicked” collection showcases some of the most famous Disney villains. Both of these monthly collections will be found in select locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

Guests in Florida will find the “Shields of Fantasy” collection. These hinged pins open to reveal Disney
characters who reside in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park.


The “Piece of Disney History” collection returns this year. First introduced in 2005, these limited edition pins contain actual pieces of attractions, shows, or parades from Disney Parks. This year, we continue our “Piece of Disneyland Resort History” collection for guests in California, while guests in Florida will find a continuation of the “Piece of SpectroMagic history.”


With the “Generation D” collection, we are counting down to the annual Disney Trading Event that will be held in September at Epcot in Walt Disney World Resort. Each of these 13 limited edition pins will have an edition size of 500 and will be released monthly.

We also have a few surprise pins planned including a collection featuring Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” for Disneyland Resort. When placed next to each other, the pins will form a complete picture. Guests in Florida will find pins celebrating the themed lands of the Magic Kingdom Park. Both of these pin collections will be released at random times throughout the year.


Finally, if you are headed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios I invite you to stop by our newest Disney pin destination at Sunset Market Ranch on Sunset Boulevard. This location is now the main headquarters for all things pins inside the theme park.

As a reminder, new pins are typically released on Thursdays at Disney Parks. Look for one-sheets highlighting key pin releases toward the beginning of each month on the official Disney Pin Trading website –


  • Are “Pieces of History” pins planned to be made out of the Sorcerer’s Hat in Hollywood Studios after removal?

    • @Sheryl – I don’t know of any such plans.

  • Any updates on Disneyland Paris?

  • Hi Steven!!! Well you know you have made one Disney Pin Trader beyond happy with your awesome MAGICAL report this morning!!!

    We have been collecting since the beginning and with the beautiful pictures of the upcoming releases and the surprise releases (like old times!!!) 2015 sounds like it will be exciting for one and all!!!

    Thank you as always for the update, sometimes we feel as though we have all been lost in all the Magic that is coming – so this was a great uplifting report for all of us to look forward to!!!

    Dana – S FL

    • @Dana – Nice to hear from you. Thank you for your comments. I’ll share them with the Pin Team. The biggest challenge with this story was trying to select only a handful of pins to showcase. So. Many. Great. Pins. coming in 2015 🙂

  • Hi Steven,

    Do they have the dates for the GenEARation D pin event in Sept yet? Thanks!!


    • @Steve – I checked with the pin team but the dates have not been announced yet. Please stay tuned.

  • Any word on when the Wonderfully Wicked is expected to be around? We need the Black Cauldron one!

    • @Heather – Isn’t that a great pin? I figured there were other folks would appreciate seeing the Horned King on a pin 🙂 I don’t have a confirmed release date for this collection but it may start in February. The Horned King will be released in a few months.

  • Steven, any update on Hidden Mickey pins and official trade nights?

    • @Christopher – I don’t have answers for either at this time. Once I hear an update about the Hidden Mickey pins, I’ll have a Disney Parks Blog article.

  • Wonderfully Wicked is a monthly release? I saw photos from Imagination Gala and there were only 6 pins. I really do hope it’s 12, love villains!

    • @Jennifer – I don’t have all of the details regarding release dates at this point. I wanted to show a handful of exciting new pins. Stay tuned to each month for details.

  • The new Pin Station at DHS looks lovely, I can’t wait to check it out in February. Also, will there be a new Hidden Mickey series for 2015? Thanks for your update and I too am waiting to hear when the EPCOT Trade Celebration will be.

    • @Carol – There will be new Hidden Mickey pins. At this time, I do not have a confirmed release date/month for these pins. I have seen a handful of new designs currently in production. Awesome stuff!! 🙂

  • HORNED KING! *Screeches
    Very nice to see the Wonderfully Wicked pin set won’t be only one park like some other ones were. Will Maleficent’s two forms be in the pin set?

    • @Alyxandria – Great question. I only grabbed a handful of pins to showcase. I’d have to look again but I don’t remember seeing one like you mentioned.

  • Hi Steven! Will there be a similar article pertaining to future Vinylmation releases in 2015? Thanks

    • @Veronica – I don’t currently have plans for such a story. Time permitting, I’ll see what I can do. We will continue to release information on the official site once known. We’ll provide monthly snapshots like pins. Also, new Vinylmation figures are typically released on Fridays.

  • Any planned date for the Alice pieces of history pin?

    • @Nick – I believe the pin will be released in February. At least that’s the month on the development wall where it was posted. We’ll share an official release date on once confirmed.

  • Regardless of 6 pins or 12 I’m excited! Disney needs more villain pins 🙂 2015 is going to be a great year for pins! Thanks for your blog post Steven

  • Hey Steven,

    Do you know how many Piece of SpectroMagic history pins will be released this year. We current have all that have been released and don’t want to miss one!


    • @TJ – The development team only had a handful of final samples in their office (I believe I saw four). I’d have to confirm the exact number but they were in a meeting. There will be 12 pins in this collection.

  • GREAT NEWS! We have been looking forward to the pin releases for 2015, these are awesome LE pins. The countdown pins are sooo cute, we’ve been looking forward to this year’s pin event! We are Disney Pin lovers!

    Please let us know when we can purchase our tickets, the dates & more info about the GenEaration pin event when you know as well! – The Disney Pin Princesses

  • I am hoping for the return of the Labor Day pin this year

  • Good Day to you, Steven

    Is there a possibility that the old method of displaying monthly releases on the disney merchandise site be used again.

    Thank you in advance for your response

    • @Marc – We will continue our current method of displaying the monthly snapshots. We will also feature pins in articles like this one.

  • Hi Steven!

    I’m really excited about the Ariel and Magic Kingdom pins! Do you know what the edition size for those (particularly Ariel) will be?

    Thanks! 🙂

    • @Rachel – Those pins each have edition sizes of 1,000.

  • Thank you Steven! I will be on the look out for the additional 12 Piece of SpectroMagic History pins!

  • Hi Steven.

    Where can I find the current one sheet for the January releases?

  • Steven, any news on when the Disney Pins website will be back to normal?? The one-sheets are very hard small, making it hard to read, or to get a good look at. Thanks!

    • @Amanda – We will continue posting one-sheet information on the website (see previous response to question #19). I called up this information on my mobile phone and was able to enlarge the image.

  • Thanks for the update. Steven I have been trading for better part of 11 years now and had great times with trading and made special friends.
    Just would like to see the Disney pin page to be the go to source like it used to be. The page has a fraction of the pins that came out in Dec and had to hunt around to other site for what was out. I buy Disney pins and would Disney to be my source for the latest info like it was once before.
    Thanks for all you efforts over the years!

    • @Chris – Thank you for being a fan of Disney Pins for so many years. We will continue publishing one-sheet information about select pin releases on the Disney Theme Park Merchandise website. We’ll also continue to include Disney pins in various Disney Parks Blog articles.

  • I would also prefer the pins to be updated on the official pin site a few at a time as they were in the past. I can’t read the info on the flyers or clearly see the pins. All attempts to enlarge have resulted in pixillation. Before, you could see a larger picture and larger type by clicking on the thumbnail. I missed the fact that the December present pin had more than one design, and I don’t know what I’m missing from the January one. Weirdly enough, the Soda Fountain and Paris flyers are much more readable.

  • Thank you so much for the update and I look forward to seeing all of the pins. My daughters and I are anxiously awaiting the return of individual pin displays on the official pin site! We routinely look for the updates and love hunting for the pins in the parks. Thanks for passing on our hopes that the individual displays return to the site!

    • @Patti and Kim – Thank you for the feedback. At this point, we do not have plans to post individual pins like previous years. We will continue publishing one-sheet snapshots each month.

  • So happy to see The Black Cauldron finally getting a little love! I was bummed out to see that there were no plans to re-release it on Blue Ray for it’s 30th anniversary this year. I hope wave a of the hidden Mickeys are released on or before the first week of Feb when we will be there!

  • Do you know when any of these pins will be released? I’ll be there at the end of january, so I was just wondering.

    • @Jake – Please see my response to question #19 from Christopher. New pins are typically released on Thursdays at Disney Parks.

  • Hi Steven,
    When will the next Piece of Disneyland Resort History Pin be released?

    • @Linda – Currently the following two pins are scheduled for release:

      January 22
      Piece of Disneyland Resort History – Alice in Wonderland
      Item # – 400009142792

      January 29 February 19
      Piece of Disneyland Resort History – Redwood Creek Challenge Trail
      Item # – 400009172782

  • Hello Steve,

    Did Disney stop making Tinkerbell birthstone pins? I wanted to start a tradition for my daughter, but was told in July thet weren’t made in 2014. Is this true?

    • @Jessica – At this time, we do not offer a birthstone pin collection. The pin team told me, however, that they are looking to reintroduce such a collection in 2016.

  • Hi Steve,

    Any word on when the next Spectromagic pins will be released? (And what floats/characters they are?)

    Thanks for all your updates!

  • I will be at the Night of Joy again this year and last year talked to several people that attended a pin trading event the same weekend. I would like to know the details of any pin trading events at any of the resorts or parks around the Night of Joy 2015. ANY info will be much appreciated.

  • Any idea when the 2015 Hidden Mickey pins will be released?

    • @Ron – I don’t have any information at this time. I know they are working on new pins for 2015. I’ll write a Disney Parks Blog article once I know more.

  • I’m new to pin trading, and I have a question about the surprise pins. Once one is released, how will we know? Will there be a blog post, or is there a website that will announce it? I’m looking forward to the Florida pins celebrating the themed lands at Magic Kingdom.

  • I saw that the first of the Wonderfully Wicked pins is coming out on February 26th. Now that the first date has been confirmed, do you know how many pins are in the set? Also, it was just announced that Disney will be hosting Disney-Sponsored trading opportunities. Do you know if these events will have special pins for sale?

  • Could you tell us the quantity of pins in the Villaintine’s Blind Box being released on february 12th.
    Thank you in advance

  • I’m sure you’re being asked this a lot. But when are the 2015 Hidden Mickey pins coming out? Traditionally, I believe, they’ve pretty much come out in January and June. Have they been delayed? I’m heading to WDW in a week and was hoping to be able to hunt down a few of the 2015 series while I’m there. Thanks.

  • @StevenMiller, when will this years Piece of Spectromagic hit the pin stands? I’m heading down to WDW at the end of this week and would love to be able to pick the new release up.

  • I am with Dave in question 34. It seems odd that there has been no word on the new wave of hidden mickey pins for 2015. Have they been released and not advertised? Or are they on hold?

  • I have to agree with post 34 and 36. My family is planning our first of two 2015 vacations to WDW in March and we have not seen any information on the new 2015 Hidden Mickey Pins. As our family looks forward to the new release, we look forward to our family competition of finding the latest pins. Thanks

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