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Can You Name the Disney Villains?

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Last year, our Yellow Shoes Creative Group helped us launch our Villaintine’s Day celebration with a special graphic that depicted Disney Villain-created Valentines. This year they shared a new version. How many villains can you name in the graphic below?



  • Spoilers, Victoria!–It’s “Yokai” from BH6 when he has his mask on.
    Still, it’s nice to see the “new” villains like Doris, King Candy and Syndrome getting some recognition, and Oogie and the Hades crew already seem to have hit the big time last Halloween.

  • This are much more difficult than last year! I love that they included Doris, so cute!

  • The second one in the top row is Prof. Callaghuan from Big Hero 6!

  • The second image in the first row is Professor Robert Callaghan (also known as Yokai) from Big Hero 6. The first image in the second row is Scar from The Lion King

  • Mary, the one you’re missing is the villain from Big Hero 6 🙂

  • I’m completely stumped on which villain the first image in the second row would be representing?

    • Correct answers are:
      Professor Callaghan
      Prince John
      King candy
      Bowler Hat Guy
      Oogie Boogie
      Pain and Panic

  • Gaston, not sure (originally I thought it was Turbo), Syndrom, Scar, Emperor Zurg, Prince Hans, Randall, King John, King Candy/Turbo, Lotso, Doris, Oogie Boogie, Pain & Panic

  • Gaston, Yokai, Syndrome, Scar, Zurg, Hans, Randall Boggs, Prince John, King Candy, Lotso, Doris, Oogie Boogie and Pain & Panic.


    • 🙂

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