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Top Five Tips for Visiting the Disneyland Resort

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

I’m often asked for tips from family and friends who are planning Disneyland Resort visits. They want to know what to see, what to do and how to make the most of their trips. There are so many ways that my creative and thoughtful fellow cast members have developed to help make your visit easier and even more enjoyable, so today I’d like to highlight a few of them.

1. Disney eTicket

New Disneyland Resort Mobile Site Makes the Magic Easy New Disneyland Resort Mobile Site Makes the Magic Easy

When you purchase park tickets through the Disneyland Resort mobile site, you can simply scan your Disney eTicket directly from your mobile device right at the park turnstile. No need to print anything or visit the ticket booth! Learn more about the Disneyland Resort mobile site here.

2. Online dining reservations

This is one that I use all the time. Making dining reservations at the Disneyland Resort is super easy – especially when you book online at Disneyland.com. Bookmark this page and use it whenever you need to reserve a table!

3. “Fantasmic!” and “World of Color” FASTPASS and dining packages


This is one that will save you a lot of time. “World of Color” at Disney California Adventure park and “Fantasmic!” at Disneyland park now both feature reserved and stand-by viewing as well as several dining packages. These reserved viewing options give guests more time to enjoy other entertainment and attractions across the Disneyland Resort. Learn more about the new “Fantasmic!” viewing options here.

4. Disneyland Today

Got a question? Need more tips? Disneyland Today is a social media program that answers questions and provides real-time tips and updates for both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks, the Downtown Disney District and the three hotels of the Disneyland Resort.

5. Disneyland.com

The official website of the Disneyland Resort is an incredible resource for information when you’re planning your visit. In addition to being your go-to for dining reservations (see #2), Disneyland.com has park hours, Entertainment schedules, attraction height requirements and so much more.

What are your tips for visiting the Disneyland Resort? Share them in the comments!


  • Thanks for the info. I hope they announce the 60th birthday celebration starting date soon. It is hard for those who live out of state and have to get airline tickets months in advance to plan when we don’t even know the dates…

  • Why was the mobile site taken down?

  • In no specific order:

    1. Rest, recharge, refresh — If possible, schedule an afternoon break into the day. If you stay onsite at one of the 3 hotels of DLR, retreat to your room to decompress for a bit. It’s good to get out of the sun for a while if it’s too hot, and it’s good to warm up if it’s rainy or cold. Then, after you’ve gotten your second wind, head back out to enjoy the parks at night.

    If you’re not staying onsite, find a good location around Disneyland Resort to hunker down and relax for a bit. The lobby of the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa has a nice, soothing atmosphere and deceptively comfortable chairs — it’s an environment that’s perfect for tired eyes and feet! 🙂

    2. Character meals — This is a great way to meet a lot of characters in one place, without standing in lines and/or waiting. Plus, it’s a chance to meet lesser-seen characters such as Koda and Kenai (at the Critter Breakfast), or to see Mickey Mouse in his Lifeguard outfit (at Surf’s Up), etc.

    3. If staying onsite at one of the 3 DLR hotels, don’t hesitate to have your in-park purchases sent back to your hotel. This will save you the trouble of lugging shopping bags around everywhere, as well as protect your purchases from possible damage, spills, etc.

    If you’re not staying onsite and are, perhaps, visiting for just one day, rent a locker (Main Street and the Esplanade are two locations) to store your coats and assorted odds and ends that you pick up throughout the day.

    4. Keep your tickets/Park Hoppers/Annual Passes/Credit Cards/Room Keys handy and easy to reach in a pinch (you don’t want to be the one holding up a line of anxious people as you fumble around in a giant bag, looking for your ticket or card). At the same time, keep your precious cards and tickets safe and secure so they won’t go flying around on particularly bouncy rides!

    5. Stop and smell the roses — literally! Not only are the horticultural touches in each land perfectly themed and complementary to the surroundings, but the array of flowers and plants is quite fascinating. I enjoy the “edible” (but not really) fruits, vegetables and herbs in Tomorrowland’s flower beds and trees.

    Aside from the floral accents, there are so many other treasures, hidden gems and clever details around every corner in the parks and the hotels. I see something new every time I am at DLR — and if it is a multi-day trip, I probably see something new each day of that trip. When we rush, rush, rush to get from Point A to Point B all day long, we miss a lot of the details that make Disneyland Resort so special!

    6. Arrange a meet-up spot just in case you happen to get separated from your group — In a place as busy and active as Disneyland Resort, it is easy to lose sight of your group if, for example, one person stops to look at something and the rest of the group keeps moving on. I even lost a friend in the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney (that store is huge! 🙂 ) — and then that same friend and I lost another friend in World of Disney on a totally different trip! I realized that if we had formulated some sort of meet-up spot in case of accidental separation, we wouldn’t have wasted so much time trying to find each other.

    • Great tips!

  • I really like the “Ask Otto” service. You can find out wait times and locations for attractions. The phone number is listed in the entertainment guides in the parks.

    • That’s a great one, Fred.

  • How are those with crowd issues handled at Fantasmic! with the Fastpass system? It used to be we would self accommodate by arriving early and using a blanket that was just slightly bigger than the space we would normally need.

    The same question applies to how are those with service animals being handled?

    So, what options are now being provided?

    Also, are there benches being provided for those who cannot sit on the ground to see the show, but can’t stand for the length of the show? Again, this used to be easy to self accommodate by sitting at River Belle.

  • One I’d add to your list, Erin, is to check the Disney blog before you go. Learning new things about your favorite attractions or seeing behind-the-scenes videos are just two examples of ways you can really add a little extra magic to your trip!

    • Very true, Bob! 🙂

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